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Meet Bethany Rose

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bethany Rose.

Bethany, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I started singing and playing piano at the age of six. I knew at a young age what I wanted to do for a career, be a professional recording artist, but how would this happen? I’m just a gal from the small town of Waterloo, Iowa. I always had my sights set on being closer to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. I played sports my whole life and knew that a college athletic scholarship could get me one step closer to making my dreams a reality. But how would I get out to LA? I played basketball for two years at a junior college in Iowa, and then in 2001, transferred to Cal State Fullerton to play. I was one step closer. Though I ended up getting injured my first year there and moved around after that a bit, I kept focused and landed back out in Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue my dreams.

After my full-time move to Los Angeles in 2008, I ended up performing my own music around the city and hit the ground running to find out how to get more opportunities. I was able to get my music in front of influential individuals and landed opportunities singing background for a number of well-known artists, sang on television and film and did a bit of touring. I really love working with other artists, but ultimately, my biggest goal was to release my own music on multiple platforms. In 2018, I released an original single, called “Goodbye” which is a fusion of R&B and salsa. In 2019 I started working with artist and producer B.Slade to co-write and produce my much-awaited EP album. We released the first single off of the album called “Love of My Life” in April 2020, and the EP will be released this year. I’m super excited, as it has been a VERY LONG time coming.

Has it been a smooth road?
My journey in no way shape or form has been a smooth road; It has been full of disappointments and struggles, but also victories, and a heck of a lot of unique experiences! Let’s put it this way, there is no direct road map for success in this industry. There have been many times where I have wanted to pack my bags and move and do something completely different because it is not easy!

I remember when I was in high school and college, career counselors would say that music was better off as a “hobby.” I can in hindsight see why they may have suggested that. However, I didn’t let that discourage me. When a vision and dream is put in your heart, it’s in your heart.

I am also a realist though, and along the journey, I have found a way to balance pursuing my dreams while also being business-minded, and creating multiple streams of income, you have to be creative! Music is a business, and it takes money to invest in it and a product! That has been a big part of the struggle…how to balance making money and having time to create…I think that is a lot of artists’ struggle. Sometimes I balanced two full-time jobs at one time if you can believe that!

Being in the entertainment industry requires perseverance and a thick skin, especially when hearing the word “no.” I have to say, sometimes the rejection I have faced along the way made me second-guess what I was doing. However, I have found that having a firm foundation and knowing what I stand for has been extremely important. Having a purpose behind what I do gives me the fortitude to keep going. I am a humanitarian and I live for bringing hope and joy to others.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I am a recording artist and also a fine artist. My ultimate goal is to spread love and light through the music and art I create, love is at the center of my brand. Being a recording artist has come with some amazing opportunities, like co-writing with other songwriters and singing with other artists. I have to say, I have been on some pretty cool stages, and I am grateful for those opportunities. But even more important then those stages I’ve been on, are the incredible people I have met and shared experiences with, creating life long friendships and memories that I will always cherish.

What sets me apart from others is that I sing and write music in both English and Spanish, crossing over in both markets. I love being able to communicate with as many people as possible through music. I also am very musically versed and have lived and traveled in various parts of the world, so I use combinations of different rhythms and instrumentation in my music. AND, it’s also important to note that I am a fine artist (mixed-media painter) as well. I have been building my fine art business since 2004, and have shown my work in exhibitions all over the United States. Over the last few years, I have even taken my fine art off the wall and have created wearable art, I love fashion! You will find me wearing some of my own creations on stage, as well as other artists wearing my creations!

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Los Angeles is a great city full of amazingly talented people; some are the best in their particular craft, quite frankly. Living in Los Angeles has given me the opportunity to be a quick drive from teaming up with some of these incredible visionaries to work on various projects. It also helps to live in Los Angeles, because of the proximity to run quickly to an audition on short notice, something that is a lot harder to do if you live elsewhere. It’s also a great place to grow and be inspired. If you live among the best and connect with the best, you can always learn a thing or two!

I would recommend someone who is just starting out in the arts and entertainment industries to come to Los Angeles when they are ready. I would never discourage someone from coming here, but I highly recommend for someone to come when they are prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, honed in their craft, have money saved, and have some sort of job set up for when they get here. I say this because the best of the best come to Los Angeles to get work, it’s not a cheap city to live in, and it takes time to connect with people and find your footing. I have seen many people get discouraged over the years and leave because they didn’t come out to Los Angeles equipped and didn’t want to stay for the long haul. I would also recommend anyone to get mentorship in their field, I think that is one of the hardest things to obtain, and so valuable! There is no direct road to success in this field, so having mentorship from someone who has been successful, is invaluable. And I recommend always having a great team of individuals. The journey is so much easier and fun with a team.

What Can Los Angeles do to improve as a city? Well, my suggestion may not matter because there isn’t a ton of extra space here…but I would recommend that we find ways to expand the freeways and improve public transportation. For me, the constant traffic in LA is the most frustrating thing!

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