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Meet Azusa Photographer: George Zamaro

Today we’d like to introduce you to George Zamaro.

George, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My passion for photography started my sophomore year of High School. I took Yearbook as one of my electives and the company that published our books paid for 5 students to take courses at Pepperdine University over the summer. I, of course, took the photography class and feel in love with it. I continued going back every summer taking on all the photography classes possible to sharpen up my skills. As I started shooting more for the school and also shooting for a company called Studio 1, I found myself getting requests to shoot events, head shots, weddings, and clothing lines. I’ve always loved working with people which lead me to really love shooting fashion and people. I started to analyze fashion magazines, the lighting, and the poses and started challenging myself to shoot with similar lighting. The feedback I got from the photo shoots is what has driven me to continue shooting in the fashion/portrait field.

Has it been a smooth road?
Starting from the beginning stages of my photography career, I have been extremely blessed with the amount of opportunities and support from the people around me. I truly believe that joining the yearbook team in High School is the reason why I found my passion in photography. I was fortunate enough to have parents that paid for my college tuition. This all allowed me to really focus on my photo-shoots. I was able to collaborate with other individuals that loved fashion, makeup, and hair styling and from that I have made some great friendships. There was never really a rough patch through my photography career.

Do you feel luck has played a role in your life?
I remember hanging out at one of best friends house one night when she got a phone call from her cousin. Her cousin asked her if she could have me photograph their wedding because their photographer had canceled. Now keep in mind, this phone call happened the week of her cousins wedding. I did not feel comfortable at all photographing a wedding. I mean I did take a couple courses at Mt Sac to learn how to photograph a wedding, and the whole business side of it but I was in no place ready to have the responsibility of a wedding. After long discussion with the cousin, it came down to me being her wedding photographer or her not having a photographer at all. I did not charge her cousin but I had her purchase some equipment so that the images would come out the best they could. Well, the wedding concluded, and both the bride and groom were more than satisfied with their wedding photos. I mention this story because if it wasn’t for this situation happening, I don’t know when or if I’d ever feel comfortable photographing a wedding. After building their wedding album, I managed book her sisters and bridesmaids weddings as well. That is how I started to build my wedding photography portfolio.

Do you feel like there are certain traits that increase the likelihood of success?
Being an outgoing and sociable person has really helped me in my photography career because it’s allowed me to be able to connect with individuals on a more personal level. Its allowed me to really get to know my client. If you don’t really know your client or if your client doesn’t really feel comfortable with you, that is when you will get those very awkward and stiff images. When you do have that comfortability level with your subject thats when you capture the most amazing pictures. You capture the emotions, you capture the mood, you capture that moment. If you don’t have a picture that captures the emotions, or don’t have a stunning picture, that’s because the subject feels awkward and you can see it in their face or in their pose. You want people to work with you so you have to be able to make your client feel welcomed. A client that feels comfortable, will collaborate with you. Your client will be able to communicate on what they think is working, what they think is not working, what pose they like and what pose they don’t. That is going to be the key to having a successful photoshoot and create some stunning images.

Tell us about your favorite and least favorites things about our city.
Just like many others, what I like most about Los Angeles is that there is so much to do. It is such a diverse city. There are so many different cultures and people. I love the city because it’s filled with our youth and their dreams. They are all here to try to achieve and accomplish something that they love and are passionate about. You have artist here that are trying to become the next famous actor, singer, photographer, or next top model. You have people here that are wanting to become something great and turn their passions that they have into work and that’s why I love Los Angeles. However, there are so many challenges that are thrown at these artist here in LA. Everyone is trying to chase similar dreams and it becomes very easy to get discouraged because they aren’t where they want to be with all the competition that is out there. It comes down to how you make yourself stand out amongst every other singer, musician, actor, or photographers and that is the hardest factor of being an artist living in LA. Individuals that stop chasing their dream because of this, is what makes LA sometimes unattractive.

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