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Meet Audra Skaates of The Main Barre

Today we’d like to introduce you to Audra Skaates.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Audra. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
The power of what you manifest is powerful, period! I had a vision that became a reality, before I knew it I literally became an overnight business owner. Here’s how it happened…

My first love in life is dance, after that everything else eventually aligned and followed, of course while navigating through life obstacles with a lot of strength, hard work, and determination. I moved to LA @ age of 18, after I was signed with a dance agency, all I wanted to do was dance. I spent years, dancing, training, performing, auditioning, teaching both dance and fitness, ALL while working a full-time corporate life and putting myself through college.

Later on, and a few months after graduating college, I decided to take my hard earn savings and open my own fitness studio. I always knew it was something I wanted to do, my main drive was offering something different that was all about people feeling good. After years of training and working in many studios, I wanted to offer something more meaningful, powerful, energetic, and connected.

A place that was authentic for people to be their best selves, and I’m not just talking the superficials of physical gain or reward. My business was established in 2011, just three months after graduating college. I was a bartender across the street and would look up at the windows of where my business now stands, and I would dream of building The Main Barre.

One night, while at work, and after a day I had spent looking at what is now my current studio, I couldnt stop thinking about it. I pretended all night that all my patrons were my clients and imagined, what would it feel like to tell this amazing community of DTLA people to meet me at a different kind of barre.

I knew downtown needed what I had to offer, there was nothing like it here, nor nothing like me doing it. I did know that, YES you better believe I believe in myself, proud to say so. If you don’t, who will? So back to the story, NEXT, I then took a cocktail napkin and wrote down ten names, if I were to open a business here. The 10th one was The Main Barre. Ten has always been my lucky number, I grew up on ten Arrowhead Lane, I played Point Guard In Basketball back in the day, my number was ten, and low and behold my Birthday is May 10.

The location was on Main, I loved barre, what it gave me and now I had to share it. HAD TO! With conviction from within, I knew I had the right name. I went home that night and submitted my APP at 3 am for the location of where my business now stands. At 9 am, I got the call, I got it!. I broke ground on construction for The Main Barre in August 2011, and I opened doors for biz on November 15, 2011. I worked from sun up to sun down, with no lights, except from the sun. This was seven years ago before to Downtown BOOM or gentrification even started.

There was no light fixtures in our space, no walls, no mirrors, no floors. I’ve carried framing for my walls from the 10th floor of this building, to save money, and have painted every wall. I’m quite handy with my tool kit and proud to say so. This place was built with blood, sweat, tears and my hard earned savings. seven years later, I’m grateful to share, it’s been more than I could have ever imagined. We’re here, TOP ten in the USA according to Self Magazine, TOP rated with LA times.

Featured in/on VOGUE, E!, CBS, Disney and have collaborated with brands like Lincoln Automotive, Squarespace, and most recently Freehand Hotels and Raw Juicery. I built a business before Instagram, and I did it the old fashioned way, hitting the streets, talking to people, and working with your community!

Also, while offering our DTLA community a workout with a vibe. A place they can call home, and feel their best. It has been so much more than a workout to many of our people, it’s been a life-changing dream. (Please see more of full story/bio pulled from our website- below). Audra is the founder and owner of The Main Barre, Downtown LA’s original barre workout. Solely female owned, Audra is a warrior, an international trainer, who is in 20 years of teaching has taught over 500,000 people across the world and back.

Self-funded, she opened The Main Barre just two months shy after putting herself through school and graduating college. A true entrepreneur at heart, she knows what it takes to leap with no parachute, face fear courageously and dive into the dream, with no guarantees but one, she sure believes in herself. She’s self-made beyond entrepreneurship at the barre or as a studio owner, she’s a fitness artist.

A dancer at heart, boxer, and professional athlete who thrives on connecting all of these elements to her other two loves which is being a public speaker and mentor in her community and beyond. Dedicated to female empowerment, she raises the barre, giving voice and recognition by encouraging women to focus on streamlining themselves to be their very best, inside and out, no matter what.

To Skaates, that’s what really matters, beyond any accreditation, diploma or title. But what about her history? Well speaking of her credits, Audra’s been on/in HBO Boxing, MTV, Disney, Vogue, Ellen, LA Times, and E! Entertainment, she has also trained with Jaime Camil from Jane The Virgin, along with fitness celebrity Jillian Michaels on an episode of The Doctors.

Using her background and knowledge from her extensive fitness training, Audra developed The Main Barre’s classes and choreography to offer more effective workouts that offer variety with a vibe. Audra’s passion is staying on her A game, forever evolving in her fitness career, staying on top of all the flavors fitness has to offer. She has continued her fitness education and has become a certified in barre, STRONG, TRX, Power Yoga via the rigorous Yoga Alliance certification process, and most is a trainer at her favorite place to be, City of Angels Boxing.

Audra and her Brand, The Main Barre recently partnered with Freehand Hotel DTLA to offer Rooftop Poolside Yoga Sculpt classes, as well as exclusive private training to all hotel guests. Audra is also an international trainer after being sought out by venture capitalists to bring her training/style overseas to Australia and back to the USA.

Audra has been recognized as one of the Best Barre Instructors in LA by Rate Your Burn, CBS Best of LA, and The Main Barre is often featured as one of the top ten barre hybrid studios in LA in publications like Self Magazine and the LA TIMES. Audra is also an Ambassador for Lorna Jane Activewear and Carbon 38, she also enjoys working with fun brands like ALO and Varley.

Warm and welcoming, Audra’s teaching style separates herself and her studio from the rest. Through Audra’s obvious love and enthusiasm for fitness, dance, and instruction, The Main Barre has grown to become a community-driven studio with an encouraging and energetic atmosphere. Audra’s goal is to help every person lead a happy and healthy life solely dedicated to feeling good.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I’m proud to say I’m a self-funded entrepreneur, and while it’s worth it, it’s not always the glorified life that people make it out to be. It’s more about taking the leap of faith, so to speak… jumping into entrepreneurship and opening a business with no guarantees, absolutely comes with its own set of challenges and struggles, however, it’s how you think and respond to it that truly matters. Ultimately, that’s where the real work and growth is.

Most growth derives from getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, you have been ready and willing to work through the hardships and changes. Sometimes change is new, which means maybe it’s going to be different, maybe something you haven’t done or dealt with before. And while maybe you’ve never done this before… isn’t that also, the fun part? It can be uncanny at times… you see, just like in life, there’s ups and downs, but it’s what you do with it, how you not react, but respond to it that matters.

In all your getting, get understanding, learn, adapt, grow, evolve. I’m fortunate to have two entrepreneur mom’s who always taught me this, “How much better can it get?” They both have said this to me over and over in my life, and I’m grateful for the outlook and perspective it’s given me, YES thinking this very question, even in the times when I was faced with challenges. Sometimes people hear a question like this, and may think, “Well, easy for you to say, your winning!”

My response, NO, we’re not talking tangibles, were doing about your energy and your focus. Focus on what you have, say that even when your stressed, struggling, facing the lows. It’s how you think about things that matter. If I were to give advice to any new business owner or entrepreneur, I would say this, stay humble, stay grateful, and be ok with being misunderstood. You have to truly tap into your energy, your vibration, streamline positivity, and believe in yourself no matter what.

The Main Barre – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
At The Main Barre, balance is our focus. We strive to achieve fitness excellence through the journey of experience, creativity, originality, and passion. We want you to feel welcome at The Main Barre— a place you can call home, full of positivity, great energy, and an uplifting community you won’t find anywhere else.

Our studio is more than just a place for an everyday workout; it’s a place to come escape and explore. Whether it’s of the mind, body or both, we strive to create an experience like no other. The Main Barre is energetic, inviting and offers energetic workouts with a vibe. When you become a part of The Main Barre, you commit to a journey for self-growth and empowerment, which will propel your life beyond the physical gain or reward.
Welcome to your home!

We are mostly proud of how different we are with all our classes and workouts, offering you variety through a quality experience. We are a boutique fitness studio, here to serve exclusivity at it’s best. Our founder, Audra Skaates, goes above and beyond to bring that quality, authenticity, and experience back to you. With her expertise and background in Barre, Yoga, Dance, Boxing, and more, Audra will always offer you a well-rounded, diversified class with her workouts!

What sets us apart from other’s is we are different, not better, just different.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success is personal. For me, success is all about growing and evolving. Knowing to celebrate the wins when they happen, and work through the challenges when they arise.

Success isn’t defined by the tangibles or what you have, it’s defined by being and feeling your best, whatever that is or means to you.


  • New Client Special- 1 Month Unlimited Classes for $100
  • 2 for $32 – Get 2 Classes for $32
  • 1 Month Unlimited Classes – $149

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