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Meet Ashley Salomon

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ashley Salomon.

Ashley, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
‘I always knew that I wanted to take a natural and holistic approach to healthcare and wellness when going into medicine. Finding the deeper causes of why people are not at the level of health that they should be in the 21st century, or at least why they aren’t feeling as vital as they should, required me to train well beyond what I learned in medical school. Nowadays, many young people tell me they are too young to be feeling the way they do, including low energy, poor sleep, digestive issues and a general discomfort in their bodies.

I went to MIT to become an engineer because of my passion for environmentalism. I studied and worked in renewable energy for a number of years both at MIT and Princeton, but my love of biology, natural wellness, movement-based practices, plant-based nutrition and herbal medicine eventually lead me to a career in medicine. Moreover, for the fulfillment and connection, I feel when working with people.

My training in medicine included a residency in family medicine and a fellowship in integrative medicine. I am a member of the American Board of Physician Specialists for Holistic and Integrative Medicine. I also extensively trained in functional medicine and European natural medicine for the purpose of delving deeper into the root causes of illness. In time, I have realized our personal health is directly involved in the health of the environment, so I have integrated my past profession as an engineer into my current one as a healer.

We are potentially bombarded by overstimulating technology, inflammatory foods, toxins and microorganism. Our bodies are ecosystems, and the balance of what our systems are exposed to versus what we each individually can handle is quite different. This being said, with the high levels of hormone-disrupting toxins, heavy metals, EMF fields, and the rise of certain infectious illnesses because of the levels of stress people have, as well as the environmental changes we are currently enduring on this planet, we are all subsumed by stressors to our bodies.

Thus, I tend to look at each patient individually, but with an overarching theme of wellness for the times, we live in. In order to intervene and help heal people, I deeply feel that we need to focus on a healthier planet as well

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
This road has not always been smooth. On the journey of self-actualization, there are always some obstacles.

Moreover, there are few actual jobs in my field of medicine, so I ultimately, almost by accident, grew my own practice. I began to have one referral after the next and before I knew it I had a practice. It happened quite naturally when I was offered the right space and clinic to work out of, (I work out of Dr. DeSylvia’s Whole Life Health Clinic) but it did take time. People are desperate for knowledge about how to manage their chronic health concerns in a more holistic way.

My path in medicine was longer than expected. After training in Western medicine, I still had to gain extensive knowledge in Naturopathic medicine, Herbal medicine, use of supplements, Chinese medicine, European natural medicine, Functional medicine and mental health. Quite simply put, it has been a long journey requiring extensive training.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I have a practice with families and individuals with whom I work closely on both an individual and family level. Our work together includes ensuring that mind-body aspects of health and any traumas are being managed with psychotherapy and other techniques, while also working on lifestyle habits, especially around sleep, stress and nutrition. Any digestive/gut imbalances and food sensitivities are worked on, as more than half our immune system and a large part of our nervous systems resides here.

Imbalanced gut health can affect mood, chronic pain, sleep and cause autoimmune conditions. Any infections or toxins that seem to be causing further imbalance in the system are managed when possible, and any low levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants is also discussed. Natural supplementation is used as needed for mood, sleep and immune support. I emphasize the reduction of heavy metal and toxin exposure in a manner that is not too stressful or overwhelming for our busy lives.

I am most proud of the relationships I have built with families I work with, and that I work with people on issues from allergies/sinus complaints and digestive health to chronic infections, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disorders and low vitality or low mood. These are often seen as specialties in medicine, but by utilizing functional and holistic medicine, the ‘specialties’ can be bridged for a thorough and well-rounded look at the issue at hand.

I am proud of the work I do on the psychological level as well, sharing work with mind-body specialists and psychotherapists. So much of our health begins with gaining self-clarity, self-awareness and self-care.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
I have a YouTube Wellness Channel coming out in the Fall of 2018. It is on the Dr. Ashley channel and called ‘Wellness in the 21st Century.’ We cover topics from sleep to gentle detox from toxins in the environment to issues with low vitality and energy. There is always an underlying theme about how stress, overuse of technology and the environment are affecting our health and well-being. Along with this will also be social media blogs titled DrAshleyHealth on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for quick tips and further information.

I am also in the process of writing a book on detoxification and health for women prior to childbearing years and getting pregnant. Once women get pregnant and have small children it is difficult to find time for self-care. This book intends to set the precedent of wellness before pregnancy. Once having children, women are in need o knowing how to take care of their bodies since their time is limited, as I can personally attest.

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  • Instagram: DrAshleyHealth
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  • Other: Dr Ashley – Wellness in the 21st Century,
    a YouTube series (Coming Soon Fall, 2018)


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