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Meet ‘Arah Wainwright of Goddess Braid Magic in Silverlake

Today we’d like to introduce you to ‘Arah Wainwright.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Goddess Braid Magic started as a way of means for me to provide for my daughter; as a single mother working a job was just never enough to actually enjoy our life experience together.

What started off as a creative way to make money became a Revolutionary Act Of Worthiness. I was kicked out of cosmetology school in 2009 when I had just six weeks left in the program. I fought really hard to work a full-time job, raise my daughter on my own and educate myself on a trade to provide a sustainable life for us.We were told that we could not miss a Saturday for the last module and on this particular Saturday, I had an unsafe interaction with my abuser at the time. I still showed up to school broken on the inside and hardly bruised on the outside but my face resembled the shame. They decided to make an example out of me and drop me from the Cosmetology program that I had spent the last 17 months of my life suffocating to complete. I was devastated and my whole world changed, especially my self-worthiness and my self-esteem, I saw myself as a failure and a crash dummy for abuse. I loved school, it was very much my serenity from the confusion and when I did hair, I felt a release but also I felt a connection to my spirit.

After years of experiencing trauma of psychological terror and toxic abusive cycles, I decided to take a look into some of the activities which brought me joy. Braiding Hair was at the top of my list. Weeks later, I was asked by one of my friends who was a social worker if I could braid one of the girl’s hair at a group home in her network.

I immediately said YES! I met a teen girl whom I’d asked what she was passionate about? ( as a part of my nature). She replied that she wanted to be a singer, she sang a few songs for me and we talked about writing music, I told her I loved writing songs and after we finished her hair, we sat down on the floor and I wrote a song for her to sing with me.

We not only nourished and strengthened the roots of her crown but the roots of her heart’s wishes, fueling her desire to dream. The group home reached out a few weeks later and told me that her behavior had completely shifted and significantly improved, in addition they wanted to hire me as their hairstylist for other foster youth and we saw the same impacts and results! Well, Thank God for being kicked out of cosmetology school in Las Vegas because it brought me to LA to develop my passions and use my gift to fuel my mission to fight for the poetic justice of young women through my creative mentorship strategies.

I saw it as an opportunity to get paid to do more than just hair but to be a ministry and provide the divine service of Love and Compassion.

Love is the majestic drum of the heavens creating symphonies inside of us all, I provide my braiding service as a healing art form to fuel the desires and wishes of my clients. Goddess Braid Magic serves women and creatives who value natural beauty and intentional wellness.

I started off thinking that I had failed at doing one of the most simple trades of beauty and now I realize today that God had a different strategy for me to win in the beauty marketplace.

Many of my clients face the same obstacles and the number one being the idea of her worthiness and her ability to see herself through her challenges. I combined my ten years of experience in luxury fashion with my talents as a certified life coach, healer and counselor with my love for humanity to create a new healing art form through luxury hair braiding.

I provide high-end braiding experience to weave an empowering prayer into the crowns of my Clients. A personalized sacred hair care experience for box braids and natural hair, tailored to their hair goals to inspire a new sense of emotional prosperity. Natural beauty is essential and I am on the front lines as the arms of grace for my clients who are crawling from the battlefields of shame and suffering from the feelings of unworthiness. A black woman’s hair is a part of her armor and it holds the energy of her pain, her struggles and the power of her potential.

I curate my own private line of luxury ritual products that serve my clients from root to soul. Natural Beauty Rituals provide aromatic healing at cellular level using auric fields by way of entry to break through the inertia that is attached to their pains.

The sensations of euphoria awaken the senses and send a message to the brain to elevate the frequency of the mood and overall well being of my clients. Today, we have smashing reviews of this profound experience and the impact of Goddess Braid Magic services and we hope to continue to expand the revolution of worthiness for women and especially the wellbeing of black women.

I now am the Super Mother of my dreams and I get to have a business with a purpose and my dreams were possible because every part of my life experiences both personal and professional have brought me to a reclaimed authority over my gifts and use them to provide for my well being and use it as my armor to empower others through my purpose.

Has it been a smooth road?
It has not been a smooth road, but how mundane would it be to ride a roller coaster that just politely carried you from one side of the amusement park to the other and dropped you off without excitement. This journey has been painful, exciting, empowering and worth every change of the seasons. My greatest obstacle was to break through the inertia and receive all that was available to me and honoring my worthiness of such blessings. Newton’s first law of motion tells us that Inertia is the resistance to a change in motion. When I realized that It was possible for me to develop a strategy to break through my fears and create from my gifts, none of the struggles along the way were anything less than glamorous slips and falls that lead me to reach for even bigger goals and strive for greater impacts through my services.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Goddess Braid Magic story. Tell us more about the business.
Goddess Braid Magic is how I honor braiding hair as a sacred art form. I believe our hair holds the energy of our ancestral roots, the pain of our struggles, and the power of our potential.

I provide high-end braiding services that weave an empowering prayer into the crowns of my clients. A personalized sacred hair care experience for box braids and natural hair, tailored to your hair goals to inspire the emotional prosperity of your natural and essential beauty.

I offer deep hydration treatments for natural hair and luxurious braiding sessions, We specialize in providing healthy hair growth and restoration packages to see clients through their hair goals. Many of my clients are transitioning from wigs and weaves and the sensitivities of moderate to severe breakage. My private collection of Natural Beauty Rituals help women restore the relationship they have with their hair and their spirit to achieve total natural hair serenity.

My private studio has a Gypsy Bar of Natural Beauty Rituals and Customized Luxury Braid Charms & Accessories for their braids as well as natural styles. I provide each client with a one on one experience and we hold a consultation prior to our service to identify what her hair goals are as well as her relationship with her hair. I educate my clients on the importance of self-adornment and creating a new relationship with her hair and strengthening the relationship she has with herself.

The thing that brings me most pride within running this business is that I get to be a chalice of hope for my clients to have a sacred space to feel seen and celebrated at her worth. Providing a high-end experience requests for me to deliver a new standard in the black hair care and beauty industry. Goddess Braid Magic challenges and reshapes both the beauty and wellness industry standards for our hair and the value that we place on our worth. We bring luxurious sacred wellness to the community as an act of worthiness and serenity to peacefully activate change and advocate for the mental status and wellbeing of black women.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
My dream is to cause a shift in beauty identity and consciousness to provide sustainable employment opportunities for 1 million black women and super mothers where their natural hair is celebrated. I don’t know what it will take but I know that I have the faith of a Mighty Warrior and I have a really good feeling that the Universe will sort it all out for me. I truly believe that when women start to see themselves differently, we start to see each other differently. I see my higher self reaching out to me with a guiding light and just asking me to concentrate on one step of faith at a time. I have a vision, and I see it passionately becoming my reality. Truly the goal is to be an example of leadership through Goddess Braid Magic and to reach as many hearts as possible with our testimony of extraordinary faith, this is a real-life Goddess Fairytale dream come true.


  • Growth & Restoration Packages from $775: Includes Braid Magic Ritual Set + up to 4 Full Braid Installations
  • $111 Total Serenity Natural Hair Style + Deep Hydration Treatment
  • $350 Small Box Braids With Premium Braiding Hair, Deep Hydration Treatment & Crown Aura Blessing
  • $777 Luxury Charm Braids + Halo + Premium Braiding Hair, Deep Hydration Treatment & Crown Aura Blessing
  • $1111 Crown Awakening Session: Life Path Alignment Gem Consultation, Started Oracle Reading, Aura Cleanse + Blessing + Full Service Braids
  • $195 Poetic Justice Box Braids With Premium Braiding Hair, Deep Hydration Treatment & Crown Aura Blessing

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