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Meet Anna-Pia Hubacher

Today we’d like to introduce you to Anna-Pia Hubacher.

Anna-Pia, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Eight hours a day: Writing computer code. It was taking its toll on my energy, my passion…my life. I missed the kind of close interaction that I could have with students during college. I even began to look into giving it all up and starting from scratch to study psychology for a different career, but I didn’t believe I was capable or worthy of that role.

Then I walked into a party and met a hypnotherapist…and that changed my course of life. That was 26 years ago. Let me explain for a moment why I was a Computer Science major  in the first place since it had never excited me. I majored in that because it sounded like a wise choice. An expected one. One that people would approve. I had taken a class in the language “BASIC” in my senior year in high school. Don’t laugh: it was the first year we even saw something like a computer…and the letters were all in green. I discovered that I was good at it, which made it a logical college major for someone trying to do what was expected of her.

During my 3rd year in college, I was absolutely miserable. If I had to compile one more computer program and sit in that freezing computer lab for hours, I swore I would pull my hair out and then some! I really longed to go into psychology, as I enjoyed learning about human behavior and emotions. I was also a good listener when my friends and family had issues. Despite being an honor student, I didn’t really have the confidence or a belief in myself: Could I just change my major to Psychology? Just because I found it interesting? Who was I to make such a decision? I went to the counseling office to see if I could switch to a Psychology Major, only to find out that the only way to graduate on time was to become a business major. As I reflected back, I simply accepted what they said, figuring: “I can never have what I want” and “I don’t deserve it. ” So I settled for Business Accounting. I graduated and worked in accounting for a few years. I began thinking again about how I really wanted to get my master’s in Psychology. I still lacked the confidence to change careers.

And then came that party. I don’t even remember the name of that hypnotist anymore or much of what she said. I just knew that I was absolutely mesmerized by what she said. After talking to her, I realized that my underlying negative beliefs colored all my actions, even though I was aware of my issues. That’s when the light bulb went off: I could see that hypnotherapy could assist me in creating new positive beliefs − not only for myself but for others as well. I enrolled and attended an outstanding and accredited school right here in Tarzana: Hypnosis Motivation Institute. One year later, I held my certification in hand. Finally, my heart and mind soared!

What I find really powerful about hypnotherapy is that even though we may know what’s challenging us on a conscious level, unless we work to shift our subconscious mind, we will continue to repeat the same behaviors over and over again. We will continue to have those negative beliefs that will hold us back indefinitely. Hypnotherapy helps to align our conscious desire with our subconscious mind. You see, our conscious mind (our decision making, analysis, will power) controls 12% of our actions while our subconscious mind has 88% control of our mind. Yikes! Guess which part always wins out? What is the subconscious mind? It’s the part that gets developed from the time we are born till about age 8 or 9. Everything we learn is by identification and association. Everything we hear, see, and experience during those developmental years are associations that are either pleasurable or painful.

For example, if a little child hears an actor yelling at someone on T.V. and then the audience laughed, the child would not be capable of discerning what is real from what is not. The child then might associate “yelling” as a funny thing (pleasurable). Later in life, that child might seek relationships where yelling is common and acceptable. Another example: if someone was crying and another person said, “Don’t cry!” a child might associate that as meaning crying isn’t okay and will now feel uncomfortable if someone else cries or he himself cries. As they say, “Kids soak everything up like a sponge”. By contrast, Imagine if you had this association instead: “Learning is fun!” You would probably be the type of person that learns a lot and is comfortable learning.

As we develop these associations, you can see some might have a positive benefit to our life and some might not. This is normal. As we move beyond 8/9 years of age, we develop a “critical mind” that guards what kind of input is okay to allow in our subconscious mind. It determines this by comparing the associations that are already in there to see if they support what’s already there. If it isn’t, then it kicks it out. For example, looking back at my upbringing, I had an association of “I don’t matter.” So if I got an opportunity to shine, I would derail it, negate it, run away from it because my subconscious mind held the association “I don’t matter.” Here’s my favorite part: it doesn’t matter whether that belief was based on truth or not. The mind made that association based it on something it heard, saw, or felt.

The good news is if an association can be learned, it can also be unlearned. New associations are always welcomed but you have to know how to create them. When we are in a relaxed and open state, new associations can be formed. This is what thrills me about hypnotherapy: being able to support others in forming positive beliefs that inspire a person’s life. My experience started with having low self-esteem and lack of confidence. I was then able to shift those associations using hypnotherapy. This has not only turned my life around, but it sparked my commitment to support others in discovering and owning who they really want to be… sooner rather than later. They get to have the successes that really matter to them, so they can soar and contribute their passion to our world.

My vision is that all people who are in touch with their inner, creative, powerful self will express that and share that with the world. Imagine a world where everyone’s passion is being realized while also having abundance in relationships, health, and wealth! People who see me have my highest listening for them as someone capable and loveable. I operate from the premise that there is nothing to fix and there’s nothing wrong. There’s only: what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s next. I see problems and issues as examples of learned limitations. Since I received my certification, I’ve added other modalities to my toolbox: NLP, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); Ericksonian Hypnosis; Master Imagery Facilitator, Past Life Regression. I also have been active in transformational work with Landmark Worldwide Education and I have been practicing Siddha Yoga Meditation since 1994. All of these modalities complement one another and give me the tools to really understand my client’s needs and how to bring out their inner resources in an effective and beneficial way.

Has it been a smooth road?
It has not been a smooth road but therein lies the gift of learning. It was the internal work I had to complete. Having had a challenging childhood, I had many negative beliefs that stood in my way, such as “I’m not valuable, I’m not good enough, I have nothing to contribute”. One by one, I transformed them. While the journey wasn’t smooth, today these experiences have given me the ability to appreciate my clients’ struggles and be able to really understand them and assist them in moving forward in a positive direction.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
My practice is my business. Hypnotherapy’s scope of practice is in the arena of avocational, vocational or self-improvement; it does not offer therapy for emotional and mental disorders. (California Business and Professions Code Section 4996.14; Business and Professions Code Section 2908.)

These are the type of clients I typically see:
People who are interested in looking for the next means to enhance their professional or personal life. They know that there’s no top to the mountain; they are eager to continue to grow and learn.
People who have tried a number of methods and nothing has quite worked. They know something is in the background that is preventing them from moving in a positive direction.
People who have achieved their goals but are not having satisfaction in their achievement.
People who struggle with fears, anxieties, weight loss, and/or smoking cessation. Since COVID 19, I have seen many clients who are struggling with anxiety.

Before the COVID 19, I saw clients in my office in West Los Angeles. I have now transitioned to virtual sessions. It’s been an easy transition, as my clients enjoy being in the comfort of their own place without a bit of L.A. traffic involved. It has also opened up the capability to see clients from all over the world.

What I’m most proud of are my clients who are willing to be vulnerable enough to work on themselves, growing and giving me the opportunity to be part of that journey. When they share their innermost thoughts, ideas, feelings with me, I am deeply honored and hold the space for a breakthrough. I am always intending that everyone leaves in an uplifted and empowered state.

What sets me apart is my life experience, training, and my commitment to continually be a source of upliftment − wherever and with whomever. My varied life experiences:
– Having worked in accounting
– Having worked in an ICU setting
– Running several businesses
– Rehabbing and flipping investment properties
– Being a performer

Contribute to providing me an understanding of various client’s professions. As such, when I use hypnotherapy, I can assist people in making those changes more quickly and more permanently. In addition, since I have learned several modalities, I am able to tailor sessions to my client’s needs. I love learning, so I’m always looking at what the next technique is that I can learn to keep my skills fresh and always moving forward. My clients continually benefit from my learning.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
Living in Los Angeles is like living in the UN. I love the people within this city, they are an infinite tapestry of differences and a kaleidoscope of the rainbow of human life. Over 140 countries have immigrants here, and I am told almost 200 languages are spoken. When we vote, the ballot is printed in 17 languages. I often wonder if any city is as diverse as Los Angeles? As we travel in the city, we are able to visit almost any part of the world, just within our city limits. Discovery is available anywhere, here, and it is close by. I enjoy learning and expanding myself, and this is the city of opportunity in any form.

Culturally, intellectually, almost anything can be pursued and found here. I love access to great plays, performances of singers and dancing, art museums, international expositions and great art. My family takes time for these, and we know this is always available. I was able to receive training in my hypnosis profession at a local college. My Sweet Adeline Santa Monica chorus is nationally award-winning, and we meet to perfect our craft each Tuesday night. My husband has done cutting edge acupuncture research at the UCLA hospital, and we met each other at our spiritual and meditation center. In her early grade school, my daughter walked across the street from her award-winning charter school, to visit the actual space shuttle Endeavor, which had parked there overnight en route to its final home in the Los Angeles Science Museum. Only in L.A. could this be dreamed about.

Despite the burden of traffic, nature is actually thrilling and available here. We have the deserts, the mountains, and the ocean and beaches, all close. We could be surfing or snorkeling one day, skiing the next, and walking with cactus the third in an arid valley of ancient geology. Our daughter has recently discovered surfing, as any healthy 15 years old should, which could become a lifetime passion. We love the beach, and have a special spot in Laguna, one hour South, called Thousand Steps Beach, with 240 steps down before you hit the clean and inviting sand. My husband with our dogs will start his weekly 8 mile hike, in local Santa Monica Mountains park, and be home by 8 am on a Saturday. Joshua Tree National Park, only 2 hours distant, is a world-class dessert home to fantastic views, hikes, and animal life like the ancient desert tortoise. An evening walk at the local beach is one of life’s great privileges and pleasures, as we clear our minds of the daily challenges and patter in the wet sand.

As any great city, poverty and homelessness is common here. There are enormous and difficult issues with our school systems, one of the nation’s largest. Traffic is a burden most of the time. Although since Covid19 has changed for the time being. We have our share of earthquakes, and fires each year, which are becoming more common. Our cars, seemingly endless in number, contribute to global warming, a growing blight on our planet. Housing prices are unsustainably high and unavailable to most young people and many old people. There is suffering here, obvious and hidden, persistent and terrible, of many forms. All of which I wish I could change. My part in all this is to help make a difference wherever and whatever I’m doing, one person at a time.

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