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Meet Ann Seletos of Sundown Tarot

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ann Seletos.

Hi Ann, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
Spiritual connection did not come easily for me growing up. I was raised in a very strict religion where I struggled to connect and often felt like something was wrong with me because of it. By adulthood, I rejected the notion of any spirituality or religion, identifying as atheist, and was nothing short of bitter and resentful when it came to such topics. If you had told me even six years ago what I’d be doing today, I’d never believe it in a million years. But, as life continues to prove to us all, anything can happen.

I was living in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, doing all the things I love to do with some of the most incredible and creative people I’ve ever met. I received my degree in English and had a great love of reading and literary analysis—symbolism in art and literature made sense to me and was especially important to me, though I wasn’t sure why. I also wrote music and played in bands, DJ’d, and created art daily. Yet I was miserable. I struggled with depression and extremely low self-esteem. Constantly seeking love and validation outside of myself, I wandered in the dark while my atheistic beliefs reinforced the idea that there was only a void to lean into. I leaned in hard.

A series of events suddenly led me out of Phoenix to Los Angeles, right when I was hitting a rock bottom. I kept getting strange messages that I didn’t think much about at the time since I didn’t really believe in intuition or psychic messages, but I listened anyway because I really felt I had nothing left to lose. I had never once thought of moving to LA (the place of my birth) prior to these messages, but after a voice told me I needed to move here, I relocated within six months. I now realize it was my intuition kicking in, getting me where I needed to be to get back on my path. Soon after my Los Angeles arrival, I experienced a serious crisis—and it was this crisis that led me to spirituality. I began meditating and investigating other forms of spiritual connection and wound up with a tarot deck. Tarot was always something that as a child, I was warned to stay away from and later on sneered at as an adult. To my surprise, I found great comfort in the cards. The symbols, the images, the stories and archetypes—they made sense to me. The importance of the symbols in the literature I had studied came full circle, and I began to finally understand why this symbolism was always so important. I could find guidance and answers, and the mysteries of life and the universe became exciting rather than daunting. Tarot helped me to heal; it helped change my entire life—because my entire approach to life changed.

I delved into studying and practicing tarot every day, and another message came to me after a few years—that I was meant to help others who wander the dark with this beautiful practice of tarot. I followed this path and found many mentors, teachers, and fellow readers to help me along the way. I became Level 2 reiki certified by my mentor Carisa Bianca Mellado, who taught me more about working with the tarot as well as energy healing and other spiritual practices. Soon after, I was hired on to read tarot at a shop in Hollywood, and it was there that the idea for my business, Sundown Tarot, came to me. A tribute to my desert home of Arizona (as well as inspired by the Lee Hazlewood song), I wanted to focus on the magic of transitional states, of delving from what is seen into the unseen, of the beauty and magic that occurs during the death of the sunlight, and the mystery that unfolds under the stillness and vulnerability of the wide-open desert night sky.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Being an entrepreneur in an already overly-saturated market can be exhausting, especially when there’s so much pressure to be creating content and promoting oneself. My business did not instantly take off, and having to have patience in building something slowly and surely has been a major challenge. I’ve also had to learn a lot about boundaries with clients, including on an energetic level. I hold space for a lot of sessions that can be emotionally very exhausting and learning to cut, clear, and ground energy is essential to being able to continue this work. I used to carry around a lot of others’ emotions with me or allow their energy to have a significant and lasting impact on my own energy. It’s taken a lot of time and practice, but I’ve learned to really detach and create boundaries around this so I can continue showing up with the capacity to hold space for others in a healthy way.

We’ve been impressed with Sundown Tarot, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I read tarot privately for a wide variety of people all over the world, most of whom find themselves in transitional states—at the crossroads. I have read for skeptics, whom I absolutely adore, respect, and relate to, having been a disbeliever myself for many years. In fact, I still approach much of my practice with a healthy dose of skepticism—I believe questioning what you’re told, what you see, and what you believe is a healthy part of the process—just as much as having trust and faith in what you can’t see. I’ve also had the opportunity to read tarot at many incredible markets across LA, including the annual Bitchcraft Winter Faire, and am currently a resident tarot reader at The Mystic Museum in Burbank.

I love creating specialized tarot spreads for each New and Full Moon as well as Wheel of the Year holidays. You can find these spreads on my Instagram (@sundowntarot) to use for your own readings or even as journaling questions (I also offer private readings using these spreads). I’ve had a tarot spread published in Dark Exact’s “A Small Collection of Specialized Spreads Vol. II” and have been invited to contribute another spread for the forthcoming third volume.

Since starting Sundown Tarot, I have continued esoteric and magical studies at the renowned 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magic. I’ve been extremely fortunate to study tarot there with founder Naha Armady, astrology with A.M. Penn, and Dream Alchemy as well as private mentorship and apprenticeship with Vanessa Baltadano. My current studies with Vanessa, as well as on my own, have taken me back into studying more earth magic and working within the darker realms of dreams, ancestors, death, spirit communication, the Dark Mother, and much more. I see now how I needed an anchoring in the light (thus being led down the path of lightworker for the last five years) before I could be ready to delve back into the dark that I nearly drowned in most of my life—it was something I just couldn’t truly grasp or understand before without the knowledge of the light. I’m learning to lean into my fear, to stay grounded, to truly understand darkness, and to find balance. I’m opening new parts of myself and the abilities that I’ve been afraid to look at or acknowledge most of my life, and it has been an extremely empowering (albeit sometimes overwhelming) experience. As this part of my journey continues to unfold, I look forward to helping others walk through the dark on many different levels and to continue showing up to do whatever work I am called to do within these realms.

I am grateful for the unexpected path that tarot has led me down and all of the magic and wonder it has brought into my life, as well as guiding me to the healing I truly needed. I am always so honored to help bring this gift to others and to create a space of nonjudgment, compassion where people can feel seen, heard, and understood. However, I’m known for also being an honest reader, and sometimes having to deliver difficult messages is part of the job—another reason for creating a safe space to work through challenges and find light in dark times. I’m here to help and provide guidance for anyone seeking a path of healing and transformation, and I am truly honored to have been called to do this work.

We all have a different way of looking at and defining success. How do you define success?
Success is a pretty relative term. I’m not really here to judge the work that I do, but just to show up and do it–whatever that looks like in the day I’m in. I trust that whatever I’m doing is what I’m meant to be doing at that time, even if it means there’s a harsh lesson at the end of it. Success is trusting that I’m always exactly where I need to be.

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