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Meet Anish Patel of Tinto Amorio

Today we’d like to introduce you to Anish Patel.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
About 4 years ago, I was studying in the beach town of Cadiz, Spain. Every day after class we would go and hang out at the beach. The vendors would walk up and down shouting “Agua, Cerveza, Tinto de Verano” meaning water, beer, red wine of the summer. This was my first introduction to Tinto de Verano and authentic Spanish wine spritzers. The locals drank Tinto de Verano like it was water and very quickly, I came to love it as well.

Fast forward a couple years – I graduated from college and started my career as an investment banker. I planned on exiting in a few years to pursue Tinto Amorio full time while working on the research and development in the background during my time in banking. However, fate intervened and I grew very ill about 6 months into my job.

Subsequently, I then got into a massive car accident – drastically severing my spine and crushing some of my organs in the process. Obviously, the experience left me both physically and mentally crushed. I was left in a hospital bed in my parents living room to recover for 6 months, during which I took the opportunity to focus completely on R&D for Tinto and I worked tirelessly developing the formula, branding, setting-up supply chain, and overall preparing the business. Fast forward to 6 months later, I decided to start production.

Last fall, we launched in some bottle shops in NYC and started selling online. Then, for the greater part of the next 9 months, I faced rejection from over 120 retailers across the country before Albertsons in SoCal put us in their Pavilions grocery stores saying, “There is nothing like this on the market!”

Has it been a smooth road?
The whole time I’ve been building this business, I’ve been plagued with health issues. On top of that, the cold calling and sales were completely new to me and after getting rejected over 120 times, I felt like I couldn’t keep going. I actually woke up the next morning and made 3 more calls and emails to major grocery chains and all three came back with deep interest which led to us breaking into Pavilions grocery stores.

I don’t mind discussing my struggles and the obstacles because I want to show everyone how we can rise above any situation and sometimes you need to hit the pavement over a hundred times before things work out. Those moments I’ve spent struggling to find answers often led me to my most successful realizations.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
We make authentic Spanish wine spritzers with an emphasis on sound nutrition and social responsibility. No one else in the industry has done the research to be able to truly revolutionize traditional cocktails while also paying homage to its roots and its authentic flavor profile. Anyone from Spain who would try our Tinto would immediately recognize the flavor profile, however, we use much higher quality and natural ingredients. We also are socially responsible and donate a portion of sales to causes in the regions we sell in, something that we feel is essential for any company in today’s world.

Our current production run is dedicated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. These three factors – authenticity, nutrition and quality, and social responsibility – put us on another level in today’s wine and spirits market, and that’s before even discussing the fact that we package in cans!

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
LA is phenomenal for entrepreneurs. Consumers are open to trying new things and are actively excited about new products. Additionally, you get an extremely diverse range of demographics so you can test in whatever demo you are looking for. It’s an experiential city and cultural hub – trends are set here. People from all over the country and world come here to take in all that LA has to offer and ideas spread.

Because of all of the aforementioned perks of being in LA, the competition is fierce.

Getting distribution is almost impossible (120+ rejections, remember?), and then once on the shelf, there are so many products now that consumers have an overload of information. You have to find ways to differentiate and also ways to reach the consumers that aren’t intrusive, or else you’ll launch a product and nothing will happen.

I recommend to anyone thinking of coming to LA to really make sure they can get distribution and have a solid plan on how they will reach customers. All of the right elements exist to make a product or brand hugely successful but those first two roadblocks are even higher in LA than in other places across the country because of the information overload and competition that exists here. That being said, if you get the streets talking in LA, the skies the limit.


  • 4 Pack Box – $20
  • 24 Can Case – $120

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