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Meet Dana Dvorak of Animal Communications & Soul training

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dana Dvorak.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born and grew up on a small farm in communist Czechoslovakia (today Czech Republic). Since I was the only child until I was 6 and there were no kids around, my friends and playmates were animals. We had cows, pigs, goats, rabbits and chickens and numerous cats and dogs. I would always hang out outside with them or help my grandparents to take care of them.

As I was always very intuitive, it came naturally to me to understand what they are telling me and how they feel and to be able to answer them back. In the communist system, however, there was no place for spirituality and I was not at all encouraged to explore my abilities. I was to fit in the ” normal life” just like everybody else.

So I went on to study law and indeed became a lawyer. At the time of my studies in Prague, I was spotted by a fashion photographer and he helped me to enter the world of modeling. In that time the communism started to collapse and it became easier to venture into the Western world. I was modeling for quite some time, traveling all over and working for major fashion designers. One of my favorite places always was LA and eventually I decided to settle down here. After I stopped modeling I owned two modeling agencies but at the same time I started slowly to go back to my ” spiritual roots”.

I took some classes with a friend who is a healer and one of the students had a dog in the class. It felt easy for me to connect with the dog and when talking to her I noticed she had pain in her paws and there were some indications of tumors in the body. I told this to her person and she took her to the vet and it was all confirmed. From then on I started to work with other animals and slowly my future as a full-fledged animal communicator was born. I sold my business and jumped into my true calling. First I would work just as any regular animal communicator. I correct unwanted behavior, find out animal needs, pass on messages between people and animals etc. Then one day everything changed when I was working with a dog with extreme separation anxieties.

His name was Charlie and he was a beautiful King Charles Cavalier. There was no reason for his condition as he was with his people since he was a puppy and he was very much, loved and pampered. Also, his anxiety was only directed on the wife, (I will call her Linda), not on the other family members. When I talked to him I was shown his past life when he was a male child and his mother was Linda. He was just being born. The birth was extremely difficult and once he was out, he was immediately taken away because Linda died during childbirth. This trauma was so strong and so engraved into his subconsciousness that even in his present life as Charlie he felt if he is separated from Linda again, she will disappear from his life forever as before.

This was a big shock for me as I had no idea that not only animals would have past lives, they would also be able to reincarnate as people. However, when I related the information to Linda with great reservations on my part I must say, she was totally on board. It resonated with her, she always felt Charlie was her child and now she got confirmation. And since discovering this past life for them, Charlie’s behavior completely changed. He was no longer stressed and having seizures when Linda would leave him for no matter how long. This opened very different doors for me and since then I worked with hundreds of past lives of animals and their people. Uncovering and releasing the past helps tremendously with challenges in animal/human relationships, explaining and healing the issues.

During this process, I learned extremely important information which then gave a birth to SOULTRAINING and my work with people. I learned, that the leading factor in each soul incarnation is EXPERIENCE the soul needs to gain and based on that, the soul chooses the physical body. There is no hierarchy or special pecking order. The soul moves freely between many forms to gain the experiences needed for its advancement. So you can be a dog or cat or any animal in your future life if needed and your own animal may have been a human before in many lifetimes. That means that you are always connecting to the same soul, no matter if in the body of an animal or a human. Based on this knowledge I started to work with people along with animals and created a program for people I call SOULTRAINIG.

My approach is very similar to an approach of a trainer in the gym. I learned that just like our physical body which needs discipline and hard work to become fit, healthy and look the way we want, our soul needs the very same if we want to create positive changes on our lives, attain our goal and find our true path. Just like our body, our soul tends to be lazy and eat a bad diet of self-sabotage, fear, feeling not worthy and undeserving, procrastinate, repeat old patterns and so forth and generally preventing us to have what we want in life.

My goal here is to help you to create a healthy regime for your soul and help you to stick to the ” training program” until you are self-sufficient in following it yourself. Much like a personal trainer I will give you tools and teach you how to use them so you will become independent and will be able to maintain and expand in every area of your life. Soul training is not for the faint of heart. This is a hardcore program for people who are serious about making changes in their lives and finding their purpose. They will be asked to be disciplined and to work hard and stick to their exercises and homework. I monitor closely their work and many clients are on daily text report regime which works greatly.

The rewards are, among many others, a major progress in each area of their lives, confidence in their future journey and knowing how to use all aspects of intuition to their advantage. I also created a series of Soul training classes, (Basic and Advanced level) where people can learn and perfect the tools on regular basis. The classes are for everyone not only members of Soul training program.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I would say my first challenge came when I was a child. I was always very intuitive and saw and felt things the others could not. But my family was very unspiritual in this aspect and I was raised as a Catholic, which wasn’t very satisfying for me even as a small child. I learned to keep my natural intuitive gifts for myself and to be independent in looking for explanations and knowledge about the unknown.

I was also not allowed to study in the direction of my natural interest which was singing, painting and philosophy but on my parents wish I end up studying law. Even though I never wanted to be a lawyer, later in life I learned to appreciate the education and analytical way of thinking which the school gave me. So it was a happy ending for me there.

But I had to learn be very independent along the way and break all the barriers myself to get to what I really wanted. I did the hard work alone and that is also what I teach my clients now. You must make the changes yourself no matter how hard you need to work because nobody can do it for you. This goes for the material world as much as for the spiritual and the ” spiritual work ethic” is high on the Soul training ladder of priorities.

The other extremely important thing I learned is to recognize the right timing to start your mission, whatever that may be. I remember vividly having a past life regression session done 20 years ago which made a huge impact on me and reopened my intuition channels. I knew at that time that one day I will fully embrace my mission in a more spiritual sense of things but I also felt very strongly I am not ready at that very moment. The part of me, the go-getter and business person, naturally wanted to push ahead and go for it but luckily my intuitive side prevailed at that time.

It was not the right time for me at all as I was fully involved in my modeling career and had more things to tackle along the way. These days I say the same to my clients when they ask why they discover their true mission ” so late” in life. Because they were not ready for it before and the experience they need to succeed now was not there before. The main thing is that ” time ” as we people recognize it is not important and that no matter what age you are you will succeed once you embrace your true purpose.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I specialize in Animal communication and Soul training for people.

As an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR, I connect with animals and help them and their people to better understand each other. I help solve behavioral and other types of problems, gather information about the animals past, find out about their needs and translate messages between animal and ” their humans”. I also communicate with animals who crossed over.

Besides their obvious body communication, animals communicate telepathically, transmitting visuals and feelings to each other. I communicate with them the same way. Telepathy is a universal language and there are no barriers of distance or time. So I am able to talk with an animal across the world without him being physically present.

Now, what most people do not know is that us, humans communicated telepathically as well before we started to speak in words and that we still all have the ability even though is just laying dormant. That means that we all can learn to communicate with animals and even if you won’t become a professional animal communicator, you will be able to speak to your own or any other animal in your life. Part of my Soul training classes also encompasses how to communicate with animals.

SOULTRAINING I pretty much described already but I also want to add here that just like we all have the telepathic abilities, we all also have the Intuition. Most of us just don’t develop it and therefore we don’t trust it. My goal in the Soul training is to help you to develop and reconnect with your intuition and start using it as a regular part of your senses. I want to make you independent and fully in charge of your own life. I want to take away the mystery around psychic practices because all of you have the so-called ” gifts”, you just don’t know how to use them.

We all learn math in school. Not everyone will become a professional top notch mathematician but we are all able to add, calculate and balance the checkbook. And the same is true with your intuitive senses. You will tremendously enrich your life and your confidence by being able to use your intuition.

Both, the animal communications and the Soul training are part of THE BRIDGE, which I am currently developing. Bridge is a concept of how all species should interact and communicate with each other so we can preserve conditions on Earth and help her to shift into a higher vibrational dimension. It is a way how to open up human understanding to the lack of hierarchy most people perceive in animal and plant kingdom.

Just because we cannot understand a foreign language that doesn’t mean the culture is less evolved. Animals have always been communicating among each other and in many aspects, they are more evolved the. humans. They can predict natural disasters, they detect health problems in their people even the future ones, they do not judge based on your material possessions, they exhibit unconditional love and they only kill for food, not for fun. Part of THE BRIDGE will be educational programs and classes for adults and kids.

I would love to be able to include a special animal & human communication classes to our school system, starting with education on how animals really are and how to treat them for kids as young as 4 years old and then for older age group the animal communication class. I had already children in my animal communication classes and they do an excellent job. I also came to realize that a lot of cruelty to animals and people alike and disrespect for the living things, environment and the entire planet comes from lack of education and knowledge.

THE BRIDGE is here to help to remedy this and to create the real connection between all species living on the Earth.

What were you like growing up?
I was very quiet, what you would call a ” strange kid”. My nose would be always in the books, I would read anything and in the age of 6, I would read books for adults which then got me into troubles in school when the teacher would ask what books we reading currently and I said ” The Hound of Baskerville” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Needless to say, the teacher called my parents and demanded I read only books suitable for kids.

Luckily my parents never paid attention to that and I kept reading what ever I wanted.

I was doing well in school and because the rest of the class would need my help during the tests, I escaped bullying even though I was the perfect target with my glasses and mousy hair. I would only be bullied a little bit. I also never felt I belong. I was so different from my entire family that I was sure I was adopted (I was not) and I never wanted to wait anywhere for my parents alone for fear they will leave me there since I am not theirs. I loved to be alone or hang out with animals because that was so much more comfortable for me.

I was never a popular girl in school and I was never cute. The boys never payed any attention to me, I was what you would call the DUFF.

This changed for me when I started high school. I was so fed up with being the sidekick ugly duckling so I decided I will change it. Now at that time I couldn’t go die my hair or wear makeup or get plastic surgery or whatever you would do now to get the change. So I just willed it. This was my first successful manifestation even though I didn’t know it at that time. What I knew was that I made the 100% decision to change physically and personality wise and I focused all my energy on and I demanded it from the Universe (which I didn’t know either then).

And behold I did change in about couple month. My hair changed color from mousy brown to natural blonde, I grew tall and lost weight and even my face changed. With the physical change also I changed completely my personality. I became outgoing, bold and popular. My classmates from grammar school didn’t recognize me, thinking I am new girl who moved in from different t city.

Recalling this experience and the intensity of it helped me a great deal in identifying the right way how to manifest. There are so many books on manifesting and how to create prosperity and abundance yet, none of them seems to work. The reason is that most people don’t grasp the enormous force of energy and focus you need to put into manifesting something. You must believe it completely with your entire being not only wish for it. Yet you don’t need to repeat it every day like an affirmation.

You bring it to life once and then you release it and just know it is done. Done correctly it will change your life as it did mine.


  • 20% one-time Voyage discount on all my services
  • Regular price: Animal session – $140 (1 animal) $200 (2 animals) $250 (3 animals)
  • Soul training session – $200

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  1. Jane Summers MD

    August 15, 2018 at 14:27

    Especially liked ‘because we don’t understand a language it doesn’t mean the culture hasn’t evolved’. Applied to people!

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