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Meet Angelicca Flex and Adriane Leigh of FLEXOUT Mind+Body Stretching Program

Today we’d like to introduce you to Angelicca Flex and Adriane Leigh.

Angelicca and Adriane, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
So, starting with me— Angelicca, Angel, Gelli, human pretzel — whichever you prefer— I was born and raised in the suburbs of Minnesota. Growing up, I was always extremely active and creative, singing, dancing, writing songs and poems, drawing, even making beats on my grandmas Yamaha PSR 90 keyboard.

I started dancing competitively at the age of 4 – classical ballet, jazz, tap – the whole deal and I started working as a dancer when I was a teenager. I became increasingly active and by the time I was 17, I discovered hot yoga and a fitness regimen outside of my dance training. You could say I was addicted! I went to college at the University of Minnesota but I did not study dance or the arts. There wasn’t much of any vigorous dance training for adults in Minneapolis at this time, not like I was used to. So, when I wasn’t able to take classes — I trained myself at home. I worked on everything from my dance skills and flexibility, learning dances on youtube, to practicing yoga poses, breath work — I even trained in pointe shoes alone at home. So you could say this is where the FLEXOUT Method began — but there’s levels! Let me elaborate—

I moved to LA in 2015 to find myself and pursue my dreams — well realize my dreams, I guess. That’s where I met Adriane, my business partner and ride or die, best friend. We met through mutual friends at a gathering in the summer of 2018. She had violet hair and I thought she was the coolest person ever — she looked like a fairy and she spoke like she was from another dimention. Instant friends. Our friendship actually blossomed over time, we were both going through some trials and wen stuck by each other during some mutual hard times, which is how we became close. I really admired her work and her work ethic — Adri is the OG, she has designed and created for everyone. She’s a phenomenal graphic designer, painter, brand developer, marketing wiz, creative director, just an overall amazing artist and visionary. I always knew that I wanted to work with her but I didn’t even have social media at the time that I met her— I was definitely at a low point in my life, I was lost and I was experiencing a very hard transition. I definitely think God sent her to me to help pull me out of some pretty dark places, hopefully I’ve done the same for her too. She has helped me build confidence and formulate a plan about how to become my own brand. She’s always expressed her belief in me and she’s always been hyping me up. I swear, you all need to get yourselves an Adriane Leigh.

Anywho — At the time that we met, Adriane was hustling and working full time like the boss woman she is and I was working on creating a brand for myself. I was working with a friend of mine Natalie Yco – she was a fitness instructor at Equinox and she took me under her wing. I worked for her activewear line- She hired me as a model at first then, I later became part of the team internally. I began to realize which of my skillsets were assets to running a business and my desire to have my own business was realized.

The FLEXOUT plot thickens… as Adriane has been sowing seeds for me since day 1, she ultimately introduced me to the woman who brought me to meet my current trainer and friend, G. Washington – or @imrocksolid_fitness. G writes phenomenal 30 Day fitness challenges which are immensely popular and are promoted by his team of woman, who are all successful, inspirational and highly influential. Within one month of knowing him, I pitched him my collaborative idea for a stretching and fitness program called “FlexFit.” My idea was to create a stretching program to compliment his fitness challenges. I spent about seven weeks writing my first mini-program and by October of last year, 2019 – FlexFit went live. G and I’s program did really well and after it was over, I began to receive personal inquires for more.

I didn’t have a logo, a brand, a website or anything, so I recruited the most amazing digital designer, artist and creative director I knew – my best friend, Adriane Leigh. I finally popped the question about working together, I honestly had no idea about how she felt about it—all I knew was how much I admired her work, I thought there was definitely a chance she might have said no— she is always so busy. But, you will never know the answer unless you first, ask— lol terrifying. Luckily, she was down and over a span of about five months, I worked tirelessly to launch my business.

When I considered having my own business in the past, I always wanted to do it with my best friend and Adriane was there every step of the way.

At first, the ideas were very basic, we were just supposed to be getting the brand up and running to get the product out and meet the demand. But as we continued to work, things just kept getting bigger and she kept getting more involved. The purpose of FLEXOUT is to get people to stretch and heal their mentality at the same time. Using your body as a tool to strengthen your mind is extremely powerful. This framework and many other ideas I had for the trajectory of the business were very much in line with things Adriane believed in too. She stretches at home each night, probably more than I do to be honest and spends much time practicing personal healing, self reflection and meditation.

Eventually, I popped the other question — I asked if she would like to become an official business partnership. You know she said yes!

For the final product, she ended up creating the logo, the website, she worked with me on different ideas, helped me with branding and she designed the entire program aesthetic — the list goes on. She was my emotional support, my consultant, my hype woman, my accountability partner and she was even my experimental stretching guinea pig, LOL. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better business partner through all of this. G was also very supportive, he put me on in a huge way and I’m so, so grateful. We work really well together and it’s all been such a blessing. With the help of Adriane, Natalie and G, I was able to create a brand for myself. The FLEXOUT Mind+Body Stretching Program was brought to life and I am now a business owner, in partnership with my ace for life.

Adriane and I are already working on Phase II of our venture – The next FLEXOUT Program will be completely different from the first. We are aiming to have it ready to launch by October 2020. We are SO excited, it will be very visually and audibly stimulating and more collaborative between the both of us.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Man, there were so many struggles, disappointments, mistakes and heartbreaks along this journey. Before launching my business I was so lost in my life. I tried every job under the sun and I ultimately decided to turn away from my life’s work as a professional dancer. That was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my career. I was really depressed for a while after making that decision, and my life fell completely apart at one point. I went through a series of bad relationships, friendships and negative job experiences. Adriane came into my life right when I needed a friend like her.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I learn from everything that happens to me in my life. Although, I did not feel happy pursuing my career as a professional dancer, dance will always be in my toolbox and I still occasionally work as a dancer too. The difference now is that I can live on my own terms, I have my own venture that has exponential room for growth. That was always my biggest issue with trying other career paths outside of owning my own business and being completely indepentent— the question of growth over time and my sustained happiness down the road. I finally feel free from those concerns — actually, I just feel free in general.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the FLEXOUT Mind+Body Stretching Program story. Tell us more about the business.
Our business is the FLEXOUT Mind Body Stretching Program, it’s completely online — a comprehensive guided self-help and stretching program. I have 20+ years of dance training and 11+ years of yoga experience — Growing up, I was always naturally flexible as a dancer, always working on my extensions. As an adult, people started knowing me as “the flexible girl” in the gym. Many started asking me to help them with their flexibility goals – and with the help of some very important people — the opportunity to start my own venture basically fell on my head.

With everything going on in the world, 2020 has been an extremely stressful and uncertain year for everyone. We wanted to create something that could help people heal and reach goals at the same time, safely from home. So, using my training in ballet, stretching and molding the body as well as my yoga experience in holding postures, self discipline, breath work and meditation – FLEXOUT was born.

This program is very different from your everyday yoga or stretching tutorial. Yes, we all want beautiful limber bodies, but we really wanted to help people find the best version of themselves. We know this can be achieved through self-reflection, as well as mental and physical discipline.

The FLEXOUT Mind+Body Stretching Program is 46 pages of helpful information about the benefits of stretching and meditation, it includes mental health resources, and 15 days of guided meditations and stretching sequences for all levels— all curated by me. The transformation is based on a three pillar system, Connect, Stretch and Flex – I strategically designed this system with the intention of targeting 3 crucial areas of ones self esteem – each work together to help align you with your best self. Instead of just taking you through the postures, I start your stretching session with a mental health check-in, then you begin your stretching sequence and body work and finish by “flexing” your self-love and self-discipline, in that respect.

Adriane and I firmly believe that healing is the first step to reaching goals and overcoming obstacles in your life.

The program is available now on my website and my next program will be dropping October 2020, so keep an eye out. Adriane and I really put our whole heart and souls into this program. Program II will be a visual work of art, meant to be comprehensive a healing experience infusing unique visuals and original sounds.
I’m extremely proud of the creative elements that are going into this next program. I will even be designing the ambient sounds meant to help you relax and transform your body from the inside out.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success is your perception of prosperity and abundance. Success is putting relentless persistence to work and being prepared to win. Because if you’re unprepared, you’re preparing to fail.


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