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Meet Angela Serenity Moon Mother of Essence Wellness Design

Today we’d like to introduce you to Angela Serenity Moon Mother.

Hi Angela, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
When I was seven, my paternal grandmother took me to Mongolia and began my shamanic training. Connecting with Nature Spirits, the trees, animals and plants were as natural and magical to me as talking to the moon and stars at night. I spent my first twelve years in this life living with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in Beijing, China. My parents worked in the U.S. for most of my childhood until when I turned 12. I was told then it was time to go live with my parents, in America, as a family of three. I knew some English from English classes I took in elementary school but I felt incredibly lost in my first year living in the U.S. in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This year was silent and loud. Silent, because I didn’t understand what was on TV, the radio and (hello AOL!!!) or what people and books talked about at school. Loud, because in my silence everything around me was alive. In that year, I spent a lot of time with myself and asked my parents to take me to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, lakes, rivers and streams all around where we lived. I spoke with plants, animals and Nature Spirits. Mother Moon. Grandmother Wind. I didn’t need English to understand them and connect with Nature. When I connect with Nature, I connect with myself. Though I couldn’t understand what people said and I couldn’t articulate myself, my needs and emotions to people, I could still read energy and I learned so much more about people, children and how we embody everything in Nature, as Nature, as humans in this year of silence. I call that year my year of Sacred Silence on a new land thousands of miles away from everything I knew as a 12-year-old. Not speaking made me listen deeper, within and without. My senses developed and sharpened in ways they couldn’t have had I stayed around familiar ways of life. And that is my soul’s purpose in this lifetime, to travel and step beyond perceived comfort zones, mind’s borders and walk alongside others — activating their own true North and inner journeys as cosmic souls in body on this wild, beautiful ride in body.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
It had been everything but smooth, and that’s the point. The bumps can and do take us down and deep, because when we were taught to believe, and believed, that we didn’t have what it took for us to rise, feel joy again, live on purpose or walk-in beauty — life interrupts our illusions in the mind that disconnect us from our hearts. The heart is where we go for truths. I don’t know if the shadow side of my story is unique as an Asian American woman. Following my first year, I started to understand what words meant and their impact on our energy and physical health, starting with my own. I experienced racism daily in middle school and high school, and starting in eighth grade I was blessed with a group of precious friends whose souls were full of rainbows. That was my first memory of them. This togetherness made all the difference for me and everyone told me to not give any attention to people who weren’t kind to me.

Then I was off to college in Boston, which is completely different from what I had gotten used to in The South!! It was another total rebirth in many ways. Racially and sexually motivated remarks and discrimination were daily experiences. Family and friends who looked like me all said to just ignore the unkind, focus on my grades and getting a good job. This didn’t make sense to me because what I saw in the people who said hurtful things to me and other people were people whose energies held so much hurt. They looked like animated figures who walked around with holes and missing pieces over their bodies. But I did follow my family and friends’ advice and decided to be more like other people. As a young woman living alone in Boston and later New York, I started to believe turning off my heart was safer, easier and essential for my survival because so many people did. I saw this daily. I could too, I thought. I felt the Medicine Ways I grew up with didn’t have any use on this land, and it was such a burden for me to carry forward standing where I was. Being like everyone else must be better!! I graduated early from college and soon began graduate school.

For the next decade, I was a Management Consultant for a global consulting firm. My job was helping corporations adopt organizational change during large-scale people, process and technology transformations. Everything about this career defined success as my parents and some friends did in those days — those on the outside looking in. Inside, I had never felt more disconnected from my own heart. And you bet life intervened. Over and over. Those on my Spirt Team delivered message after message and I spent about a decade looking the other way. So many parts of me broke down. Physically and energetically. To most people, including those who were close friends, my breakdowns weren’t always visible on the outside. It was like while I was mastering one language, English, and one way of life, I was erasing all my other languages and ways of knowing. Inner knowing. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew her birth was my rebirth. Yet another rebirth. I knew I had to part ways with all that was – before she came into this world. Again I walked away from all I knew was never mine to keep. I knew I needed to get back to my heart and walk The Spirit Road. I never looked back.

As you know, we’re big fans of Essence Wellness Design. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand?
I founded Essence Wellness Design and developed the Elemental Medicine™ Soul Health Activation method. I guide and support women from all walks and seasons of life to learn, live and ENJOY the dance when they reach what I call: intersections of Destiny and Decision. I specialize in Soul Purpose Activation and am known for Energy Medicine modalities that clear the body for flow rather than resistance to Nature’s intelligence that runs within and around us. This allows for self-regulation and inner harmony to re-establish within mentally, emotionally, functionally and spiritually. I say ‘re-establish’ because this is our natural, forgotten state. Babies and young children are often incredible examples of inner harmony where their inner sun, moon and stars are in-flow with Nature’s Intelligence and Cosmic Vibrations that run within and all around us – at all times. Clients say my coaching style is direct, loving and activating. I don’t believe in hiding and running away from ourselves with forced positivity. It is exhausting to witness and experience. In today’s way of life, we don’t need more exhaustion and depletion. There is much to balance, and we’ve forgotten balance is not a linear, rigid state. This is our Soul Lovework: Reconnecting with our own True North and stay connected because when we do, everyone in our world benefits from our choices and when we don’t, everyone suffers. Every war began within. Every battle is lost or won inside ourselves first before it even reaches anyone else. It’s soul simple. If you remember one thing, I say let it be this: Your True North is available and accessible to you at all times. It’s your availability and accessibility to following your North that needs attention. I’m most proud of putting authenticity first and bringing the three Cs along when life is happening: clarity, commitment and compassion. I’ve found I don’t always need courage first. It comes when I tend to the other Cs first.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on luck and what role, if any, you feel it’s played for you?
That’s an interesting question! I don’t know about luck, good or back luck, but I will say heart carries me to and from everything. My yes’s and my no’s. If my heart says no, it’s a definite no for me, no matter who says what, when, where, how or why on the outside.


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