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Meet Andrew Williams of Leaders Of Change in North Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Williams.

Andrew, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Two years ago I experienced betrayal in a way which broke me in an unfathomable way. I came to a crossroad in my life in which I had to decide whether the pain I was experiencing would manifest into anger, self-pity, and sadness; or motivation, growth, knowledge and an expanded heart and mind. Well, I chose the latter and what a journey it became. I began to read more, pray, study about meditation and what true success, love, life and compassion really mean. I started attending AA classes to listen to people’s stories and hear the pain that crippled their lives due to the actions of others or downward spirals they were battling. After a few classes, I began to speak out and share my thoughts, compassion and knowledge I obtained from people who’ve helped me grow. I started to realize that I had a gift in helping others heal through my words. After this went on for some time, I decided to start a company; Leaders Of Change; where I wanted to lead people to become the best version of themselves. I wanted to create more leaders to help aid others to spread awareness of what we see, hear, touch and feel are not all that exists. Our point of existence is to help each other and know that to give is the way to receive. In order to have what others don’t, you must do what others won’t. Our true self is found within and our inner voice is what needs to become our outer voice. However, it has to be a pure voice of love and compassion. We are never alone and God always has our back. Some of you refer to him as the Universe, the Source, All seeing/knowing, the big guy upstairs, or many other names. Regardless of what it may be, just know there is something greater than you out there. Moving forward, I’ll summarize how the past 6 months of my life have strengthened my purpose to help others and the discovery of this purpose. Six months ago, I found a hardened lymph node in my neck which caused some concern, so I went to get it checked out. My ENT scheduled a CT scan of my neck and sinuses to see if there was anything concerning. I received the results and the node was not of concern, however there was a small object (mass) that he could not decipher that was barely visible in one of the multiple imaging slides. He ordered an MRI to look more into it for the next day. I had the tests done and received a call to come in immediately to review the results. It turns out I had a brain tumor. I was asymptomatic with no inkling it was there. I scheduled an appointment with my primary doctor, a neurosurgeon, and oncologists to discuss plan of action. I had an oncologist tell me that he wanted to discuss my remaining life span in regards to the tumor without even getting a diagnosis on it (which deterred me greatly) a neurosurgeon wanting to remove part of my brain to take the tumor out (which was a ”no that’s not ok“ in my book) and other concerns which I was not keen to. Any who, I was guided by God (details will be given in my upcoming book) to meet with another neurosurgeon whom was straightforward, knowledgeable, kind and honest. He sat me down in our first meeting, brought up the MRI scans and told me it looked like brain cancer to him. As a matter of fact he said there was an 80%-85% belief that it was cancer. He informed me that he specialized in brain tumors for his entire career and it must also be removed asap as it was dangerously close to my brain stem and if it touched it I would be dead immediately. I didn’t really respond to this. I just kept looking right into his eyes and finally said “what is your plan of action to remove this tumor?” He was surprised at my response and went through it with me. I then asked him “if I was your son doc, would you do the resection procedure this way?” he said yes of course. I then asked “Dr. John, do you believe in God?” he responded “Yes, I’m a Christian.” I concluded our conversation with “Dr. John., I know God is going to take care of me. I know he led me to you and will take control of your hands to heal me. God has the final word on what will happen with me and I know he’s got my back.” He looked at me with a smile and walked out. Jumping forward again, I prayed with Dr. John right before I was wheeled into the OR. I remember waking up and not realizing I had been through surgery. Recovery was immensely challenging, painful and frightening. I was not able to speak when I woke. I had a cut on my forehead, blood oozing out of the incision of my scalp, a titanium plate holding my skull together and multiple IVs in each of my arms. I remember rolling off of my bed with my bare butt exposed and scrambling down the hall only to be tackled by nurses and police officers all because I did not have my mind in tack (literally) and tried to escape the hospital. They had to strap me down to my bed so I couldn’t wander outside with 15 staples holding my head together. I didn’t know how to talk anymore and was in immense pain. The nursing staff came to ask me questions and I just couldn’t answer them. I didn’t know my own name, date, time or day of the week but however, I was asked who the lady in the room was with us (my mother) and I looked over and said “mom” (she had flown in from Florida to come to aid in the first leg of my recovery). After a few hours in ICU, Dr. John came to check on me at my bedside and told me he was able to remove 95% of the tumor, but left some as it was wrapped around a blood vessel in my brain. He also told me upon resection of the tumor he was able to test it and said it was NOT cancerous, it was benign. I cracked a smile at him and closed my eyes. After being in the hospital for a week to recover I was told by the staff that I caused much concern due to massive swelling of my brain which was inhibiting my speech, proper cognition and fear of seizures. Within that week I managed to springboard forward well enough to go home. Now, my recovery has not been linear at all. I’ve had ups and downs but overall I know I’ve been blessed for sure. I went in to my 3 month follow up MRI and my new oncologist reviewed the results with me. With great fervor he announced there were NO SIGNS of recurrent tumors, seizures, bleeding or swelling! He then went to tell me that he, my neurosurgeon Dr. John, and pathologist have never seen a tumor like mine before. Generally upon resection they open the tumor and test it to trace where it could’ve come from or what kind of tumor it is. Well, they couldn’t find anything about it. There were no signs of where it came from or it’s pathology. It was like a hollow tumor. Needless to say but gladly reiterating, is that God has my back and he’s got yours. I know medical professionals are truly amazing, compassionate people. That research and science have their place in our world but not all answers are black and white. There is something called God’s plan and only he knows the answer. Some of us refute many things in life because there isn’t factual research and journals written on given theories. Well, think about it. Where has the IDEA for RESEARCH come from? Thin air? No, it was implanted into our minds as a gift to discover and use to help one another. I believe we must use our knowledge in combination with our faith to take the next steps to progressing our lives for the better together. I was given a new beginning; to no longer be a patient but rather yet; to be the physician. It’s now my turn to help those in need who are/have gone through what I went through. My story must be spread and a book will be written in great detail of what I have said here. These are only a handful of memories (still ongoing) shared but I have enough more to paint a clearer picture of what I know is my duty to share with you all. Remember, for those of you who have gone through challenging times in your life, it’s not the end. You will recover and become stronger than ever. Have Faith over Fear! Going through recovery you must realize it is your time to move on from being the patient to the physician. It’s time to lend a hand, an ear, some words of endearment and a heart with compassion to those that will need you. You’ve gotta be harder than life and kinder than love. Stay blessed and Keep moving forward. FAITH OVER FEAR

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I believe there is no such thing as a smooth road. You won’t grow and learn new things unless you run over some potholes on your journey. I have gained some friends but lost more along the way. You’ll never see eye to eye with every single person you come across. However, every person does have something to teach you whether it’s big or small. I have been through so many failures, health obstacles, heartaches, betrayal, been cheated on, bankruptcy, been stolen from numerous times, jobless, living day to day out of a motel, carless and other things that have shaped me into who I am today. I learned so much and have found my support through God to keep my head up, keep moving forward and to know there is one overall purpose of life. That purpose is simply to Love.

Please tell us about Leaders Of Change.
The aim for my business is to help people discover the lion inside of them. We live in a world of sheep with very few lions. One lion can lead an army of sheep to greatness but one sheep can NEVER lead an army of lions to success. I want to help people through their struggles. To help them center themselves and begin learning new perspectives to life and who they really are. Along with this I will also teach about nutrition and the connection between food, mentality, spirituality, physical resilience and how a robust immune system is key for vitality. You’ve got to have someone see something in you that you can’t see which is what I offer. For those that personally know me well, they will tell you that I challenge the norm. I like to question why things are the way they are, ruffle feathers, and find different perspectives of life to gain more knowledge and help improve lives. I want to achieve a height of becoming a Ted Talk Speaker, a world life coach and connector to give people outlets to realize with gratitude comes humility, and with humility comes clarity. My company has not yet left the runway as I wanted it to due to recovering from health challenges but I will change that. Change is not only good, but a necessity for growth. You can’t grow yourself if you don’t know yourself. What sets me apart is that I’ve had experiences that have caused immense growth in my life. I use what I know and learn to help ensure people that things can be ok, but will take time. I don’t focus on getting “likes”, attention, notoriety, or money. I genuinely care about the struggles people have especially knowing I can help them or at least point them towards someone I know that can. Please reach out to me for any support, knowledge, comfort and coaching you need in any avenue of your life. I am a Reiki Master, whom studied music and molecular biology, am a certified fitness instructor with 15 years of experience (wounded veterans, military specialists, collegiate athletes, elderly, amputees, special needs children and more), a professional actor/model, music teacher and personal life coach (meetings to local AA classes to aid others in times of hardship.)

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I no longer look at luck as a thing. I look at it as challenges and blessings. We’re all given challenges (some call bad luck) that we can handle if we focus and have the mindset that something to learn is in our midst. Blessings (some call good luck) are unique to each of us and there are no two alike. What is meant to be yours is ONLY yours. This mentality has allowed me to soar higher in life by being able to look at a teaching moment available in every situation I was in. I gather as much knowledge I can and apply it to new scenarios daily. If you’re not progressing, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing then you’re dying.

I know we are traversing through times which were unforeseen by anyone. Utilize this time to find yourself. We are given this time to grieve together and heal together. You may not realize it, but we are all losing something during this time and we all need support. Whether it’s loved ones, jobs, money, health, favorite places to travel, food or time it’s all something we lose and it hurts us in many different ways. We will all come out of this as better people whom are united if we can find ourselves and look within to heal. During these times be your own work of art. If you struggle to find yourself then invent yourself! I love you all. Keep your body healthy, your mind open, your spirit pure and your faith always strong. BE HARDER THAN LIFE AND KINDER THAN LOVE.

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