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Meet Andrew Fitzgerald of ATG Studios

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Fitzgerald.

Andrew, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am Andrew Fitzgerald (A.K.A. as ATG or Andrew the Great). I am a musician, songwriter, engineer, and producer. I started playing guitar when I was 11 years old and drums when I was 15. I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV but grew up in Victorville, Ca (the High Desert). It’s funny to think about but I started my first band with two other friends of mine before we even owned instruments. I guess you could say I always loved music and the very first time I heard the song “dammit” by Blink-182 I knew I wanted to play guitar.

I started attempting to write songs before I even knew how to play. Since I didn’t know how I would just keep plucking at the strings until it sounded like some sort of music. Eventually, I learned how to play songs by reading guitar tablature and started printing out anything I could find on the internet.

This led to me writing music and starting bands, performing shows all over the high desert. I played in quite a few bands but the band that had the most momentum going was “Stupid Like You”. We got opportunities to perform with some of our favorite bands and got to play shows in quite a few venues all over Southern Cali. When we were able to record our first demo, hearing the music we wrote played on speakers in a different perspective than just rehearsing or shows is when I decided I wanted to be an audio engineer and producer. It became my favorite process of being a musician and songwriter.

Eventually, I invested in my own studio set up. It wasn’t much but I had a computer with a DAW, audio interface, and some microphones. I always researched recording and mixing techniques, investing in books to learn the craft. At some point, I decided to go to college for audio production and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. I never thought I would be making beats but after making a few as homework projects for school a few of my friends wanted to work on, it just became another way for me to write music and work with artists.

I am currently running my own online music production website where I sell beats and offer my mixing and mastering services. I also book recording sessions and produce a few artists like 11VoX11, Three60, and Stoley1st. All of this is done right out of the comfort of my home. It’s pretty awesome, because of my website I’ve been able to work with artists from all over the world. I mean Jessenia is on the other side of the country and JUSTIZ is in Australia.

I am very grateful for any artist that enjoys my music enough to want to write to it and work with me.

Since then, I have started my own online music production website to sell my beats.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I don’t think its ever a smooth road for anyone aspiring to be an artist. It’s a tough industry period. Whether you want to be a photographer, painter, songwriter, or anything to do with art you have to stay on your grind to build a career. That’s where I fell short.

At some point in my life, I had to take care of myself and I got content with working a 9 – 5 cause I knew I had a roof over my head. All the effort of me playing in bands to build a name for myself meant nothing after putting a complete halt to my music. I was once recognized for what I did and after releasing nothing for years because I was distracted with life and its obstacles, I became forgotten as an artist and musician. Starting my production company all this time after was literally starting from the bottom all over again.

No matter how hard and frustrating it has been I know no matter what I’m doing in life, music is in my blood. I still pick up my guitar to play and write music. I still make beats regardless of me having a “normal job” to support myself. So I decided that if I’m going to be writing music no matter what I might as well just share it with whoever I can despite it not paying the bills.

If you’re an artist of some sort or have something your passionate about don’t let life or fear make the decision for you. Don’t give up on it. Just find a way to keep it going somehow even if our working to support yourself. If anything, make it a side hustle. It’s not like the “good old days” of the “American Dream” our parents and grandparents were taught to achieve anymore where you find a life long career you stick to for 20-30 years until you retire. Many people find multiple ways to grind nowadays so don’t give up on yourself. Even if you can only invest a small amount of time and effort into whatever you want to do. Especially if its something you still feel in your gizzards every day and are passionate about.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about ATG Studios – what should we know?
My company is ATG Studios ( and I compose instrumentals of many genres for purchase with licensing options as well as offer mixing and mastering services. I do schedule recording sessions (with locals-only) as well.

I think what sets me apart from others is my experience as a musician and my ability to utilize that skill with my songwriting like recording live guitars with my compositions instead of using a midi instrument. I also think my experience playing in live rock bands also gives my music an edge no one else has and also helps me to write music in multiple types of arrangements instead of just the basic rap or trap formula that most music is following at the moment.

I’d have to say the thing I’m most proud of as a company is even being able to build my own business at all. I have been able to utilize my talents as a musician, songwriter, engineer, and producer to create something other artists can write to and be creative with. Being able to give others inspiration to write and spark their creativity as an artist is the most rewarding thing for me.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I have always been a go-getter and a do it yourself type of person. I started off not having anyone to guide me or teach me anything. I always had to learn for myself. But if there is anybody that deserves credit for where I have gotten with my music and productions it’s the artists that believe in me enough to actually want to work together. Without them, I probably wouldn’t even have any motivation to keep doing what I do.

I’m also grateful for the college instructors that saw my potential and gave me opportunities to learn from them from more than just in-class activities. Because of the extracurricular I was involved in, my microphone strategy and production process game were stepped up to a whole different level.

And most of all, I have to give my best friend credit and the biggest thanks to Ritchie Wood (11VoX11). We started making music together from the beginning and recording it on his parent’s karaoke machine onto cassette tapes when we were 11 years old. He has never given up on me and has always pushed me. Even if he had to have the “kick in the a$$” type of conversation with me, he said what needed to be said. Without him, there truly would not be an ATG.


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