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Meet Alyssia Bering

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alyssia Bering.

Alyssia, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
It is hard to tell, I would say a mix between luck, hard work and personality. It’s kind of a bit of everything.

You know I moved to Los Angeles, California in December 2016. I came here at first to study international business. So, I enrolled at Santa Monica College to pursuit that but then I don’t know if it was my language difficulties or anything else but I didn’t like it. So, after one semester I gave up even it’s not like me to do so. But I wasn’t aware more blessings were coming. Things that would fit more and be more like me. Since then, I had been very lucky. My dream of a lifetime: being a model actually emerged. A few months after I arrived, I got the chance to walk for the LA Fashion Week for Adolfo Sanchez and then get into a management company; GEM network, get plenty of gigs and represent companies like Vone, Karina Swimwear and more.

But, something I am actually proud of is my contract with the French international clothing brand “Cache-Cache.” They contacted me on Messenger. I was like “Facebook really?” I got the commercial job and the whole French production crew flew all the way from France to Los Angeles to have me and some others wonderful women in their project “Les Ambitieuses” meaning “The Ambitious Women.” You know I grew up buying from this brand and now here we are I am on it. I felt super good to have people back home see on me on covers, storefronts, international websites… This is the moment where my whole purpose of coming here makes sense. I am meant to be here for two reactions: act and model.

This is when I decided to study “Entertainment Studies” at UCLA Ext.

It is so obvious now that I think about it. I did theater back home for many years. I love being on the spotlight. I am loud and likable. I can’t be doing business because everyone else is doing it at home. I decided to be true to myself.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I mean, I think every big decisions you make in life come with consequences. Like my own decision to move to a very different country as the age of 18 with only a high school diploma (with honors let’s mention it aha). It’s always hard.

Finances can be hard, the barrier language, your strong French accent when you want to act in American movies. Or the fact that to get into a talent agency, you need acting credit but then even to act in a short student movie in order to get credits, you need somehow had proven yourself beforehand. It’s an endless circle if you know what I mean.

Not to mention that Los Angeles is a city that make life 1000 times faster. Sometimes, I really think I couldn’t get 2 second to breath because you always need to be at the top of the game. There is a strong competition and there is failure and deception.

However, one day I decided to stop giving myself excuses and trying harder because at the end of the day everyone is starting somewhere, somehow. Then, the hard times that I have named difficulties before just became challenges. And as an old athlete and a perfectionist challenges are just fun dilemmas to resolve. I also commit myself to the fact that I am unique and not every role is made for me, but some would be. I am just in competition with myself to get better everyday so the day I got the role that fit me. I would be ready.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
Because of my new mindset, I got signed at this very nice SAG-AFTRA agency: Minc Talent for commercial. I realized that my animated person would be perfect for commercial. I actually want to thank my professor “Toni Attell” at UCLA to help me realize that. I loved her classes and after I graduated in December 2019, I started looking at commercial agents. By networking, I found Melissa Mangum. I am super happy with her. Since I signed in February, I got more than 60 auditions and one call back for Maserati. But as they said in Hollywood, you need one hundred no’s for one yes, so I am simply waiting for it and I am now ready.

I believe that great things take time. Indeed, patience and optimism are two of my biggest qualities.. with talking a lot to a lot of people (lol). I don’t stress over time, I just believe in the process. Since I moved here, only great blessings has come to me. I am so grateful for them. If I tell you what my everyday life looks like you won’t believe me. Blessings and opportunities come to me because I believe in myself, in my strength, in my values and my gifts. Sometimes, I dream of plenty of contacts for commercials, movies, TV-shows, prints… but if those arrived before “The time” then I might not be ready. The time is always right.

I remembered when I got the chance to walk for my first LA Fashion week (walked plenty since then) it was pure luck. I came there to be a simple spectator of it but a designer was missing a model. So she saw me in the crowd without even knowing that I had interests in modeling and make me walk the show ten minutes before it starts. Or the time I needed an agent really bad because some visa formalities and because of course I want one and find one just before the due date. I have plenty of examples like that. I know I am going to succeed, it’s actually already happening.

Today, I acted in a few student-film like “Infectious Love” by Noel Bessette, “Happy Valentina” by Alina Bashirova and “The Quiet” by Camélia Benamrane because I changed my version of being a beginner in the great industry of Hollywood. I also planned to get into a model agency because I don’t want to choose when I can do both.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
I think my patience, my positivity, my self-confidence and being likable help to my success. I love Los Angeles and I know this city fits me well because I am not shy, I love meeting new people from any background and talk about life, challenges, everything. It seems to me to be this way is very important in Los Angeles because you never know who you are talking to. I am very honest and lively and I am always considering everyone the same and it helps me opening a lot of doors. When you are being yourself, people notice and appreciate it and maybe one day, I would meet the “the person.”

Secondly, I like the fact that I am a very positive and cheerful person, no matter what. When you cheer people up, they remember you. I feel you can’t be negative in this town because it is already hard enough. No one wants to deal with negative vibes.

So if I can give someone one advice I would say the blessing you are waiting for, no matter what is it, will come because if you are meant to do something you will do it anyway. But never forget to work hard for it though. I realized sometimes you are better at something than somebody else but only the person that is determined would succeed. Gifts and talents are nothing without work. So don’t regret it, work for it.

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