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Meet Alison Deyette, Style Expert, TV and Digital Host

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alison Deyette.

Alison, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I knew I wasn’t going to make it as a dancer in Broadways shows so I turned to my other passion – becoming a writer and editor on women’s magazines. I wanted to work on a national magazine as an editor in NYC so I got down to business early in college and worked for various publications while in school and upon graduation I had a portfolio of published articles. That portfolio landed me my first gig. I’ll admit I was a little “cocky” when offered the job when I said I wanted my title to be assistant editor rather than the usual editorial assistant. I also said I wanted my first article assigned to me by my third month. Turned my out my tenacious sass got me my own celebrity interview column after my first month on the job and I rose the ranks quickly. Then the fashion editor asked if I wanted to assist on photo shoots as well, so one day I’d interview a celeb like Jim Carrey, the next day I’d be writing a lifestyle piece and then I’d be dressing models for a fashion editorial. My days mixed a few moments of glamour hanging with a celebrity to steaming clothes and lugging trunks and I loved it. I had some incredible female bosses along the way that allowed me to try various opportunities as long as I met my article deadlines. I moved on to later produce and style shoots all over the world for a variety of fashion and lifestyle magazines like Good Housekeeping, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, People Stylewatch, Mexican Vogue, Fitness and more. I had a love for travel and the photos shoots fulfilled that wanderlust. While working as a Fashion & Beauty Director for Mode magazine, I had started working in front of the camera for several national shows and became a regular style expert for TODAY, The View, Good Morning America and others. That lead to hosting and co-hosting several national TV shows on NBC, TBS, TLC and other networks mostly with makeovers and lifestyle oriented themes. I adore working with a crew and the collaborative process that entails so whether it’s print, TV or digital I just get such a kick out of the whole process. I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented photographers, producers, hosts, models and innovative, creative people. Eight years ago, I moved to LA to be with my husband. I had already been back and forth for years for TV work so I was lucky to have made several west coast friends plus both my manager and agent were LA based. The transition lead to several changes in my business. I’ve been the regular style expert for KTLA which is the #1 morning show in LA longer than I’ve lived here. I host multiple digital shows and while I still contribute to several magazines and TV shows, I now style the wardrobes of many private clients. I love the one-on-one process of helping someone tell a story through their wardrobe, build their image and their confidence. Fashion is supposed to be fun and empowering and that’s what I always aim to teach my clients. I’ve worked and still work with a long list of brands building their editorial image and messaging and regularly fly to the east coast to work as the style and beauty expert on HSN. And a somewhat newer part of my work in LA has gone from interviewing celebs for print articles to interviewing them on the red carpet. A few of my favorite interviews were with Ryan Gosling on his birthday and Julie Bowen and Elizabeth Banks who are very funny, lovely women. May I share one more thing? I recently got to style all the participants in Oprah’s Weight Watchers commercials and that seemed like a dream coming full circle since I was lucky to have been on Oprah’s talk show three times. She didn’t remember me, but heck, she’s met thousands of people so I didn’t expect her to. I was just psyched to style some wonderful people who have taken the steps to make healthy changes in their lives and it was pretty cool to be at Oprah’s compound.

Has it been a smooth road?
My career trajectory has been surprising and unexpected in some ways. Being a magazine editor, I had never planned to be in front of the camera, but my initial start came when a producer asked me to come on a national show. I wasn’t nervous and my segment was a hit so I kept getting asked to come back. Producers move to other shows and then I’d get asked to be on those shows and so on and so on. I learned that as long as I put all the elements together for a segment from start to finish then I’d keep coming back. As a style expert, I’ve sometimes had to be politely persistent about what is right for a TV or digital piece when a producer might not love everything I’ve pulled together. She or he may have their own personal opinions of fashion, gifts or home trends. I’ve won some “battles” and thankfully had hosts rave about the segment and other times I’ve had to succumb and add in something I didn’t particularly believe was the right fit. But, similar circumstances happen in all fields of work, right? And we all have to learn to navigate various work relationships. Since moving to LA, the hardest transition has been not having my regular national show correspondent gig since flying me back and forth is not economically viable for several NYC based shows. And I kick myself at times because I should be better at networking, but there are only so many events one can attend or people to email and talk to when sometimes a Pilates class is just calling my name. I do get tired at times of the “hustle” of running my own company because I usually only know my schedule a month or two in advance. I’m type A and a planner so the not knowing is tough. (My mom would likely chime in right now with her complaint about wanting to book a visit and I keep telling her I’ll let her know soon about my schedule. Yup, she’s a planner too.) Building a business that encompasses multiple outlets is not easy and I wish I had a few more hours each day or a guarantee that the next direction I take will be successful, but I’m thankful I have an amazing husband who is with me every step of the way. I’m thankful I’ve built a solid base for my expertise and knowledge. Sometimes, I do have to have to say aloud what one of my co-hosts once said to me, “Tuck in your type-A and take a minute for yourself,” because I will sometimes overbook my day, but I’m getting better at letting go of the minutiae and going to sleep with a to-do list not complete.

So, as you know, we’re impressed – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
My company and what I do is multi-faceted. First and foremost, the majority of my work is as a style expert and host on TV and digital platforms covering the latest in style trends, gift-giving, home décor, beauty products, foodie finds and travel destinations for KTLA, HSN, AOL, TODAY or others. I’m known as “The Fixer,” as I can help you solve your fashion conundrums, take the reins of a home decorating transformation or hand you the hottest trend without breaking a sweat…well, I do sweat when there’s heavy lifting, but that’s part of the job.

The other part of my work is as a stylist for which I’ve been honored to be named one of the top stylists in LA by Variety, WWD, Angeleno and Modern Luxury magazines. I’ve helped kick-start the new look of hundreds of women and men, and worked with people of all sizes and shapes — from petite to tall, slender to plus-size. With my guidance, I help a person discover or enhance their individual look, fit their figure and access the sophisticated, sexy or simply knockout person inside and out! I do this in easy-to-understand steps that anyone can incorporate into their lives and create a setting where they feel comfortable and recognize I’m there to help them look good and feel confident. For some clients, I additionally media train them for television appearances, interviews and speaking engagements. I bring a smart, sassy and realistic perspective to every situation.

I also work with multiple brands as their on-air spokesperson and help them develop and expand their editorial content on television, web series and social media, as well as hosting speaking engagements for them across the country.

And among it all I try to keep up with social media and post regular blog posts on my site and videos on my YouTube channel.

One of the organizations I’m most proud of being a part of is Step Up, which is a non-profit organization helping teen girls become confident, college-bound and career-ready. I’m a Luminary Circle member and frequent speaker for them as well as a volunteer mentor and co-host for some of our big celebrity events that help raise funds for our after-school programs.

Ultimately, what sets me a part is I share both style and service with honesty minus the snark. I strive to help people live a better life because we all want happiness, right?

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
When people kept telling me that it’s “the quality of life” that they love about LA I kept wondering what they meant. Then I moved here and now I’m one of those people that spouts that line. When friends ask which city I like better NYC or LA, I just tell them I love them both for different reasons. One of the best reasons to love LA is being able to enjoy the outdoors all year long. I have been known to call friends in NYC during the winter and brag about walking my dogs while wearing flip flops and heading to play tennis or take a hike while they are hibernating in their apartments. There are so many excellent restaurants and chefs to follow and endless workout opportunities with some new fitness hybrid popping up all the time. A terrace box for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite ways to spend summer evening. And I’m a fan of all the fresh sushi, delicious Mexican food and endless doughnut shops.

I’m not alone when I say the traffic is what I like least about the city, but I have the Audible app and I’ve now listened to dozens of books while moving at a snail’s pace on the 405 or 101.

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