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Meet Monty Jameson of RollRandom in Events and Design in Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Monty Jameson.

Monty, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I started working in restaurants when I was young, so I knew I would get to eat one good meal a day and here I am, 30 years later. As I got older, I realized I wasn’t right for the corporate world, which seems to focus on removing as much personality and individuality out of you as they can. After graduating from University of Texas, I (loaded up my car and moved to Beverly Hills, that is) haha! I worked in the industry for a while becoming both Sag and Aftra but wasn’t ever able to get to the point where it was steady and allowed me to survive, I continued doing events on the side. I have been lucky enough to have worked or attended Oscars, Grammys, NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB playoffs and all other types of premiers, award shows, concerts, events etc. I only need the world series and super bowl to be crossed off my list, I was unable to make the dodgers series this year (not bad for a small town kid from Texas). Currently, I am focusing on a few ventures that range from a rental company focusing on converting vans to mini campers for festivals and weekend escapes, an app focusing on social networking starting with Electronic Music and festivals and expanding into different genres in 2018, we are at the end of Beta Testing now and will be launching soon, you can sign up on the site for updates, a design company that focuses on custom art, furniture and interior design, and I am currently refurbishing a Hollywood Venue, with a lot of History Josephs Cafe, while retaining its name and ambiance in a city that seem to thrive on the opposite. Hollywood it seems if you don’t come for a year, when you do everything has a different name and vibe and all history of the previous venue is erased. While this seems like a lot, well, it is a lot, the varying projects keep me from getting bored and many of them overlap so not as all over the place as it seems. Campers are used at festivals so aiyrepacific and RollRandom cross over, consulting and refurbishing venues need design and designer’s eye so, there is a cross over between casamedicidesigns and Josephs cafe and venues need events so, it all wraps itself up in a weird kinda way. Thru trial and error, hits and misses, I have learned a lot and am able to see obstacles and potential issues before they arise, and often come up with fixes before the are needed. Working outside the safety of a 9-9 ,cause 9-5s don’t exist any more, corporate structure while not providing the stability many seek, has allowed me to experience many things. I would have otherwise missed both good and bad. As I try to funnel that imagination and ideas into a business that is profitable while also being a good place for staff and guest alike, while allowing both to expand their knowledge, expand their depth of experience and hopefully look back at their time or product with fondness and not feel like they are just a number, which is often the case in modern business.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Not smooth at all from being laid off a job in 2000, dot com crash, to struggling as an actor, to suffering from my own bad choices my life and career looks like a roller coaster at magic mountain. My biggest struggle currently while also my most rewarding is trying to balance work and being a single father to my son, Kaiden. My time with my son is my most precious time and I have left jobs after being told, I needed to make a choice and decide what was important, climbing the ladder or spending time with my son, as I refused to spend months on the road supporting other company properties. I have also passed up many financially lucrative opportunities that would have required me to relocate and thus, not see him. Ironically, society today preaches about the need for dads to be more involved, yet the same system seems to only value us if we can provide unlimited financial support and judges you as such. This includes my personal life as well cause when you work a lot of nights and weekends as I do due to the business I am in. Then the ones you don’t work you keep your son, it becomes and issue for others as they feel you are not giving them the time they need. I understand to a point as after inviting some one out or trying to arrange something so many times to no avail they give up. While I have not been perfect by any means, I try my best to provide my son with some stability and love that many lack as children. While I won’t lie being alone for 11 years has been tough, his smile and the time we spend together makes it all worth it.

Aiyrepacific/Casamedicidesigns/Josephs Cafe/RollRandom – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
At Aiyrepacific, we offer guest the ability to escape for a reasonable rate, much lower then competition and let people distress form everyday life and make a lasting life long memory and our guest reviews back this up.

Our minivans convert to mini-RVs in minutes! In-car set is incredibly comfortable with fresh sheets, down comforter and down pillows – perfect for two! This set allows you to set camp anywhere – middle of the desert or heart of the city. Additional 2-3 campers can be accommodated with external tent.

Casamedicidesigns is the look in peoples eyes when they receive a custom piece they had only imagined before or when in a venue where you have done work, and you see people look around and actually take in the view and appreciate it.

Casa Medici Designs is both a contemporary design house as well as manufactures its own product lines of decorative accessories, architectural accents, resin statues, wall art, free-standing décor pieces, unique planters and other distinctive objects d’art; all of which are skillfully crafted in Los Angeles.

RollRandom, the fact that with just a beta tester limited version have many groups, friendships and relationships that started on the app is a great feeling. I actually flew to Middlelands, an event last may in Texas, to spend the weekend with members who via the app arranged a group camping area at the festival. I was welcomed like family, now we Texans are nice anyway 🙂 but the app facilitated the meeting. We have numerous stories like this of people who never would have meet without the app who are now very close friends and more even. One pair who even traveled cross country only staying at other members houses the entire journey.

Social networking App currently based around Electronic Music and festivals branching out to other genres in 2018. You may sign up for the release of updated version

Josephs Cafe is speaking to neighbors and members of he community who say thank you for trying to refurbish and save it rather than tearing it down and starting over and the new comers who say whoa, I never knew this place was here. I am working with a lot of new talent at the venue as I know, how hard it is to get break in this city.

Currently refurbishing Joseph’s Cafe in Hollywood, once one of the most recognized restaurants and supper-clubs in the country, which like many other business fell on hard times after the 2008 recession. We are currently bringing it back to prominence while retaining the history and name of the original venue Joseph’s Cafe ( since 1940’s) in a Hollywood that thrives on constantly rebranding, retooling and removing any signs of the past. Website being rebuilt,

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
If I see a lot of people smile at an event I help with, I feel it;s a success. Unfortunately, in today’s world it is getting harder and harder for a small business to survive. You have to constantly be on the lookout for things that can cut cost, stream line service or increase profit, which some times can lead to cutting the personal touches cause they don’t have enough ROI but those things are often the thing that made you stand out and be remembered by guests. So, balancing that is a lot of your time as a business owner or operator now days. For me, the fact that any location I ever worked in the staff always asks, “when are you coming back, please come back” makes me feel like my presence was a positive influence and left a lasting impact. Which ironically, was once an issue in one of my reviews in a corporate job, when I was told, “the staff likes you too much” I asked. “why is that an issue?” they said “it means you’re not holding them accountable” and I said, “or maybe, I talk to them like people and not like robots who are just supposed to follow my commands and I actually ask for and care about their opinions and input based upon their experience.” I was for some reason, passed up for a few promotions later wonder why, with the persons who were promoted above me fired soon after due to them not being able to handle the job. Success to me is making a work place that people don’t dread coming to and hopefully all buy into the vision and goals and work together to make it happen.

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