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Meet Amanda Gullickson of AG Attitude

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amanda Gullickson.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
A lot of people call me AG. I’m a small town girl originally from the Carolinas. I grew up playing basketball and riding horses, being a tomboy without a doubt. After a knee injury having some time off from basketball, modeling came about. I started out in North Carolina with a small agency there and went on to get representation in all the larger markets. After deciding to graduate high school a year early I dove straight in. I left home to move to New York City. I spent time there and Miami getting my feet wet in the modeling world and then made the complete move to New York City. I chose to be there because I took on the mentality that if I could survive and make it there I could make it anywhere. I spent a year there and got some great opportunities and then decided to head to Los Angeles one winter to get away from the cold for the season and give it a try. Once I got to LA, it took some time to adjust, but I fell in love with the quality of life and never turned back.

Although my work remains pretty bi-coastal I have chosen for Los Angeles to be my base. In the midst of modeling, it was important for me to finish my degree so I attended a University through online courses completing my Bachelor’s in Business and my Masters in business as well. Upon completing that, I was looking into next steps as far as what I could also be working on outside of modeling. I decided I wanted to complete a book that I had started writing as a passion project which later became How to Choose ‘Em, When to Lose ‘Em. I am still young and have so much I want to pursue and accomplish in life, but I’m happy to be headed in a direction of making change and helping others.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
As cliché as it may sound, I don’t believe any road worth traveling will always be smooth. I’m definitely blessed and don’t take for granted how fortunate I have been, however, I had my fair share of obstacles and challenges. There were definitely times I struggled and I am thankful for it all because personally I think it builds character and makes you into the person you are destined to become. My biggest would be moving to New York alone at such a young age and not knowing anybody or having any sure things. I am a pretty structured and organized person, I still am to an extent but the industry has stripped me of certain attachments and structures. I had to learn to embrace what I was dealt rather than stress and drive myself crazy over what I wasn’t.

All my friends were young and enjoying college and having fun so I felt like I was missing something and was extremely lonely. It was really hard on me and to be in a new industry I didn’t know much about. I knew so much about basketball or even riding horses, but modeling was a new beast to me. The beauty standard has evolved in ways, but at the time it was a bit different and I struggled with trying to fit in that box and be what everyone was telling me to be. I had always known hard work to beat talent when talent didn’t work hard. I knew I could practice my basketball skills, train harder, get stronger, but in modeling it wasn’t always that easy. In certain instances you could practice or train to reach a certain size or goals but you couldn’t change bone structure, eye placement, the way certain parts of your body looked, etc. It has all been a journey, but I’m extremely grateful for it all. I was definitely able to mature and grow in ways mentally that I don’t know I ever would have if I wasn’t faced with some of the struggles I had.

Please tell us about AG Attitude.
My book that I just released is titled ‘How to Choose ‘Em When to Lose ‘Em’. This is a self-help book that dives into the power in loving yourself and how important that is! I discuss my perspective on the relationships you have in your life and how they hold so much power in who you will become. As the back cover reads, “You are a collection of the company you keep and the environment you create for yourself. You are entirely up to you. Love yourself first and watch it improve all your relationships.” I first started off writing this book as a passion project. I thought about all that I’ve learned and how having a mentor in my life really helped me. I wanted to be able to offer my thoughts and advice to people in a way that I wish I had it when I was going through certain times in my life. I’m 24 years old so I’m in a place where I still have so much to learn, yet at the same time have a lot to offer and remain relatable to younger people because I am not too far from where they are and the realities they face.

I have received such a positive and powerful response from the book and I hope people continue to read it and take away from it. This book was a way for me to step outside of my modeling profession and offer something that gives me a deeper sense of fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong I love my work as far as modeling, getting to travel, have such amazing experiences and work with all kinds of wonderful people, it’s great. But, I also love helping people recognize their own potential and see it through. I am looking forward to expanding in the space of helping others and holding them accountable to being the best versions of themselves. Often times, we don’t realize that just one decision, one mental shift can change our lives. I’m very proud of publishing this book and all of the milestones I’ve been able to reach thus far, but I’m even more excited about everything I’m working on and the direction I’m headed.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Ahh! This is a good question because I never really look back and regret or think of real specific changes I would have made. Generally speaking, if I had to start over and do something differently I would have to say that you have to really pay attention to the people’s opinions you are giving power to. When I was younger, I would latch on to information given to me if I thought the person telling me knew what they were talking about. I think sometimes we give people too much credit or think they know when really they don’t. We end up listening to people and following instructions from people that may know a little more than us, yet still don’t really know. Take note of what people say, sure, but always do your own research and get multiple perspectives. Really find the people that are experts if you are going to give anyone’s thoughts and opinions so much power and weight.


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