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Meet Adrian J. Martin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adrian J. Martin.  We interviewed Adrian as part of our collaboration with Platonic.  You can learn more about the cast and crew here.

Adrian, we’d love for you to kick things off for us with a bit of background on yourself (personally and professionally) and how you got to where you are today.
If I had to describe my self, I’d definitely have to say i’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies lol. I come from a big family and they’ve all been a major influence in my life. I got to where I am today by consistency in my craft and the love and joy from my family.

We’d love to hear about you experience working on Platonic.  How did you connect with Moni and why did you decide to work with her on Platonic?
My experience working on Platonic was very inspiring. I was led by an amazing crew of women who knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. I connected with Moni through a mutual friend by the name of Stacy Ike who referred my work to Moni, after speaking and meeting the rest just was history.

The work we’ve seen from you on Instagram is stunning to say the least.  How did you go about developing your talent?  Were role did mentors, educational opportunities, and/or on-the-job experiences play? Were their factors to your success that are often under-appreciated?
I developed my talent in the beginning by taking self portraits. It became a therapeutic way for me to express myself. I found of peace in my imagination. I also found inspiration in my grandfather Herman Jones who was also a photographer. He used to take classic photos of his children and us as kids. I used to love looking at all his old work. I’m still working hard to become well established in this industry, so the only thing that I can say is under-appreciated is my work ethic, but that does not discourage me and I know that me and my peers will have our time.

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