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Meet Adrena Trice of 1:11 PR Agency in West Los Angeles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adrena Trice.

Adrena, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Growing up on Southside of Chicago, I have encountered and seen enough to write four movie scripts by the time I was 13. I always knew that I would pursue a career in the entertainment industry, I just did not know what lane I would go towards. However, I did the complete opposite and studied to be a Pharmacist instead. I always did school and work full time. After coming to reality that I could not afford Pharmacy School; I looked at different routes and I was back to square one with the entertainment industry but as a publicist. After undergraduate at DePaul; I worked in advertising at CBS Radio. I moved to New York for a short time to venture towards this dream of being the Olivia Pope of Sports & Entertainment. My fixer ability worked towards my advantage handling issues in relationships, friendships, business relations and within myself.

Fast forward, I buy a one-way ticket for $111 and move to Los Angeles. I took on an on-call basis contract with Sony Pictures, thanks to my internship at Sony Music in my college years. It was not a complete focus in Public Relations. I seek other options. I found Issa Rae’s publicist information on Instagram. I reached out and told her I did not care about pay, it would be a complete honor to be apart of the team; I wanted the opportunity. She took a chance and I joined the team within two weeks of moving to Los Angeles. Being associated with Issa Rae and other black creatives sharpened my vision and encouraged myself to dream much bigger. Within a month, I was junior publicist and assisted with event planning process of the A Sip series events. Wearing several hats in one role gave me an “adrenaline” rush to aim for more.

My next journey was working with more music-based & sports clients such as DJ Khaled, Russell Westbrook, Pusha T, French Montana, Tyga, Steve Aoki, Big Sean, Travis Scott, and Jhene Aiko. The experience I gained while working with these clients was my calling to start my own PR agency. I knew I had the power to succeed at my own expense and on my own time. I wrote a check to myself dated 1/11/2018 (my one year anniversary) and made a vow to never settle for less than I deserve. I woke up the next day and started my own PR agency, 1:11 PR.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
When your personal life affects your career, it can grow to be a constant struggle on a daily basis. Without self-control, you can eventually destroy yourself. I feel every creative goes through this phase in order to achieve greatness. I always associated my journey as a hard knock life. My father used to breakdown and analyze Jay Z lyrics on the way to school every morning and how it relates to everyday life for us growing up being a product of our environment. It was honestly him that made me break this generational curse. But, he always stated, it will not be a smooth road but the end result is worth the struggle, just live your truth and remain humble. I am a natural born fixer; I always wanted to fix things. I remember taking apart my Barbie Jeep when I was five, just so I can fix it. I was determined to do whatever I wanted regardless of the struggle.

My struggles in LA were a result of being a risk-taker. LA is the land of opportunity and it has shaped me into the businesswoman I am today. The city attracts millions of dreamers and risk-takers; I added to the population and lived my dreams. Of course, there was a price to pay. There were a few times when I would throw in a towel in the beginning. I would cry to my Mom and demand for a plane ticket back home but I would always remember my purpose and superpower. As soon as money was low and I could no longer afford to sleep at AirBnBs, I would sleep in my car, sleep in offices or couch-hop. I did what I needed to do and still took care of business everyday. I was hungry for what I craved for and stubborn to the adversity that I faced. My pride begins to ease as I found friends whom would help with acquiring clients and assist with resources to further my career.

I do not regret ANY of the struggles; it makes me the most proud of the journey.

Please tell us about 1:11 PR Agency.
1:11 PR Agency is a full-service public relations, brand management, and event production company. I am the founder and creative director of the company. Our mission is to produce creativity while maintaining originality. The inspiration behind that mission statement stemmed from the first book that I purchased when I moved to LA titled, Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. Art is life and we all are creatives of life. We love for our clients to tap more into their creative perspective to produce their inner vision, to bring their art to LIFE. 1:11 PR has a diverse clientele list that represents: musicians, athletes, fashion designers & brands, tech/start-up companies in Silicon Beach, TV producers, dentist/doctors, actors, and other profession. We love to make art out of any career path. 1:11 PR curates events pertaining to album releases, pop up releases for debut clothing lines and other celebrations of one’s success. We are known for our alignment of vision within all our clients. We analyze a prospect’s vision within the first 5 minutes and execute a blueprint plan. This gift sets us apart from others because it makes our clients feel like their vision can be brought to reality. Imagine feeling like someone finally understand your thoughts from a visual perspective that you have for your career. It is refreshing, relieving and encouraging. We are proud of that as a company. By seeing our clients satisfied with results, it makes 1:11 PR proud.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
Growing up in the 90s was the best feeling that I encountered in my almost 30 years of existence. I remember vividly watching Nickelodeon and being a Disney-fanatic kid. I had younger parents so I was closely associated with the rise of the hip-hop culture. I remember hearing 2Pac for the first time and I fell in love with rap music. We listened to all different genres of music. My first introduction to writing was listening to Nas – It Was Written album. The lyrics were printed inside the album book. I used to write the lyrics in a composition book and recite word for word. Words that I did not understand, I would research at the library or on the internet. When I was not at the library, I was utilizing the AOL 90-day trial period that they would send for marketing purposes. In order to use to internet, it had to be connected to the landline phone. My grandmother would be so upset because they would miss phone calls because I would stay on the internet for hours. I was fascinated that I could learn much more than what I was taught during those 8 hours at school. My parents make sure we do a family day on Sundays that consists of a fun activity, dinner at restaurants throughout the city and checking out the latest movies. The first movie that I seen at the theater was The Lion King. It is still my favorite movie to this day. The emotions I feel every time I watch it makes me feel like I am five years old all over again.

Being from Chicago, I experienced the beauty of the city. My parents taught me a sense of direction so I was able to explore the city and learn every main street. The excitement of experiencing Downtown Chicago was breathtaking and taste of pizza during the Summertime is everlasting. My family loves watching basketball. The Chicago Bulls was back-to-back champions and Michael Jordan was the talk of every conversation. Everyone wanted to be “Like Mike”, The attention and respect you received from peers just from getting every new pair of Jordan sneakers was memorable. We would stand in lines on Saturday mornings just to look fly for the weekend and be the first to have them when we returned back to school on Monday. Celebrating my birthdays in the most fashionable way from Guess? Jeans to Rocawear tracksuits. My childhood was the best; I continue to try to keep those moments while experiencing a 2nd childhood in my adult years.

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  1. Cathy Chan

    May 29, 2019 at 20:47

    Love this! Continue to prosper Ms.Trice. Peace and love.

    • Adrena Trice

      December 16, 2019 at 00:51

      Thank you!!

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