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Meet Aaron Floyd of Floyd Auto Concierge in Beverly Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Aaron Floyd.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Aaron. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
In 2003-4 I started working for a friends carwash at the time inside the Los Angeles Grove. After about a week and a half of working there, I knew this was work that I could do. on my own. Pay day came around and I was done working for anyone other than myself. I took that WHOPPING $300 check and drove over to 92nd & Western to a well known detailing supply by the name of EBONY WAX. I went inside where I met the owner ED. I pulled out $200 of their $300 I’d made over the last week and I asked Ed if the $200 would get me enough product to complete each task needed to complete a carwash. Ed took care of me and gave me a supply of several chemicals I’d need to start my mobile detailing gig of which I was about to start out of my 1982 Toyota Celica. My first job was a 2002 Toyota Corolla wash that I soon Up sold to a wash and wax, $40.00. Long story short, I hustled my way into a van, then another van and another each one cosmetically looking better than the last one. Now 11 years later I landed in my dream detailing unit, a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Custom with State of the art equipment.

Has it been a smooth road?
I’ve had pretty much a smooth transition over the years. I’d begun detailing high-end exotic & luxury cars for celebrity clientele while working from the trunk of my 1982 Toyota Celica of which I kept shining better than most luxury cars on the road. In 2004, my good friend Randy from 310 motoring at that time working for Oracle MOTORSPORTS, brought me aboard where I started doing in-house work for Oracle Motorsport and their celebrity clients such as Nick Cannon, Christina Millian, Puff Daddy and the list went on. THE OBSTICLES:: have been being able to keep loyal help aboard my team. Help would see the clients I had and assume that I was making a so much money that they should be making half of what I was making. Little did they know, BUSINESS DIDNT WORK LIKE THAT! Especially when I had no partners in the company! Other than that, I have been ok for 12+ years now!

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Today my business is known as a high-end professional exotic/luxury auto detailing/auto concierge service that can have everything from washing, waxing, completely detailing, rim repair, leather dying, window tinting, clear bra applications, ceramic coatings, etc. We specialize in #1 GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE #2 Very meticulous work. We perform work on each and every vehicle as if each one was our very own. We won’t stop working until we are 200% satisfied with our own work before we even return the vehicle to a client. We are known for a wash that beat out most of our competitor’s detail work! We try to perform a service that is so great a customer/client will wait for our service before using an alternate DETAILER’s services. WHAT SETS US APART? We have spent over 65k on our detailing unit. 2015 Custom Mercedes Sprinter with a matte black wrap with chrome and ash gray lettering, retractable reels and hoses, powerful air blower, an electric pressure washer to keep down noise, Honda eu7000 generator to keep noise down to a minimum so we don’t disturb clients while we are there working. Our work just stands alone. Our client LOVE our work and that’s just it!

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Yes, I believe the city is a wonderful place for business. Everyone wants good service and we know this. CALIFORNIA is a GREAT place to start. We have more sunny day than most states. The weather is 80% of the time just right! As far as improvement are concerned, I’m not sure what the city could do to improve anything. All I can recommend is, GETTING OUT AND GOING FOR IT IF THIS IS THE LINE OF WORK YOU ENJOY! That’s what I do!

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