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Life & Work with Tsadiqwah Scarville

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tsadiqwah Scarville.

Hi Tsadiqwah, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?

When I think of how I got started, I think of my mother–the last of 15 kids, who migrated from her humble beginnings in South America to come to America to carve out a better future for her children. When I think of how I got started, I can’t help but to think about her. All of my achievements are a direct tie to her fight and  the fight of my ancestors, quite frankly. Even as a little girl, I had big dreams for myself; I was a big speaker of those dreams and I broadcasted it to everyone, everywhere I went. I knew I wanted to live a different life, one that I didn’t see growing up. No one I knew had the lifestyle I wanted, and when I realized this I decided that somehow, someway I had to go above and beyond to fulfill my dreams. So at an early age, I made an instinctive decision to take the necessary steps in life that would get me closer to the life I saw fit for myself. I chose to do the hard things and the challenging things; even if I were afraid to, I was going to go to the places I needed to go and ask the questions I needed to ask in order to get what I wanted. I decided early on to walk in a light of “knowingness”. My earliest memory of me recognizing how big my dreams were was at 9 years-old. At that age, I was pretty much obsessed with the radio and the people in the media. Not just the rappers and actors but the announcers and hosts and the tv reporters who reported the news. I was fascinated by how well they articulated themselves, how organized and reassured they were, and how they garnered respect by it. I wanted to know what they did it to get there and that’s really when the seed of ambition was planted within me. The standards I placed on myself and my natural inquisitiveness to position myself to get the best things out of life is what sparked my own path of self-development and self-awareness at an early age. I began researching how to achieve those things I wanted to achieve, like breaking into the tv industry . I figured out the steps I needed to take and the tools I needed in order to be successful and I went after them. That hustle and drive is what got me to where I am today. I work hard and I understand faith, prayer, and manifestation is nothing without doing the work. And it’s this same eagerness I took with me when I landed my first media job while in high school. I knew I had an interest in media and I knew I had to get experience working at a real station, so I picked up an internship. When the time came for me to go off to college at Virginia State University, I felt ready to make a choice on what I wanted to major in because I had prepared myself for it and I felt confident. I then worked at my campus radio station all four years of school. Later on in my junior year, I got hired as an editor for a local news station, and truth be told employers were always impressed with my resume and they still are to this day because they can see on paper that I’m passionate about my dreams because I’ve been progressive with my career. After graduating from Virginia State University with my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, I chose to go back to school for further certification at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting–and making this decision to go back to school was yet another impactful decision because it jumpstarted my now 20 year tv career. I started as an intern, then production assistant, and now as a producer, I know a lot of what has gotten me this far is knowing God created me to succeed. I know he wants the best of everything for me.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
It definitely hasn’t always been a smooth road for me. I’ve faced a lot of adversity on the job, including personal attacks, rivalry, and even moments of feeling self-doubt and defeat. I’ve let the distractions of others get in the way of my own focus at times which caused me to lose out on some great opportunities. This especially when it came to learning how to juggle different relationships in my life while also juggling my demanding career. Going off to college in my teens and learning how to be an adult after college was also a balancing act. Trying to get over a bad breakup and figuring out who your real friends are, then having to  put your game face on for a 6AM call time to be on set, were some of the biggest growing pains for me. I’ve messed up a dozen times with having imposter syndrome, to the point that I’ve questioned myself on being good enough or how did I ever get picked to work alongside some of the most brilliant minds in tv. I ask myself this all the time, and truthfully I still don’t know why God has been so good to me but I’m doing what God created me to do—ad that’s to win! Along the way, I have become self-aware of my own limiting thoughts and I have to constantly auto-correct them and remind myself that I am loved and chosen by God and that I am  in a constant evolution of growth and greatness. Sometimes, I feel nervous when I have to write for a tv project or present an idea because the process of writing can be a tedious one and it’s a journey in and of itself. However, it’s 70% of what I do as a creative and you learn in life that just like your craft, you get better with time. You learn that pushing forward and reaching higher and higher is the only cure for life’s challenges. You learn to do your homework on things, to never compare yourself to others, and to always bet on yourself. And even after it’s all said and done, you may still sometimes question yourself–but you also learn how to bounce back faster from your downfalls and how to learn from your mistakes. At 37, one of the things I’ve learned in life is that every time I’ve done something that I told myself I was going to do, in the process I prove to myself that I can trust myself—and the more I trust myself, the more I know all things are working out for the good of me. Even if I haven’t seen all things come to pass yet, I’m too busy thriving in this part of my journey to sabotage my future goals. I’m a successful Hollywood producer, I’ve manifested the bi-coastal life of my dreams, I’m healthy in mind and body, and I’m rich in spirit. I know all of my other future achievements are happening–time has just not caught up yet.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I work in tv production and development as a producer and currently as an agent trainee. I specialize in unscripted programming which includes documentary, daytime television, reality, game, dating, cooking, competition, and talk shows. As a segment producer, I’m responsible for booking the talent for a show, script writing, and gathering elements for the show such as music and graphics. As a development producer, I help to create new show ideas that can be developed into formatted series. This includes properly packaging a concept, pitching, and getting a show sold to a tv network (the buyer). Having crossed over to the talent agency field from tv production I help to coordinate and usher deals for new tv shows by representing the executive producer or talent involved. What I’m most proud of is that I’m doing exactly what I said I would do. I went to college to get a degree in television and I got one. I set out to utilize my degree and to become a tv producer and I did that. I understand both the business and creative inner workings of my field and I’m proud to be a woman of color opening the door for other black women who come after me who want to work in this field. I’m proud that I understand my value and I know what I bring to the table can never be compromised. I’m able to separate myself from others because of the compassion and precision that I put into everything that I do.

Alright so before we go can you talk to us a bit about how people can work with you, collaborate with you or support you?
I’m open to collaborating on different platforms where I can speak to people and teach them how to break into the tv industry and how to get their work in front of the right people. I’m also looking to executive produce or co-produce and partner on a salable tv project, one that is pitch ready and with the right attachments. I will collaborate with a producer on the right project.


  • What are the TV networks really looking for? Learn what the current unscripted and scripted mandates are for television and what types of content the buyers are looking for? Learn how to create your own list of buyers and forge those important Hollywood connections! $50
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  • TV Cover Letter Coaching- Grab someone’s attention in the first line! Have a way with your words and let your reader know why they should keep your resumes and throw all the other resumes away! Please have access to computer or laptop to view your cover letter or have copy of cover letter on hand. This will be a verbal critique. $35
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