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Life & Work with King James Gadsden

Today we’d like to introduce you to King James Gadsden.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
I have a few pictures from my childhood. One is of me with a record player smiling. The other is me holding a microphone I received as a gift. That was before my dad killed my mom and then himself.

My sister and I went to live with our Nana. She kept us in church. That’s where I learned to use my gifts and talents. I played saxophone in grade school. I excelled quickly. I studied the clarinet and flute. I started playing drums as a teenager.

In my twenties, I wanted to write my high school crush love songs so I began teaching myself how to play the piano. I didn’t know at that time I’d end up playing at churches aground the country and for bands. That was 20 years ago.

I remember being 16 and using our computer to make beats. Cakewalk and Sonar came out. I was so fascinated with making beats. I figured out how to wire the computer and started recording my own music.

In middle school, I had my friend, Monica, create a demo for me. She used a cassette tape and karaoke machine and recorded all the songs I had her singing in school. I’d put her on the spot and have her singing. I’ve always had a passion for discovering talent and motivating artists to purpose their gifts.

Fast forward to today:

I started #Followyourdreamsmovement™️

I’ve started by renting studio spaces on Friday’s and inviting artists on tight budgets to come record for free. Some of the artists came from Skid Row like Unkal Bean. Our deal was to forget your circumstances and come use your gift.

I sincerely believe that when we pursue our purpose and dedicate our life to it, we can overcome the obstacles we are faced with. I’ve watched artists flow in their gift and this sense of peace overwhelm them.

I’m using my platform to encourage people to donate to our cause. Let’s keep people dreaming.

My first artist, Karima Jay, has been using motivation and has set up her very own show! I’m so excited to see her dreams coming to fruition. She has a passion for inspiring mothers to relive their dreams. She uses her platform and social media presence as a living example that it can be done. Moms are drawing courage and strength from her message. I’m so proud.

I produced Michell Lynn’s project! That was serendipity in action. I have the good fortune of seeing superstars on the making. I get to help them along the journey.

I’ve been wearing silk everyday for over a year now. I started King Luxury Apparel to inspire humanity to enjoy the best of life right now. I understand how we present ourself to the world can be an indication of how we view ourselves! I’ve used the great resources of being in Los Angeles to find some of the finest silk in the world right in my backyard.

I have a dream to dress all the community members of Skid Row that frequent San Julian Park in my silk garments. I want them to experience being in the finest garments this world has to encourage them that nothing is too good for us! We are lucky to be alive! I believe this world was made for us to enjoy and to experience the very best!

I’m a published author, fine dining chef, masseuse, and I take pride in serving with My Friend’s House Foundation impacting the Skid Row community.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
The road is getting smoother. I moved to Los Angeles four years ago. I was on vacation in Vegas and never went back. It’s been a blessing. I’ve met some people I consider family.

Early on in my time here, it took getting used to people not keeping their word or changing plans at the very last minute. Being from Wilmington, Delaware, I’m used to people saying exactly what they mean.

I realized that everyone is one call away from fame or their next big break. At any time someone can have a meeting that will change their circumstances. Once that sank in I stopped taking it personal.

Seeing people sleep on the street and eat out of the trash while others drive exotic cars and live in luxury took getting used to.

My challenges have prepared me to enjoy the success that comes with being consistent and refusing to give up your dreams.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
I’m most proud that I refuse to quit. My life has been traumatic early on but I still smile regardless of what I’m facing. I have a natural optimism. I value that!

My genuine love for people sets me apart. My faith in The Most High sets me apart as well. I know I will be rewarded for serving and helping people to find their purpose and encouraging them to devote their lives to it regardless of the challenges.

In my business, I pay everyone that works. I refuse to profit off of free labor.

I don’t have extensive contracts with misleading jargon. I keep everything simple and honest. I only want what belongs to me and I want us all to enjoy the pie together!

I allow artists, no matter where they are currently in their life, to record and keep their masters. The catch is the music has to be uplifting. Little to no profanity. No killing or destructive behavior. Respect for women and self is a must as well. That definitely sets me apart.

What matters most to you?
Fulfilling my life’s mission before I die. I don’t want to leave any of my work undone.

Enjoying my life is very important. Why go through all this and not enjoy it?


  • Silk sets start at $2750
  • Music production starts at $1500
  • King T-Shirts $50

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