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Life and Work with Victoria Curtis

Today we’d like to introduce you to Victoria Curtis.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Growing up in Los Angeles, I was not seduced by the glitz and glamour of being on-camera, I instead loved seeing lines of production trailers parked and wondered about the logistics of the shoot or wanting to learn about the gear in the back of the camera truck. I was a stage manager through high school and college and it set me up for fostering my natural instincts to manage and support teams of creative people. I was always drawn to the producing side of entertainment but had little knowledge that the production of commercials would be my path. That was until I walked through the doors of RSA, Director Ridley Scott’s commercial production company, one of the most respected in the world, where I spent the majority of my early career. I instantly felt like I’d found my home in the industry and I’ve continually carved out my own way since.

I worked my way up through the production hierarchy from Coordinator to Production Manager to Head of Production. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world with my work, spending time in places as exotic as Prague, India, Argentina, Uruguay, and the Mediterranean Sea, to small towns in Ohio, Florida, and Montana, with extremely talented directors and clients. But one of my true joys is that I’m the first of six Curtis kids, four of whom I have been privileged to work with on set at one time or another.

My strength has always been in managing teams of people with a direct, kind, understanding demeanor. I love figuring out the best ways to manage resources and achieve the creative, and recently, I noticed a productivity gap that I envision facilitating with LXL’s business approaches.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
There’s always going to be struggles and setbacks along the course. Learning how to accept failures gracefully, admit quickly where you could have done better and working to adjust moving forward is a process that constantly improves you as a person and an employee. It wasn’t until I was about 30 that I was confident with knowing that I was still smart, even if I didn’t know everything about something, and asking for help.

Emotions can be an asset or an enemy. You have to learn for yourself when to be emotionally vulnerable in business and when to leave it all at home.

It sounds trite but “follow your gut” has really served me well in my career. I forged difficult paths to get where I wanted to go. I tolerated some pretty uncomfortable circumstances because I knew building a thicker skin would serve me in an industry with relentlessly strong personalities. I was self-assured when the situations were right and resolute when they were wrong and I needed to move in a different direction. Sometimes, it takes a leap of faith and pushing yourself beyond what keeps you comfortable.

Please tell us about Line by Line, Bidding Services.
I’ve always loved the work I do and enjoy supporting the creative minds with my analytical, organizational skills. For years, I’ve watched production companies expend so much effort and money during the bidding process trying to find the right talent to budget their potential projects. I’m applying new ways of operating, with respect and knowledge stemming from how we’ve been working for decades.

Line by Line is a new concept in production bidding models. I have taken my vast production knowledge and years of experience and have implemented advancements taken from the gig economy model, applying a previously untapped approach to onboard bidding producers into a more streamlined bidding process and pipeline. For clients, the benefits are obvious with more comprehensive bids being turned around faster and for less of an investment, helping them secure more work.

I am branching out by creating a new model in an established industry. My intentions are to disrupt, by improving the way things can work for everyone. I had to even create a new title for myself because there has never been a role like this in the industry before. I am an “Executive Bidding Producer” because my role is to manage the team and vet bids “line by line” for an extra layer of quality control before the Production Company puts their eyes to it.

My relationships have been the cornerstone of my success. Some of my current clients are people who have known me since I was a staff Coordinator and freelance Office Assistant. We trust each other, and like each other and that’s a building block to doing good work that I enjoy.

Are there any apps, books, podcasts or other resources that you’ve benefited from using?
Evernote has been my favorite app for years. It frees up my brain space so I can sort any info I want without having to remember where it was filed. It makes organizing important details easy and finding it later even easier. The text recognition is impressive and clipping article text from the web is so much more efficient than browser bookmarks! has also saved my sanity by combining selected email subscriptions into a daily digest so marketing emails aren’t notifying me all day long but I can still see them when I want to switch into that mindset.

Just recently I started using Moleskine’s Pen + Ellipse to instantly digitize handwritten notes, the function perfectly spans that gap between analog comfort and digital data management. I’ve enjoyed that product so much I gave some to my executive clients as thank you gifts!

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