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Life & Work with Tyjuan Hamilton

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tyjuan Hamilton Sr.

Hi Tyjuan, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Hello my name is Ty’Juan Hamilton Sr. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I came from humble beginnings. Losing my father at the age of three years old was different for me growing up however I was Blessed to have uncles in my life as my father figures. Growing up in California with the absence of my father, I told myself at an early age if I was to have children, I want to leave a legacy for them. After graduating from Carson High School in 2003 life really started for me. Between college and working that was my life, In 2013 I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. I was Blessed to land a job working for Beats By Dr. As a customer service phone agent where I learned a new skill. I did not think it would work out for me however I ended up being promoted to a Tier 2 supervisor agent taking escalated calls within 2 months of being employed. As time went along and as I was advancing my skills in the customer service world, due to Beats By Dr. Dre being sold, I was transferred to a new campaign and had the opportunity to work as a customer service phone agent for USAA. With the skills I gained working for my previous campaign I was promoted to the quality department of USAA where I remained for the remainder of my employment. While moving forward career-wise, it still felt like things were not in place. Something was missing during that time, I was Blessed with five boys Ty’ Juan Jr, Gavin, Travon, Alan and Adonis. The seven years I stayed in Las Vegas, I felt myself stuck in a spiral. Trying to succeed and still be a present father to my young sons.

Growing up in South LA and seeing the struggles of a young black man as a father, it was very important for me to do something. I was doing this not only for my boys but for the community they will grow up in and will service one day. August 2019 my life turned upside down when I lost my job due to CoronaVirus. I was left to figure out my next move with five sons and no job. I moved back home to Los Angeles, California to be with my grandmother. I found out once I arrived she was on her last days. While spending the hardest times of my life with my granny, I told my granny, I am going to make you and my children proud of me. I knew in that moment it was up to me to create the legacy I started to envision for myself and my family.

With no money and no job, I went on a journey. The little bit I had I put to use not even knowing a pandemic was going to be the reason everything started to happen. I was motivated and determined to make a name for my sons. The first thing I knew I needed was a name and not just any name. I thought over and over of a name that will have true meaning and understanding and most of all the name will identify my son’s. With a lot of thought put into it, I came up with 5KNGZ, coming up with the name was not enough. I felt I needed to put a signature look to it so that’s when I got a little creative in the mind, From the name to the colors to the crown, I thought of it all.

The meaning of 5KNGZ : The number 5 represents the number of sons I have, the K stands for KNOWLEDGEABLE, the N stands for NOBLE, the G stands for GRACEFUL, and the Z stands for ZEALOUS which means being passionate and ambitious about whatever you believe in. When you see these letters and words, you see my 5KNGZ – Ty’ Juan, Gavin, Travon, Alan, & Adonis. I placed a crown on top of the number 5 to signify Royalty and the true KNGZ that they are. The last touch I put on the name to create the logo was the colors. This was the special part for me because the colors symbolize the birthstones of all my KNGZ starting with the oldest to the youngest. I cannot take all of the credit, I am not an artist. I had help with drawing out my vision with Marissa the designer of 5KNGZ who helped with the sketch. I was then led to a dope artist Mr. Candid, I was able to tell him my idea and a couple of days later, the logo 5KNGZ was created.

Everything was on to a great start, I was rehired back at LAX the last job I held before I moved to Las Vegas. Working at the airport and starting this new clothing line for the legacy I’m building for my KNGZ was gearing up. I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. March 2019 the coronavirus pandemic hit and put me back at ground zero with just a dream, I was laid off due to the pandemic and was left to figure it all out with my plans I had fading away. I put my thinking hat on and decided if I want the world to know about 5KNGZ, I need to get the name out there. Before the world was shut down, I took the last of what I had and invested into myself. I decided to put my logo on my face mask, not knowing it would be a mandatory thing moving forward and still mandatory as we speak today.

With the encouragement of my family and close friends, I was able to focus on getting my logo registered, then after that because I knew how important building this brand was I knew I needed to get it trademarked and protected. November 2019, I lost my loving granny to COPD. My heart crushed and I am still picking up the pieces till this day, That woman was my world. I knew I could not stay dwelling on my emotions of losing my granny because I have 5KNGZ and she would never want me to fail them and stay down. So I had to take my pain and turn it into my motivation. Here we are a year later. I have created a clothing line for my 5KNGZ and I have also expanded and created another business called 5KNGZ HEAT PRINT & PRESS which specialize in custom Tee shirts, Memorial Face Mask, and Sublimation etc. I continue to try and make a name for 5KNGZ by doing positive work in the community by feeding the Homeless, partnering up with an amazing Queen my sis India who has a big heart. I was honored to be a part of her event to supply face masks to the people living on the streets as she feeds and clothed them. I have also tried to make a positive mark by making face masks for breast cancer awareness, autism awareness month, and many other organizations we can reach out to give a helping hand.

5KNGZ is about encouraging, inspiring, uplifting and building a better you, while living a royal life I have a lot to give in my little body, lol. and while continuing to build a successful business and legacy for my 5KNGZ, I want to be able to still give a helping hand.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
It was not smooth at all, my biggest challenges were not giving up, that was not an option, and not losing my faith in this whole process. I had just got hired at LAX to try and get a steady income to invest in myself and once the pandemic hit that’s where it got rough, along with losing my Granny and trying to start a business with nothing, all I had was my faith in GOD to lead me along the way. I didn’t have no money at all, I was thankful for the friends and family who believed in me, I started a donation page on my Facebook and not knowing how much love and support I had with the dream I had been sharing, I put my pride aside and said if someone believes in me we shall see. Thanks to everyone who donated to help me start this journey. I woke up the next morning with half the money I needed to purchase my first heat press machine. I am forever thankful. At this point as I was learning the business aspect of the industry, I was entering my other struggle, and that was I had no knowledge of what I was doing lol. I was introduced to gentlemen by my cousin Honey who was still elevating her career in this business. Thanks to Hot & Ready Printing for taking the time to teach me the whole game as far as learning my equipment, to actually making my own product for which I am forever thankful for.

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
I am currently working for a security company part-time while I am still soaring the world of owning a business however I plan to be working for myself in the near future. My specialty is motivating others and giving a helping hand whenever I can when it is needed. I love to help. I am most proud of my five kngz TeeJay, Gavin, Travon Alan and Adonis, building a business for them to be able to have something to pass on to their children’s generational wealth is the goal. What sets me apart from others well is I am just me. I keep my faith in God. I work hard at whatever my task is I never give up and when the fight gets tough, I get more motivated to be great.

What were you like growing up?
Growing up for me was not an easy road. Seeing kids with their father and not understanding why I didn’t have mine at the time was hard, however I was blessed to have my Mother Bridget, my auntie Brenda, and my uncles as my father figures and my Grandmother Mary Ann and Granny Ida to hold me down and raise me into the KNG I am today. I was also Blessed to have my Godmother Twylia to take me under her wings in my High School years. I may not have had my father growing up however I was Blessed to have family and the grace of GOD on my side to get me through my childhood forever in my heart ALAN E. HAMILTON.

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