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Life and Work with Erica Kristene

Today we’d like to introduce you to Erica Kristene.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I grew up in Mesa, Arizona with a single mom who worked multiple jobs to pay the bills. To say we were poor is an understatement. Some days, we would have to go to churches to get food and I remember growing up in elementary school always having the cheapest made shoes and clothes that we had to put on layaway. I was a latch key kid which means I let myself in/took care of myself after school and I remember doing this at age seven because my mom worked multiple shifts and jobs. She wouldn’t come home till night sometimes because of work. I had to feed the pets, make myself dinner the whole 9 yards. This made me extremely independent.

Then, when I was 16, after constantly fighting with my mom and stepdad, I decided to move out still in high school and got my own apartment and then finished HS, then went on to college and dropped out a year later. Growing up, I really didn’t have anyone around to tell me what was right and what was wrong and if I did I sure didn’t want to listen. Maybe if I did things would’ve been different but I see now why I went through all this to share my story to empower others.

I had gotten involved with the wrong crowd and made partying a money #1! I was working in the bar industry from the age of 19 and was living a fast life. Even though at the time, I was having an incredible time flying all over and hanging with rich and famous living a very fun fast life I got in trouble with the law shortly after when the “party” days caught up with me. This sent me down a very extreme spiral of more partying, more wrong friends and eventually 2 back to back abusive relationships. One that led me to the burn center in AZ for a fire I was in that I had to have 4 surgeries for that left a massive scar on my neck. During all these surgeries, I still had to work to make ends meet and had a credit score of 380 and had people calling and showing up at my door non stop for monies owed and I was still involved in the abusive relationship as he wouldnt leave and I remember back in July of 2011, BEGGING and PRAYING to get him to leave as I thought I was literally going to die and I begged and pleaded to a higher power that if he left, I’d change my life around full circle. Eventually, he left and I did just that!

I listened to youtube videos daily for inspiration and motivation and this really got me moving into self-development. I quit the bars and had a string of jobs for years from spas, resorts, mortgages, etc. and eventually started on with a marketing company in 2014 that I worked from home on coaching other people on a team and the company went under and I found myself lost again in a deep depression for three months.

After almost losing my apt and car, I snapped myself out of it and decided to start my own online coaching business. With two different times in college (didn’t graduate but learned alot), my independent street smarts from the age of seven, the love to learn and grow mentality, the people I helped over the years in and out of business and how I had changed my own life dramatically I decided to start my own online coaching business. I struggled immensely the first year living in AZ and then, I decided to move to California as I lived in Cali 2x in my early 20s for short stints and I always remembered I just felt really good and happy there. The 2nd year was incredible and I had over 10 media appearances such as The Huffington Post to a Show called Brand it about 12 entrepreneur women around the globe and it was an incredible time in my life living 7 min from the beach helping women and empowering their lives. The 3rd year, I struggled with clients who were still in the trenches of depression or still in abusive relationships and or trauma and I felt defeated because I couldn’t do more and started to get depressed as I had learned I was an empath and very sensitive and I struggled with hearing other traumatic struggles from women living in their cars and them not being able to pay me while I gave away tons of coaching for free and it all ended up spiraling me down to another depressed state.

After picking myself back up yet again and trying to get women who were out of the trenches, but needed my help shifting old things, things started to shift and I was helping lots of women and things felt great till I found myself in a relationship with an abusive man again. I ended it immediately due to my strength and wisdom of how far I had came but I was finding myself struggling with why I kept attracting these men and struggling with being lonely having a hard time meeting people as I worked from home and wasn’t in the bar scene and decided I needed to do something drastic to shake things up so I put all my stuff in storage, my dogs to the sitter and I went to go “find myself” on my first ever international trip that I went on solo for two months. During the trip, I launched programs for women and marketed myself via social media and things took off again all because I was living the wild and free Erica again but this time in a healthy way. After my return, I decided I was done with OC and me and my dogs looked for our new home in Denver, Arizona, we drove the entire coast of California looking for my next home and settled in LA! Shortly after, I rebranded myself and started focusing on healing women’s past they still have lingering and also combining teaching them how to play with universal law and manifesting. Manifesting is how I can honestly say I’ve gotten my dream life of my dream business, dream high rise in the sky and dream men who treat me like a queen. Today, I work from anywhere I please that day helping as many women as I can see their worth and see what they’re capable of while exploring my new city!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The road has not been smoothe but this is where the magic lies. If you look back on your life how many times did you wish things would work out as “planned” only to see now, those things that didn’t work out were for your highest good! I believe pain, struggle, and chaos is what CREATES US! It’s what makes us who we are. Without these things, we fall apart. With strength comes knowledge of self and with self-knowledge we are unstoppable. My advice to other women starting their journey is to write your story for yourself up until this point. Every time you doubt yourself, remember how far you’ve come by reading it. Also, hire mentors to help you break through barriers and to keep you on track and NEVER GIVE UP and share your story! Share even the parts you’re afraid or embarrassed to because hearing your story is what helps others.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I am a coach and mentor for women and teen girls and I am known for helping them manifest their wildest dreams and heal their past by playing with the universal laws. I first learned of the secret movie years ago and it changed my life after I started applying the techniques and learning more about the specific details. I take my ladies through a strategic process I call “The Erica Kristene Method” where we heal the things that are holding them back by rapidly untangling their inner conflicts. Once this is resolved and there’s all this new energy and space, I show them how to manifest money, men, confidence, their own business and all the things they never thought they’d have.

I am most proud of the fact that I practice what I preach and no matter what “bad” that happens in life there is always a silver lining to be found and in return, this thinking process naturally unfolds on to my ladies my clients and gets them massive results.

What sets me apart is my story and my dedication to empowering women through adversity.

Who have you been inspired by?
My mom has inspired me the most in my life to keep on going no matter what. My mom had a traumatic upbringing and also moved out at a very young age and has been through a lot and now has several health issues but continues to power through life and not let hard days drag her down!

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