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Life and Work with Aspasia Koumli Wood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Aspasia Koumli Wood.

Aspasia Koumli Wood is a personal development therapist, spirituality/meditation teacher, manifestation and mindset expert. She is founder at FAITH IT| Academy, a modern mystery school where practical psychology, neuroscience, and the quantum field merge. Her signature course FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT has helped hundreds of students so far reach for their infinite potential. Originally from Greece, ex-corporate career woman (talent management in City of London and Communication Advisor to Greek Prime Minister’s cabinet), she is now based in Los Angeles, where she is teaching groups and private clients, leading retreats, workshops and seminars on grounded metaphysics, practical psychology, and mindfulness in all of her teachings.

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story”, that brought me to where I am today coaching people -who are successful but stuck- on exactly what to do to cast off fear, self-sabotage, and other limiting beliefs and behaviors, elevate their consciousness and confidence, and ultimately share their unique light with the world.

That defining moment in my life happened in 2016.

Let me start a few years earlier in 2008, when I was living in London, working in high-profile recruitment, when I had my first serious period of burnout. London is beautiful, my apartment was fancy, and I was making more money than I could spend. All this and I was only 22. I was climbing the ladder of society and the financial world. Every day, I woke up at 5 am to take the tube and not returning home until 1 am. Somedays, I didn’t even have the energy left to shower. I couldn’t enjoy the benefits of my success – I never went out, I had no social life, I couldn’t even eat well. I was losing weight, pushing harder and harder. I didn’t know yet that I was getting sick – I was simply too busy.

Then, my boss (who never let me leave early or take vacations) gave me a book on juicing and vitamins – like that would solve my issues. This was a wake-up call for me that something just wasn’t quite right. And then, later that year, the financial markets crashed. That was the last straw. “This job is not for me. This place is not for me. Oh, and I’m getting sick.” I thought.

I returned to my birth country, Greece, and found a great therapist who quickly diagnosed me with burnout. I gradually recovered and found an excellent job in the government. But within two years, Greece had its own crisis – the most devastating in its financial history. I knew it was beyond my strength and capability to change things on a large scale – and the government I had served was no more.

So, I decided to visit my brother in Los Angeles. I loved it! “I don’t know why this ugly-looking city is so attractive to me. Could it be the light? What was it?” I knew I had to stay. I found a way to make it work (just as I always do.) I started to plant roots in LA – but then, my new startup was accepted into an incubator in Chile. So, I picked up my whole life again and moved to Latin America.

It was a period of rapid growth and change. I was constantly learning, stretching, growing – I had to give speeches – in Spanish! I was in a wonderful, high vibrational place. And then, in one of the most beautiful, scenic places in Chile, I had my Kundalini Awakening. Something had opened up in me – but I didn’t know what. I embarked on a three year, intensive study of spirituality, psychology, subconscious reprogramming, philosophy, metaphysics and everything above and beyond. And my learning has never stopped. I’m still growing, incorporating, and evolving with each new discovery.

And the way has not been without its share of resistance. I knew, deep -down, that I wanted to live a spiritual life of service, to employ all I had learned as a benefit of others. But it seemed too unstable, too out there. All my other careers had been concrete. Taking the leap didn’t yet feel right.

And then, in 2016, I fell in love at first sight. Three days later, we were engaged. We spent two months in Greece, high on our love and adventure. But then, my dog came down with crippling meningitis. I knew this was a manifestation of everything I had been avoiding. It brought all my dark spots into focus.

Eric and I decided we could work together to heal the dog, and to get serious and strategic about creating the life of our dreams. It was time, yet again, to raise our vibrations and grow. And for me, that meant it was time to finally and officially begin my work of bringing healing to others. And, perhaps most importantly, to start living what I was teaching.

And just like that, the Universe started talking to me again.

One synchronicity after another brought me back on track. I cleaned up everything that was kept under the rug, got radically responsible and honest with myself! I released and dissolved all that had been holding me back – and then, clients started showing up. The door is now open, and it will never be closed again.

I stepped into my stillness and started teaching other humans how they can do the same: I watched them learn to shed light into their own shadow too, work on themselves, use the handy, applicable tools and techniques that I give them to assist them in their unfolding life path, find peace where they are, dream big, shine their personal radiant light, become part of the ascension of our mother Earth, and the awakening of a new era!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others who struggle with low self-esteem, procrastination, face challenges in their love life and who would like to take their confidence and power back, get out of the autopilot, habitual, unconscious living, reprogram their mindset into growth, success, leadership and high vibrating love!

Since then, I have worked with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups: I am living my free, fulfilled life – full of love, light, and service.

I have created the FAITH TILL YOU MAKE IT – Manifestation Map!

It’s the map to apply the steps needed to take back your power, realize your endless potential, transform the self-limiting state of mind, manifest your daydream into reality and bring more light into this world in the most beautiful of ways.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
There have been challenges along the way, most definitely! I started out in Greece, longing for a life in London manifesting abundance, adventure, and happiness. I ended up working in the corporate world in London. I was fresh out of university, working non-stop, making more money than I knew what to do with. But, I wasn’t happy. I had the life I had thought I wanted, but I was exhausted and drained. This feeling of being completely overworked brought me back to Greece where I worked in Athens for the government. Another high profile job, I was super busy – but felt I was still yearning for more. Fast forward – I ended up in Los Angeles visiting my brother and fell in love with the city.

In Los Angeles, I started getting familiar with the idea of being your own entrepreneur, having your own schedule, and being successful and abundant within it. I was surrounded by people that were going toward their dreams, never giving up, having faith and trust that they can make it! That was an inspiration to me. Although I had already traveled to three continents and had three different careers, it was in LA that I really believed that I can truly find what it is that I love to do, what my heart yearns for. I did not know what that is but I started building my trust that I will find it or it will find me. My journey continues I moved to Latin America to be an entrepreneur there, and because I was working remotely from one of the most beautiful places in the world like Chile, Peru, and Argentina, in my travels I had the chance to study more about things that matter to me like metaphysics, quantum physics, practical psychology, Jungian psychology, philosophy, therapy techniques. I was going really deep with all that to really get to know myself, really get to know what it is that I want, what it is that I am good at, something I can also strive to do as a career, one that would be successful AND fulfilling for me – I came back to LA after, and long story short – through ups and downs in 2017, my first coaching client saw me in her dream and called me. In less than three months, I had 20 clients and now, two years later, I have thousands of students worldwide, I get to teach in practical terms ancient metaphysical notions and grounded practical psychology tools, in 2016, I also manifested my husband, we got married last year, and the life of my dreams unfolded before my eyes!

The journey was a winding road, but it led me to this moment – and this moment is all my creation! This life I get to live is an absolute gift. I am so privileged to live, share my knowledge, and spread love to all those around me!

Please tell us about Faith It | Academy.
I am an Empowerment Coach, Mindset and Manifestation Expert. I empower people to create a life that they love from their soul. I use a combination of techniques ranging from Psychology, Neuroscience and Subconscious Programming, Energetics, and Mindfulness. It is my deepest wish for us to discover the true “guru” is within ourselves!

What separates me from others “Success + Life Coaches, Manifestation Experts, Spiritual Teachers, and Therapists” is my Ivy League international education, background in business, finance, political communication, and entrepreneurship, combined with a spiritual kick creating the guru-breakthrough-leadership-coach vibe making coaching with me goal oriented, efficient with a hint of a graceful BootCamp.

Because of all this, my clients experience their new lives as Conscious Creators making more money, being healthier, sexier, empowered, spreading love and compassion, having increased popularity and influencer status, solved family patterns, received love + praise for their achievement in being the highest version of themselves and got comfortable at being with ease in their skin, with peace of mind and security in themselves!

I’m concerned with how to expand your confidence, awaken the influencer that you are.

You may not like the discipline that I preach, and the radical self-love and honesty that comes with being the Authentic YOU. But you can be sure I will always tell you the truth. The truth about what’s standing in the way of your success and how to get rid of it FAST so you can start getting results in record time AND HOW TO HAVE FUN on the way! As you blossom, unfolding the layers of the real, empowered, successful, radiant, sexy YOU!

Who have you been inspired by?
Growing up in Greece, I was brought up by women who were independent of their own careers. I was always inspired by women who represented innovation, freedom, intellect, depth, creativity, and self-development! Women that aim high while respecting their feminine nature. Women that stand leaders in this world without competing with men or other women. Women that are leading the way and are bridging the gaps between culture, society, and economy! Women that know what they want, and they don’t follow societal norms just because it’s the normal thing to do. Women that lead a new way, make us think and grow and evolve as humans.

Women who respect themselves, know how to love themselves and other women. Women who love men and/women for heart opening, for the pure desire of connection, for togetherness and emotional freedom!

Marianne Williamson and Oprah Winfrey are examples that inspire me.

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