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Life and Work with Arielle Estoria

Today we’d like to introduce you to Arielle Estoria.

Arielle, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am born and raised in Northern California, specifically the Bay Area. I moved to LA not to chase dreams or anything of the sort but to attend a university and walk away with what I assumed would be a practical and “normal” career. At the moment, I have the honor of saying that I am I am a Spoken Word Poet, Teaching Artist and Social Media Story Teller and get paid to do so but that is far from what I thought I would be doing eight years ago.

In 2015, I graduated from college and decided to take the next year to pursue “being a creative” whatever that even meant. This was not the first time art or creativity was part of my life, in fact, it’s ALWAYS been part of my life but not in ways I thought to take seriously or pay attention to.

I have always best processed the world around me through the written word. I have journals for days and instead of scribbling doodles in my school notebooks, I would scribble phrases and poems. I thought however that this artistic side of me was meant for art high schools and extracurricular activities, not “real life.”

I realized however that this creative and artistic side of me was not just about what I did, it was an integral part of who I was. It was how I saw the world around me and processed it, it was how I knew to speak in metaphors and intentional like written out stanzas.

I now get to say that I full time create and perform for a living and this was not something I’d ever thought I’d be able to say mostly because I didn’t believe it was possible to do in the first place. My parents always told my siblings and me to pursue calling and passion over what “made sense” to the rest of the world and I suppose I took that pretty literally, but mostly, I learned that sometimes you can’t go to school to truly understand your purpose or passion, sometimes it’s just part of who you are and life and guiding forces help you to bring them out.

Has it been a smooth road?
Is life ever meant to be a smooth road? I think that’s probably though the hardest, also the most beautiful part of life. The valleys, mountain tops and rough edges to the whole process. I have struggled with a comparison, with staying financially stable, with doubt, every season comes with its own struggle and difficulties but at the end of the day, they pushed me even more forward instead of pulling me back.

For those who are just starting, keep going. Apparently, the first three years are the hardest just think of it as having a baby who can’t do anything on their own, they need help, guidance and one on one help every day. So, put in the work, tend to your soil and hopefully, you’ll be able to witness the bloom.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I am a spoken word poet, wordsmith and lover of language. Most of my work consists of marshaling experience and language into a poetic form and sharing it with others. I also do this with a mostly aesthetic Instagram. My brand essentially is an extension of myself, it is how I communicate, how I story tells under my name and people hire me to come and share those parts of myself with their own brands and companies.

I think I am most proud of the moments I knew I wanted to accomplish something, work with a certain company or travel a certain amount and watched those things declared come into fruition.

What sets me apart from others is that I know I’m not your stereotypical “influencer” or artist. I am not just a performer, what I do and strive to do is create and shift environments and spaces for people to feel deeply and be seen.

What advice would you give to someone at the start of her career?
Keep going. You will want to give up, you will doubt and compare yourself to the people around you, amongst all of that — KEEP GOING. because no one can contribute to this world the way that you can, this world needs what you have to offer and it would be a deficit to not only you but the world around you if you gave up.

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