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Inspiring West LA 09.11.2018

Espree Devora

I always knew I was an entrepreneur, I just didn’t know that’s what it was called. Walking through Westwood Village where I grew up I would look at empty office spaces and daydream what businesses I would put in the vacant spots. These fantasies started at 7 years old so cartoon merch were some of my initial ideas. It’s hard to believe I even remember those daydreams. Read more>>

Joanna Honeyman

Art has always been a part of my life as far as I can remember. When I was five years old, I won a drawing contest at my school and I think it was a moment of awakening even way back then! Read more>>

Freddy Negrete

I created art all my life. I always pretty much kept it to myself. I would always be told by people I share my art with, “you should do something with your art”. Read more>>

Juliet Lemar

I am the producer, creator, and host of the multi-media show ‘Life Reflected’: Showing the limitless possibilities of human growth and kindness. Storytelling through mini-documentaries revolving around people’s lives. Read more>>

Nazanin Nour

I grew up right outside of Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia. I got involved in the arts from an early age. Whether it was theater, playing violin, or taking Persian dance classes, I was always doing something creative, or performing in some capacity. Read more>>

Anahita Parseghian

My journey started back in 2013; I had recently returned from a retreat in Peru back to my metropolitan life in Venice Beach, CA where I worked as a Product Manager at a large tech company. Read more>>

Kat Trimarco

The journey to creating my own business started almost 5 years ago, after I had been abusing drugs and alcohol for over a decade. I had a pivotal moment, waking up and realizing how much pain I was putting my body and myself though. Read more>>

Emily James

I’ve been singing basically my entire life and started playing piano and guitar at an early age. I wrote my first songs when I was about ten years old, and immediately knew that I had found my “thing.” Read more>>

Kelly Fiance

I’ve always had a creative side. When I was a kid I took painting classes, was obsessed with Kid Pix, and I begged my parents for a camera. This was way back before iPhones and even digital cameras were pretty new. Read more>>

Stacy Johnson

After graduating Parsons School of Design, I started my fashion career on Seventh Avenue apprenticing for Calvin Klein, J. Crew, and Cynthia Rowley before breaking out on my own, starting the brand Stacia out of my Brooklyn brownstone apartment. Read more>>

Andi Wagner

My television career started while I was a sophomore in college at the University of Miami in Florida. I auditioned for the “All New Dating Game” at the Broward County Fair and was selected from hundreds of applicants and flown to LA to appear as a contestant. Read more>>

Tatjana Luethi

I was born and raised in Switzerland where I became a chocolate-cheese-bread eating Swiss banker. When I was 20 I travelled to the United States to study English, fell in love, got married and decided to move into a completely different career. Read more>>

Rhiana, Kira, Jade and Paige Diaz

We are The Diaz Sisters (Rhiana, Kira, Jade, Paige.) Born and raised in Chicago, now living in Los Angeles. Pretty much started dance lessons as soon as we learned to walk and studied with some of the best dance professionals in the business. Read more>>

Kari J. and Ry Toast

We met in December of 2013. Ry had just moved to LA and the first yoga class at the first studio she went to, I was teaching. Within seconds of talking to each other after class, it was clear that a new friendship was born. Read more>>

Kelly Dowdle

Seven years ago I was at a wedding and had to wear a formal gowns and did not have a strapless bra. I worked out in the hotel gym that morning so I decided to go back to the gym and take an exercise band (the Jane Fonda yellow one) and cut it into a sweetheart neckline and wear it as a strapless bra need my dress. Read more>>

Gia Unera

As a little girl I loved making doll clothes and drawing my teacher in different outfits while in school. My childhood hobby turned out to be my passion in life, having worked with fashion designers in the industry made it more stronger for me to pursue my dream of having my own line someday. Read more>>

Christopher Pitcher

In January 2015, a small group of seekers, dreamers, and creatives picked up theirs lives and moved thousands of miles westward to set their lives down a path of making the world a better place through contribution and creative. Read more>>

Blaine Eastcott

I started climbing in High School. My parents were outdoorsy, traveling type of people and they instilled that sense of adventure early on in me. I got stuck on a rock when I was 18. I climbed up it and couldn’t get back down easily. Read more>>

Nadine Jolson

I was born into the entertainment business as a member of the famous Al Jolson family. I choose to focus on design and advertising and went to the Academy of Art College in San Francisco in the early 80’s. Read more>>

Mark Slavkin

I grew up here in Los Angeles in a family dedicated to public service and helping others. From an early age I was drawn to politics and government and was privileged to have wonderful opportunities in Washington, DC, Sacramento, and Los Angeles County government. Read more>>

Darcy Vahle

According to my parents, I started drawing when I was two years old; as soon as my twitchy little hands could grasp one of those chubby Crayola crayons, I was hooked. Read more>>

La Shawn Witt

I began planning events in high school and as a student at LMU i secured a job as an event planner. I began by planning small baby and bridal showers which eventually led to planning weddings and larger events. Read more>>


Everything started when we were little. We’ve always had great passion for singing. We used to sing Disney songs almost everyday, and when driving somewhere, we were singing along to a Compilation CD that had the best songs of the American songbook. Read more>>

Ross Lucivero

It was a bit of a winding road to get where I am today. I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for a Software company in Boston (where I’m originally from) out of college that made products for engineers. Read more>>

Margie Hanson

My path has been an eclectic one and one in which I took giant steps into the unknown more than once to move forward. Beginning with a one way ticket to Hawaii and less than $100 cash the day after my graduation from U Mass. Read more>>

Kimberly Miguel Mullen

I am a Dance Artist & Cultural Ethnologist. I teach and perform sacred religious and popular dance forms from Cuba, the Caribbean and Brazil. I fell madly in love with the Caribbean during a family trip in 1993. Read more>>

Ruben Rojas

I was born and have spent my entire life living in Los Angeles. I love this city and continue to enjoy living in it the more that I travel and see the world. I played multiple sports growing up and took my studies seriously. Read more>>

Cassandra Ziskind

I began teaching over 30 years ago in the Chicago Public School District. I am originally form Galveston Island, Texas but moved to Chicago for graduate school. Read more>>

Kevin Kunkel

My personal journey of understanding and healing my own body and mind is what led me to my current focus of an integrative body-mind approach to healing. Read more>>

Nick Hernandez

I come from a family of healthcare workers (doctors, pharmacists, nurses) but I took a different route. I’m a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a former Marine Corps officer. Read more>>

Sharri Earnest

Los Angeles Party Designs is a distinctive event production company, founded in 1983 by Rodger and Nancy Karrenbrock and family. The company was started after the Karrenbrock’s two oldest daughters were married within 3 months of each other. Read more>>

Camille and Jackie Brady

Growing up between Malibu and Kauai meant that we were always immersed in the beach lifestyle of all things swim and surf. Graduating with degrees in design and marketing was the perfect foundation to begin CAMI AND JAX. Read more>>

Laurie Raskin

I don’t think I chose being an artist, I think it chose me. I never remember a time that I did not want to be involved in the arts. I even set up a small studio at my home as a child.  Read more>>

Kelli Carlson

I was always obsessed with art and performing. Creating anything new and original stimulates me and gives me satisfaction from art to music to video. Read more>>

Stephanie Ganowski

Where to start!… This is the toughest question to answer, especially as a woman obsessed with psychology. Read more>>

Lynne Shirvandehi

I’m so very proud of creating my own line of skin care! glSKIN is a comprehensive line of skin care including everything necessary for virtually EVERY skin type. Read more>>

Kristen Willeumier

I grew up in a picturesque horse community outside the city of Chicago. My childhood was spent riding horses and competing at local and national events with the hope of one day becoming a professional athlete. Read more>>

Bianca Greene

I am a multi-media Los Angeles based artist, originally from Santa Monica, California. I grew up with a deep curiosity around creativity and wanted to express it in every aspect of my life. Read more>>

Micky Hoogendijk

The starting point of my work is an encounter, dream or object that culminates in an explosion of ideas. On set, I allow my model’s instinct and personality to melt together with my camera and drive my creative inspiration. Read more>>

Becca Braren

My instagram blurb reads: Branding Expert. Creative Director. Business Development Consultant. Mental Health Advocate. Stealth Activist. Documentary Film Director & Producer. Proud mother of four peaceful boys. Nashville > Berkeley > LA. Read more>>

Angela Peterman

My first introduction to photography was in high school, through shooting film. My favorite part of the process was working in the darkroom. Read more>>

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