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Inspiring Stories from the OC

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the LA area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out OC’s rising stars below.

Shahan Mohammed

In 1983 my grandfather and father founded a video production company in Karachi specializing in storytelling through films. They began a dream to tell compelling stories. A few days and 35 years later, we have emerged as a diversified family-owned enterprise with the following business segments: wedding photography & video, live multi-camera video production, production design, projection mapping, and event technology. Read more>>

Heather Hudson

My journey started when I had the opportunity in college to study abroad in France. I fell in love with the world of wine and the culture behind it. When I returned to Nebraska to finish my International Business degree I knew I wanted to pursue a career in wine. A few years later I was given an incredible opportunity and hired by a winery in Napa. Read more>>

Melinda Galloway

Advanced Hair Aesthetics was born from years of experience working as a cosmetologist. Having personal experience coping with stress-related hair loss, specifically Trichotillomania, gave me an inside perspective on hair extensions and the emotional hardship of dealing with hair loss. Read more>>

Karina Gonzalez

I have always been the artsy type. I have been sketching/painting since I could remember. It was always a hobby and something I did for fun. I never thought once about making a career out of it, so I never pursued it like I wish I did. Read more>>

Dorian Drislane

As a child I’ve always had a need to capture beautiful things whether it be butterflies in the backyard, or videos of my family on my mom’s old camcorder. This love for capturing nostalgia was fueled when I started to take up photography in high school. Being able to have something tangible to hold a moment has always been important to me. Read more>>

Melanie Kaminski

Throughout my adult life I’ve been an explorer. During my free time I travel around Southern California discovering all its unique spots. As such, I’ve long been the go to person among my friends on family for tips on where to go in the area. A few years ago I was laid of from my job and during my unemployment I decided to compile these tips in a blog. Read more>>

Tracy Schroeder

After graduating UCLA I moved to Newport Beach to work for a top interior designer focusing on high end custom homes and nation wide multi-family apartment communities. In my mid twenties I determined that New York City was the place I wanted to be to expand my career to Real Estate Development. Read more>>

Celine Marie

San Dimas Cake Co. was inspired and developed by my daughterand and I. While I carry the creative and artistic talents ,my daughter has a hand for baking. “Baking is what we do best! At first, baking was a hobby and a time for bonding. We would share our little creations with our friends and family. Read more>>

Lily Magaziner

Always interested in accessories from a young age. Had every fashion magazine subscription and would rework mothers vintage jewelry using tools my father (who was a contractor at the time) had. In his workshop I would make purses (clutches) using my laminated photos from photography class with a vintage brooch as the closure. Read more>>

Jason Patrick Galit

The Geek Say What? Network, at its core, represents three ideas directly from its founders. Starting in 2010 as a college project, it evolved into a platform of introduction, entertainment, and inclusivity for what we refer to as “geek culture.” Alix Liberman (now Alix Galit) wanted to focus on the barriers experienced by women and excluded groups, while Cole Garrison wanted people to know that the comics books, films, and television he loved growing up held entertainment value for others. Read more>>

Deborah Ohara

When my children were in grade school I went online to look for events, family related activities, small specialty businesses, boutiques, etc and could not locate a website with that information. So, I decided to build one. I chose a membership based business model to fund the site. Locally-owned businesses pick a membership level that fits their needs. Read more>>

Maria Isle

My passion for interior design began when I was a very little girl. My father owned a construction company and I would go into his workshop and take all the scraps of wood, glass, nuts and bolts and design little homes for my Weeble Wobbles (does anyone even remember what those are?). Read more>>

Amanda Durrant

In 2012 I discovered a style of handmade jewelry called metal stamping, which is essentially lightly hammering individual metal letters or designs onto flat metal shapes or blanks to create custom jewelry. I originally started with the intent making the jewelry for friends and family. Read more>>

Lena Ksanti

Lena Ksanti is a Plant – Based Chef, Educator, Social Media Influencer and Author based in Laguna Beach, California. Ever since she made the connection between how the foods we prepare affect our health, it has been her personal mission to share that we can take control over our health starting in the kitchen. Read more>>

Madison Taylor Baez

Born and raised in Orange County California, Madison Taylor Baez is an 8 yr old singer who sings with a powerful soulful voice never before seen in such a tiny young girl and her story is truly an amazing one. She performs with a stage presence and confidence well beyond her years and although new to the music industry, she has quickly captured the hearts of so many. Read more>>

Chris Villain

Bear with me as I ramble for a minute lol
I was born and raised in the OC as a competitive gymnast! When I got into high school, I fell into the world of performing arts and all aspects of it! I started performing in my school’s show choir and slowly picked up singing and dancing. Read more>>

Fenny Kokenge

Fenny’s Flowers was created about 3 years ago after being an elementary school PE teacher for many years. Armed with a tight budget and loads of creativity, I developed a popular and successful PE program. If there is passion, creativity, and hard work – anything is possible. Read more>>

Marla Elena Granados

I’m going to start by going way back to my childhood, bear with me, it won’t take too long. Growing up, I was a gymnast. Read more>>

Vanessa Bourne

Born & raised in WEHO have always been into fitness, a dedicated yogi from the age of 19, eventually led me to Pilates! Read more>>

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