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Inspiring Stories from Pasadena

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Pasadena’s rising stars below.

Marco Delgado

I started cutting hair at 13yrs old in my parent’s backyard, so that I could save up for clothes and any wants. I Enrolled in beauty school in order to pay for college, but instead I fell in love with the industry and haven’t looked back. Read More>>

Daniel Ordonez

I am a proud Angeleno, designer, creative director, and entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Los Angeles by a single mother who immigrated here from El Salvador when she was 19. Read More>>

Lory Yeh

When I was growing up, asthma, allergies, and bronchitis took over my life. I had to take a constant stream of antibiotics, inhalers, and cough syrups. Read More>>

Krystal Salisbury

My dream was born ever since I was a young girl, I dreamt of fashion, makeup, and hair, working in Hollywood with movie stars and runways. My appetite for the glamorous life all started behind the scenes in fashion school in San Diego CA at the fashion shows with my passion for the hustle and bustle of prepping the models with clothes, accessories, makeup and hair styling, and then catching a glimpse of them strutting down the runway! Read More>>

David Ibrahim

I am born and raised in inner city Queens, NYC. I started practicing meditation and out of body journeys in my young teens. Read More>>

Hillary Michaels

Some years ago, in my early 30s, when I was a fashion designer, I started feeling like I was being followed by a spirit man. I went to a medium to find out if there was actually a man following me or if I was just making it up. Read More>>

Michael Ng

I’ve a lot of fun experiences traveling and teaching around the world as well as bartending. I have worked and taught in several different countries and have been an adventurous eater going so far as to break into live termite nests and eat termites crawling around my hand in Belize to eating horse sashimi in Japan. Read More>>

Fred Engelfried

I started my journey in the Peace Corps in Latin America. There I worked within marginalized communities to create programs that empowered adults, children and teens. Read More>>

Sophia Hansen

A California beach kid born to hippie parents The Year the World Caught Fire, my mom meditated, practiced yoga and made sure we ate healthy. As a little girl, I remember talking to God all of the time and praying every night asking the angels to protect everyone I loved the earth, the animals and the children. Read More>>

Addie deHilster

I started practicing yoga back in the late 90’s when I was a stressed-out college student. I fell in love with the practice right away, but it took eleven years before it occurred to me that I might want to teach yoga, even though I had taught other things like music and even undergraduate college courses. Read More>>

Lyle Sweeter

I have always been interested in anything with wheels, add a motor and there is nothing on earth more compelling. This passion for wheels and motors lead me into my present career as owner of Saddleback Rider Training and National Sales Division Manager for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Read More>>

El Larson

I’ve always been immersed in music, from threading reel-to-reels as a kid to DJing and working at clubs in my 20’s. Alongside that, I studied Eastern philosophy from my early teens, and began practicing yoga while working at the club Fabric in London in the early 2000s. Read More>>

Krystal Jackson

Becoming a business owner was never something I imagined for myself. After getting my BBA from Temple University I got a “good job”. It’s funny as the idea for my business really came about during my ‘party girl’ years clubbing throughout the country. Read More>>

Debra Morrison

My affinity for photography began in a black & white photo class at Saugus High School. I enjoyed the photo assignments because they didn’t feel like work. We were able to go on campus with our friends and take photos of each other. Read More>>

Steven and Valerie Marshall

Our company was founded in 2000 as “Sterling Cuisine,” by Steven’s mother, Pastry Chef Mary Blaw. Originally the company began as a way to offer healthy, robust entrees to people that were experiencing illness, as a way to maintain high, balanced nutrition during a time when it was really needed. Read More>>

Terri Wahl

In 1999-2000 Terri Wahl took her love of cooking and turned it into a successful catering business, which was quickly followed by a very popular restaurant in Eagle Rock, CA called Auntie Em’s Kitchen. Read More>>

Jack Ajemian

I had started the business, AMC about 35 years ago in Pasadena. I had finished all my license and certifications on being a Technician. Read More>>

Amy Satamian

My story goes back to when I was 16 and met my husband at that time. I got married at 18 and even though I had other plans for myself it wasn’t so in his eyes. Read More>>

Bonnie Hargett

I had thought about opening a shop with home decor for years. Whenever people came to my house, they would say, “it would be great if there was a place where we could buy things like this.” Read More>>

Quendie Joy Wong

I have always felt the need to express myself; I cannot think of a time where I did not feel the need to be creative. Read More>>

Ben Seidman

I learned my first magic trick when I was six years old and began studying seriously at the age of 12. In college, I moved to Las Vegas, finished my theatre degree, and studied with some of the best sleight of hand artists, magicians, and pickpockets. Read More>>

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