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Inspiring Stories from Pasadena

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Pasadena’s rising stars below.

Brendan Haley

All the while, however, I was drawing in my many sketchbooks – which had now started being filled with more and more fabulously nerdy figures, and artwork inspired by my unfortunately painful tendency of getting migraines, which caused me to see patterned auras and bright lights like TV fuzz. All these infamous cartoons went from my own private collection to farewell gifts for co-workers or birthday greetings for friends. Read more>>

Voli Martung

This one foot in and one foot out mentality with music, I realize now, was due to my fear of not only failure but of success. Was the cost of being in debt and alienating myself from friends worth the risk? Was I really prepared to be who I thought I was? Now, I’m still realizing this more and more, but the truth is the answer didn’t matter. I love creating music and art. Read more>>

Brad Bartlett

Like many designers growing up, I was good at drawing and had aspirations to be an Artist or Architect. However, when I went to College, I was introduced to Graphic Design and was hooked. I was drawn to its immediacy and raw power. This was at the beginning of the digital revolution where we had access to new tools and technology. Read more>>


I’ve been playing instruments and surrounded by music my entire life. From my father’s experiences in the music industry to my childhood growing up in and around the church I have been able to teach myself how to play several instruments and perform at a young age. Read more>>

Toto Workman

I started to want to bring my own stories to life. I was getting a bit burnt out of editing all day, so I transitioned into the art world. I started to paint a lot more and began focusing on my use of color a bit more. I also was really loved thinking about people and their relationships with each other. Painting helped me discover myself a bit more, and through that, I came up with this character Toto. Read more>>

Vincent Ramos and Janet Chan

With high hopes for working in an animation studio, I bumped into a girl who was just as driven as I was. She didn’t notice me at first, but I was a huge admirer of hers. Her name was Janet Chan. We bonded over anime and our future careers. I wanted to be a visual development artist which is sort of like a jack of all trades position in animation. Read more>>

Michael Mikhail

Upon our first visit to Coffee Gallery, we fell in love with it. The shop was full of locals enjoying their morning coffee, and we were blown away with the charm that filled the atmosphere. We knew straight away that we wanted to invest in the business and we were determined to keep hold of the unique atmosphere that is much loved by locals and tourist alike. Read more>>

Diyou Wu

After living and working in Boston for two years, I moved to Los Angeles in 2016. I like to be around creative people, and the surrounding nature gives me a lot of inspiration. I enjoy LA’s weather, plants, sunset, and the artist and craft community. I created a lot of illustrations inspired by west coast homes, my neighborhood, and great Los Angeles County. Read more>>

Carol Banh Keiner

Well, I’ve always been passionate about the event planning industry from a very young age. That passion has allowed me to be recognized very early on as someone that could be relied upon to support events that I was asked to design as well as run. Based on similar experiences over the years, I continued to learn more and more what it took to be successful. Read more>>

Revel Day

I fell in love with writing and performing original music. Being able to create something that could allow my audience to feel understood became an irreplaceable high. Fast-forward a year after my debut Album “Church Boy” is released and I’m ecstatic to be releasing new singles. After sharing the stage with artists like Xavier Omar, Avalon Young, and Andy Mineo last year, I can’t even imagine what this new year will bring! Read more>>

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