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Inspiring Conversations with Sarah Glicken of OsteoStrong Mar Vista

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sarah Glicken.

Hi Sarah, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM to NYC hippie transplants. They loved life and loved health. I learned the importance of being healthy from a very young age and was taught how we must look at ALL of our bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I was fortunate to be exposed to alternative forms of medicine while also understanding the value of western allopathic doctors. I always knew I wanted to make big impact on the world and do good for the world by impacting people’s health, but I wasn’t sure how that would happen. After university, I went into the corporate world. In 2008 my mom died and my world went dark and was changed forever. It took several years for me to come back to the light. When I did, my dad was also diagnosed with cancer and subsequently died. When he died in 2017, I knew that I needed to make a bigger impact in the world and made a commitment to open my own business so I could do good and help people. I realized that we are living in a world of “sick care”, not “health care” and I wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
I’ve more death in my life than most people my age, which has been incredibly challenging but has also taught me the value of this one life we have and the importance of living. Coming back to the light after the death of my parents was very difficult. Author Isabel Allende said it best in her book Aphrodite: “After the death of my daughter, Paula, I spent three years trying to exorcise my sadness with futile rituals. Those years were three centuries filled with the sensation that the world had lost its color and that a universal grayness had spread inexorably over every surface. I cannot pinpoint the moment when I saw the first brush strokes of color, but when my dreams about food began, I knew that I was reaching the end of a long tunnel of mourning and finally coming out the other end, into the light, with a tremendous desire to eat and cuddle once again.”

Great, so let’s talk business. Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
OsteoStrong is an integrative wellness center that helps people lead longer, more vital lives. We offer cutting-edge biohacking modalities that make massive impacts on the body with minimum effort.

Our focus is on bones, joints, muscles and immunity. Our proprietary technology increases bone and muscle density and reduces joint & back pain through our quick, once-a-week program that works for people of all ages and impacts the entire body. We strive to heal and positively impact the lifestyle of all our members, enabling them to work hard and play harder. Our recovery modalities such as BioCharger, JOOVV red light therapy, NormaTec compression, localized Cryotherapy, and PEMF mats promote healing and optimization on every level – from energetic to physical.

Our cutting-edge modalities focus on boosting immunity and overall vitality and well-being:

✔️ OsteoStrong: Proprietary technology that strengthens bones, joints and muscles. Increases bone density, reduces joint & back pain.

✔️ Biocharger: The Biocharger helps optimize and improve health, wellness, and athletic performance while boosting immunity.

✔️ Red Light Therapy: Shown to produce a wide range of natural health benefits, like inflammation and pain relief, fitness gains, muscle recovery, improved sleep, and strengthening your immune system.

✔️ PEMF Mat: PEMF helps encourage and enhance healthy cell growth, restoring damaged tissues and benefitting the immune system.

✔️ Compression Boots: Compression has been proven effective in reducing the stress hormone, which in turn helps boost the immune system.

Some of our testimonials…

A 40-year old competitive soccer player who had 4 ACL surgeries and couldn’t run when he came to us is back on the soccer field!

A 56 years old woman who had been in a significant car accident said that this is the best she’s felt in 35 years and the first time she’s been pain-free.

A 65 years old woman has naturally reversed her osteoporosis!

We offer everyone a complimentary session to come experience it for themselves

How do you think about luck?
I think that passion, intention, and joy-seeking have played larger roles in my life than luck. I do believe that I’m guided and am always looking for the synchronicities that take me in new directions where I’m certain I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I believe that every experience, even the challenging ones, are opportunities for growth. In November 2017, I wound up at. a Tony Robbins conference that I wasn’t meant to go to for another year. It was that event that shifted the focus of my and my fiance’s life. Six months later, we opened OsteoStrong.

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