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Inspiring Conversations with Modello Brown of Hip Hop Littles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Modello Brown.

Hi Modello, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
The story of myself would possibly conclude a lifetime of explaining. Creating my brand started from my passion for music and being an underground hip hop artist from Chicago. After years of traveling and perfecting my craft, I realized my love for the art of music was subjective. I lived in Moreno Valley, CA with my older sister for a few years. while living with her she helped me realize just how much creativity is in our blood. My entire life my mom always said “I’m surprised you don’t have any kids because for some reason all kids love you!”. I took that as a notion to create something for myself, the music I loved so much, am my passion for the arts along with my creativity. In my road of life, I feel like my bad decision has taking so much from the communities in which I lived in.

Hip Hop Littles was created. A clothing brand that stands for more than just hip hop and cool fashion, but a brand that focuses on the diversity, love, friendship, and the freedom of our cultures. Hip Hop Littles’ mission is bringing culture together little by little while focusing on teaching children that their support, positivity, and love for one another can bring tremendous value and success in life. Through different life situations and lessons, learning from one another, and honoring each other’s uniqueness; we are always stronger together. Music being the sole connection, we dance in our own rhythm in harmony.

Getting me to where I am today I would really have to say trial and error. Losing people I loved, tragic moments that has happened in my life from being homeless to almost being killed on my 18th birthday from being robbed. Understanding where you went wrong in life or in any situation can actually give you clarity on direction. I’ve learned that listening to everything in a conversation would save you more energy in responding. With that being said, anything I’ve done in building my brand I’ve taken from someone else’s point of view simply because it helped shape where I could be going wrong. Understanding “You have to pay the cost to be the boss.” Going against my belief in “If the world needs it why should it cost.” No one wants to work for free, you have to be willing to invest in yourself and someone else business rather you agree with it or not.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
Has it been a smooth road is kinda like asking can you survive without water? Some of the struggles I’ve encountered are the loss of close friends, and people I really believed were going to be by my side forever no matter what. I was in a position where it was either go to my uncle’s house for a get-together he had or a business trip little did I know I took the business trip but that was the last time he was alive. Granted I didn’t know but sometimes we put our hustles before the experience and it could hurt us. Another struggle I would say would be finances. If you can’t manage the money you’ll have a hard time running a business. Its been times I’ve maxed out my credit cards and depleted my accounts all because I thought I needed things I really didn’t. Doing the same thing multiple times. Seeing my mom is something else I find as a battle, trying to get my brand to higher companies for possible collaborations. Trying to figure out where to start, what kinda clothes to people love, what would excite a child and give them the excitement to wear my brand. You don’t run a business a business runs you… Until you realize that you’ll always be struggling.

Great, so let’s talk business. Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
Hip Hop Littles’ mission is bringing culture together little by little while focusing on teaching children that their support, positivity, and love for one another can bring tremendous value and success in life.  Through different life situations and lessons, learning from one another, and honoring each other’s uniqueness; we are always stronger together. Music being the sole connection, we dance in our own rhythm in harmony.

Hip Hop Littles is looking to build our youth and unity in our community. Somewhere love has been lost, and that’s our mission is to generate a better world for our future kings and queens to throne.

Over the last year, Hip Hop Littles has been honored to participate in the community Trunk or Treats Christmas Parade, Christmas Events, Easter Event, and Breast Cancer Walk. The children enjoyed Hip Hop Littles; they even recognized our team at different events.  Along with being present in the community, Hip Hop Littles has donated to Comers Children’s Hospital, Chicagoland Dentist Offices and Michigan Dentist Offices; and that is just the beginning.

A dream of mine as the C.E.O began as a clothing brand and over the past year has expanded into an entertainment company.  I’m super excited that our children’s books will be released soon along with our animation series.  Teaching children lessons in a fun fashion will make it suitable for all ages.

The dominate message being sent is everything we stand for as a company. Everyone’s child is different, and we all come with different lifestyle changes and developments that shape our lives. Loving our kids and one another as we grow and take on our day-to-day, could really change the way the world reacts. Every parent nowadays especially is looking for something that is positive that can hold their kid’s interest and be positive, HERE WE ARE!.

As a brand, we are exactly what other brands claim to be, A LIFESTYLE!!. Our mission will eventually let every child know that they are not alone.

Music and rhythm seemingly find their way into the secret places of the soul, sparking an urge to unify.  Bound by a beat and tethered by cultures and ethnicities, Hip Hop Littles seeks to unify the little musical souls under the banner of culture and bring together diverse ethnicities.

With togetherness in mind and music at heart, the endeavor sought expressionism of what lies within.  Much like the beats to a song, each individual coexists in this oyster world with its individualistic persona that Hip Hop Littles strives to set free.  We translate musical chords into a fashion statement, intending to encourage expressionism and fuse into one.  The delicacy of fabrics and the contemporary touch of style both go together to make fashion-forward apparel that rhyme with the soul.

When music brings culture together little by little, that’s when independent beats sync to unravel a musical extravaganza on clothing.

Where do you see things going in the next 5-10 years?
Honestly! Giving the direction my company is heading in, my vision is to be bigger than Disney. Even though some may believe that’s a long shot no one in the industry has done or is doing what I’m planning to do. Not only leading in the entertainment industry, doing the most for the people in our nation the kids, the less fortunate, the education these are areas that are being affected by being looked over. My industry I’m looking to push more acceptance to the minorities, giving them the chance to have the conversation.

As the industry evolves so will we.  Our children’s books will be best sellers and our animation series will be on Cartoon Network, which will allow us to teach all ages of children through our stories.  Our clothing brand will flourish allow everyone to express their uniqueness.  As communities grow and the trends evolve, so will Hip Hop Littles.  We will keep thriving to be the best and assist our youth and communities as we all grow together.  I will keep looking for every opportunity to assist my team in growth and success.  I am excited with what is coming, truly blessed to inspire others.

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  1. Brandon

    June 29, 2022 at 15:50

    Great article. Very excited for what the brand has to offer and bring the the entertainment and hip hop culture in the upcoming years. Much respect to Modello and his vision.

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