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Inspiring Conversations with Kenneth Ma

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kenneth Ma.

Hi Kenneth, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
I wish someday when some of you watch one of my films in cinema, would think of “Oh Sh*t! I wanna be a filmmaker.” Hi, my name is Kenneth Ma. I’m a creative storyteller through motion pictures by using unique perspectives to connect with people emotionally. I was born and raised in 1995 Hong Kong. I have been influenced by a lot of Hong Kong and Hollywood 80’s and 90’s films. Such as Steven S, Wong Kar Wai and Luc Besson, etc. My first short film “Killer B” was made with childhood friends when I was 18, and I have been fascinated by the magic of film since then. I was very satisfied by the surprising reaction of my friends after watching my first film, it was the first time I felt such strong motivation for myself in memories. After a while of working in another industry, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an influential storyteller through motion pictures to connect with the world.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I would say I’m very lucky that I could work on film and art which are my passion compared to many others who haven’t found out about their “legendary mission”. However, it has never been an easy and smooth road on filmmaking. I used to think I’m a talented and unique filmmaker until I started my journey in Los Angeles. In this magical city, everyone in the art & entertainment industry is thoughtful and creative. The more creative people I met, the more I widened my views. The most struggling moment is to realize myself isn’t the special one. My self-cognition and confidence were collapsing bit by bit. However, it is also a great time to trigger me to renavigate and rebuild my consciousness. Moreover, the quote of Barry Jenkins always motivates me: “Being talented is not enough. Making a wonderful film is not enough…You kind of have to just keep making the work…and in some way, you just have to have faith that as the work gets better, as the skills get better, somehow, not that the industry will come, but you will find your place. You will find a place to apply those skills, and I think, most importantly, be fulfilled both financially and spiritually in the work.”. Besides the financial struggle as a freelance filmmaker, the other “struggle” is the self-challenge and breakthrough that I set for myself in each project (e.g. Here Cut Salon, Puzzled Path). I would reflect on the mistakes each time and think of what could have done better than the previous one in the next shoot. I always push myself to the extreme boundary and breakthrough my limitations. It makes me fall apart each time, but I enjoy this “struggle” because I feel accomplished when I look back and see myself improve.

Link to watch Here Cut Salon:
Puzzled Path website:

Great, so let’s talk business. Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
We are a creative and ambitious production company based in Los Angeles that provides various motion picture production services, including filmmaking, commercial, music video, interview, etc. We offer highly personalized plans and services to each one of our clients to best accomplish their production needs and goals. What sets us apart from others is that our crew members grew from freelancing artists’ backgrounds so that we are able to provide various unique and artistic ideas as well as marketing points of view to our clients. Our crews are active in the industry across from the post-production departments and Physical production professionals to the performers in front of the camera. Therefore, we specialize in handling our clients’ production requests from the very beginning stages to the final result while also taking delight in helping them develop their ideas and productions at any stages in between. Forming from a diverse background, we have established relationships with clients from both local businesses and overseas. And we are always excited about new partnerships and looking forward to delivering the best experience possible to our clients, film lovers, and business partners.

What does success mean to you?
Success essentially is a fiction of human beings. Putting the mainstream social value aside (Materialism and ​​vanity), I believe success is a multiple relationship between ambition/desire, ability, time, and resources. Moreover, it exists in our daily life every second when we make a decision or take an action. For example, when a kid wants to cook some bacon (want) for brunch (time) at 11 am, but he knows he isn’t good at cooking (ability). Therefore he decides to bake the bacon by using an oven (resources). Unfortunately, the oven is malfunctioning, now he must go to get a new one or think of other tools to alternate the oven. He decides to use a pan to cook it. After 10 mins of cooking, the kid is finally done with the cooking. Although the bacon is overcooked and it doesn’t taste as delicious as he thinks, he is still “successful” in terms of getting what he wants with the imitative ability in this case. The conditions that will cause him to “fail” are “the kid wants to have some delicious bacon” and “the kid takes a couple of hours to cook the bacon and it passes the time of brunch”. Success is very subjective and we can always adjust the conditions of ambition/desire, ability, time, and resources to fulfill our needs. It is all about our abilities and resources to be compatible with our desire in a ​​limited time while maintaining a harmonious state in our innermost needs. There is no true failure unless people give up.


  • Director $500/DAY
  • Chief Lighting Technician $400/Day
  • Best Boy Electrician $300/Day

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