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Inspiring Conversations with Gloria Correa

Today we’d like to introduce you to Gloria Correa.

Hi Gloria, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
In darkness there is light, In light there is hope, In hope there is love. Even though you may think or feel you are alone, you never are alone. I knew this being born with the abilities to see and hear inside and outside people. As you might imagine this brought many challenges. Quickly I adjusted to never fitting in, being told I was going to hell if I kept telling physical people about the non-physicals or about some ailment they might know or not, that they had. I grew up believing everyone wanted to help each other as much as I did. I hid my gifts, choosing my creative nature instead. Born in Colombia, raised in NYC, turned Fashion designer, illustrator and model, I got to travel a lot.

Since I was born clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairvisual I lived life as if my next hour might be my last. Those energy beings, passed on told me pretty grim stories and I just wanted better health for myself and those who were in my realm of life. I was living the dream as a corporate head designer, married to Prince Charming, and expecting a child when September 11 hit. We lived in the village a few miles away from the twin towers. The number of deaths and of course the passed-on souls trying to get me to help them- affected me leading to almost losing the daughter I was carrying. This event forced me to take a real good look at how I’d managed to ‘make believe’ I was “normal.” Luckily, as with all synchronicities in this life we live, I started to pay attention. My daughter was born with some health challenges. She was the impetus that led me to come out of the “I’m different” closet. I combined my psychic abilities, hypnotherapy, coaching, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, energy healer, etc. and maximized my passion for learning, leading me to absorb certifications, degrees and become a “one-stop shop for all your whole body needs.” Yes, that was the tagline for my business at first!

My strictly word-of-mouth business grew. I kept re-inventing new ways to deliver the best possible service and get the best possible results. My day-to-day consisted of one on one clientele as well as using my Colombian ordaining of Shamanhood doing ceremonies of Soul retrieval journeys, whereas, I guide people through breathwork and drumming to get in touch with their higher purpose. This led to the creation of holotropic emotional plant teacher flower essences, the development of different modalities, lectures, retreats, and the foundation of my work: the “four-legged table” concept representing each area of health of your 4 legs being solid and then you can lead an optimal healthy life.

Since I can remote view, I was able to work worldwide with not only people but companies as a medical and business intuitive. In 2016, I was given the possibility of a reality TV Show which I turned down believing it would not be a fit (now I realized I was still insecure and the thought was “why me?” since I was going through a divorce exploring my dark night of the soul or my Kali period as I like to call it now.)

I had helped and changed many lives for the better and the Universe started rewarding me. I was chosen to go to Panama as a world-changing thought leader. My brilliant daughter convinced me we should move to LA since as she stated, “mom, you always say love and community are what’s most important and I want to study film, so we should move while I’m in school and you can try to get your show while I get to find my community.” So, we drove across America (another one of her ideas so we could see this beautiful country we live in!)

I believe it is very important to give back in gratitude for my gifts, therefore, I traveled every year to do volunteer healing with the organizations helping impoverished children and teenage moms. However, due to the pandemic, I had to once again refocus on how I can best be of service to the world, leading me to today. I am amidst my Ph.D. in Healthy aging and my dissertation is based on mixing Western and Eastern sciences via a therapy I developed called B.A.H (Birthday Acu-Hypnotherapy) it combines the person’s birth to their stage of life, and according to the I-Ching used as a medical and divination guide each person has a 48-hour window to “travel” and get goals, intentions and have a paradigm shift altering their next steps in life in alignment to who they really want to be while cutting family lineage DNA spiritual contracts they no longer need to carry and clearing health issues simultaneously. The whole of my work keeps me in full gratitude.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
According to the I-Ching we are encoded to step into our life with challenges connected to our family DNA. The challenges I’ve had, have all been based on my belief systems. Ironically, having been born with ESP abilities to see and hear I’ve had to spend my life battling to be heard and seen by my family, friends and skeptics. It made me work harder, and now, what I know and do are becoming the norm thanks to technology, and I get to do my PhD in a life-changing drugless therapy.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
I change people’s lives for the best. After 20 years of helping people with my 4-legged table program, I am able to deliver results. Most people find me after they’ve tried everything. As a Medical & Business Intuitive, I offer One on One concierge monthly plans & Corporate wellness programs and lectures worldwide. I help people navigate their best at present versions alongside drugless therapies. I am known for my honesty and love of humanity and the planet.

What are you most proud of brand wise?
The two areas I am most proud of are:
1. Having the honor of growing a successful business via word of mouth.
2. Getting to do my PhD in my BAH (Birthday Acu-Hypnotherapy) technique. I am excited to teach other practitioners, simultaneously leaving a legacy of an effective healing modality using acupuncture and neurological access without any harm.
3. My holotropic flower remedies which help with neurological, and emotional issues I combine homeopathy, emotional essences, minerals, Chinese medicine and plant teacher flowers.

What do you want our readers to know about your brand, offerings, services, etc?
Since I offer an array of modalities it is best to see for a list and menu depending on each person’s needs.

Is there something surprising that you feel even people who know you might not know about?
My love of constant growth reading, learning, art, and travel. I am an avid outdoors person, and love to draw, paint, and write. I am an Internationally certified Permaculturist and use this to help my clients learn to grow their own food. Also, the fact that I refuse to ‘scan’ people without their permission. I am here to have this physical experience and appreciate walking through life with all my mistakes.

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