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Inspiring Conversations with Chanel Brennan of Fusion Wellness

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chanel Brennan.

Hi Chanel, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
Since I was a child, I can always remember experiencing spirit on a very heightened level. I was always highly empathic to the people around me and seeing energy in all forms. My limited understanding at the time and lack of guidance of these things lead to a lot of confusion for me growing up. The reality I lived in as a child was full of chaos, living in a house with both parents having drug and alcohol abuse issues. I “lived” more in the spirit world than my physical world for most of my childhood. I recall regularly having out-of-body experiences where I would feel my soul float out of my body and look back towards my physical self. This contributed to feeling different than my peers since a very young age. I always had this underlying feeling of never really fitting in a part of this planet and was an undertone and root for a lot of my addictions to manifest themselves. Due to this lack of internal heart connection to myself, I started to become chronically debilitated from my low self-worth. I manifested many different addictions in different forms such as anorexia, bulimia, opioid abuse, the medical system, etc. Anything to search outside of myself for what was an internal solution. My father spent the last 12 years of his life healthy and addiction-free, taking custody of me during my teenage years. He became my best friend and role model showing me what’s possible when a decision is made to take control of your life.

Unfortunately during his life, I wasn’t very open & receptive to his positive example; for several years. My father ended up passing away not long after from late onset cancer and my world felt shattered. I was in the peak of my drug abuse, not wanting to be alive and searching through these addictions to help “cure” the internal pain, traumas, unresolved issues with family, and childhood neglect. I was in a long-term relationship but had never felt so alone in my life due to the unhealthy nature of it. At the same time, I could not deny who I was any longer finding myself at a spiritual and physical crossroads of my life. I met David who turned out to be a major catalyst in finally freeing myself of my unhealthy relationships and addictions. After knowing each other for just a few days, I took massive action in my life and left my relationship telling him I wanted to get off opioids. Together we figured out a holistic and safe means of withdrawals and became partners in life. I trusted the universe, myself and my loved ones from the other side were always with me guiding, sending me peace, unconditional love and courage to move forward. With the basic principles of love and understanding being the foundation of my life, I’ve done and continue to do deep healing of my past traumas, addictions and unhealthy behaviors. Due to my experiences, I see the vast majority of all mental health issues, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, eating disorders and other unhealthy patterns in life typically having a spiritual root.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It has definitely not been the smoothest road, there has been a lot of struggles. Some self-created, some external factors that are out of my control. I don’t have any formal education in business, design or other training. Largely due to my health issues/surgeries and life choices at the time. When I decided to turn this into an actual business and saw the vision for what the entire company could be, I was excited but also, my circumstances were not in my favor. Around the same time I started product development: creating products, titles, formulas and scalable solutions infracture with manufacturing, my partner and I were at an emotional, mental, financial and spiritual breaking point. We were extremely broke, in debt, exhausted, internally struggling with ourselves and in fear of speaking up with one another about all of this external collapsing around us. In order to pay for some of the supplies and other startup costs and to try and help keep things afloat with bills, I had to sell most of the things I owned and was given by family members that passed on. Within about six months of the initial product development, I ended up hitting a literal wall of my life and had what would be labeled as a “mental breakdown”. As a result of the surrounding mental, physical, relationship and other factors that had become unhealthy, I hit my car into a pole and brick wall at 50mph ending up in a 5150 and 5250 psychiatric hold in a mental institution.

After leaving the psych ward, I decided to refocus my energy on developing the brand and products while also working to rebuild myself in all aspects. There was a lot to work through just based on being a first-time business owner in addition to dealing with the aftermath of the crash which included some head trauma, depression and other more mental/emotional challenges that were associated with the crash/concussions/etc. I went through some stages of self-sabotage after the ward which created additional challenges for me on my journey. We were able to do an initial packaging run on 2 of the products I created, investing all the money we had at the time. I was able to generate some sales with the initial production run but quickly found there were some areas of the packaging that need to be retooled due to certain limitations of materials and other issues. I ended up spending the next 6-9 months on redeveloping the packaging and expanding the product line to most of what you can see today. There are daily challenges and obstacles in both life and business; this is a universal truth regardless of your walk of life. Staying forward-focused and learning from mistakes while not maintaining focus on the past/my shortcomings is one of the best tools I can recommend for keeping “determination” energy strong. There is much more that can be shared but this business has taught me and continues to teach me every day about who I am and what I am capable of overcoming.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
Fusion Wellness is a Wellness Lifestyle and Products Brand that includes a variety of products, many of which are CBD products. I am finalizing the design and other aspects of several additional products to both the overall wellness product category as well as the CBD product category. Fusion Wellness is rooted in truth and intention. We are here to show you what’s possible in your life and what you can become through love and belief towards yourself and others. We place specific intentions on each product’s packaging so you can feel us by your side with love, support and understanding as you navigate your own life’s journey. The vision for the company growth is to expand into various other facets that serve others in daily life.

I also have Fusion Wellness TV, a video podcast/interview show that is focused on bridge building physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life by finding the similarities between individuals in various walks of life, nurses, surgeons, healing practitioners, business owners of all backgrounds and otherwise everyday inspirational people. I am also looking forward to starting a publishing house for my own books that I have been working on for the last several years and want to assist others in the ability to reach the masses with their own books/creative works. I believe we all have a story to tell and my goal is to do that in an unfiltered format with a focus on common underlying universal aspects of human nature.

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