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Justin Whiite

In college, I was studying film in San Diego but was disappointed there wasn’t a stronger animation program. I found the website threadless which was an online t-shirt design competition and became very involved with their community of artists. I ended up focusing more on my artwork, switched majors (to digital art), and continued pursuing different avenues of illustration. Because of threadless, I realized I was able to make money through art and that was a big realization that sort of defined the direction I went from there. Read More>>

Ra Dreyfus

I was born in sunny Los Angeles, the oldest of 8 children. I went to 13 schools and At the age of 19, I moved to Germany to spend time developing my eye under a high profile Vogue photographer.

In 2006 I flew back to LA, working in production and then I went on to star in the cult phenomenon, Lonelygirl15. Read More>>

Jon Wong

From a very young age, I had a natural affinity towards cameras and photography. On family vacations, I would always find myself wanting to hold the camera and play with it. I would pay more attention to the camera and wanting to push the button rather than take in any sights or views around me. This progressed into getting my own toy camera, the ones where you would take a picture and pull out a strip and out came this like 1×1 inch little polaroid. My parents told me that this little camera was the only thing toy that I hung onto and kept. They tried getting me into all different types of extracurricular activities like basketball, gymnastics, band, piano lessons, tennis, but to this day I couldn’t tell you how to really do any one of those things. Read More>>

David Lee Dailey

Born and raised in N. California. Found photography at age 15, and immediately loved it. I prefer shooting and hand-processing B+W film. Attended college at CSU Sacramento; enrolled as Mechanical Engineering major. Was a pro snowboarder for a few years. Moved to Los Angeles about 5 years ago, where I try to make as many portraits as possible. I love photographing people; whether portrait, documentary, candid, or whatever. Read More>>

Joseph Rey

I was born and raised in Los Angeles by a single parent. I could not afford to go to art school, so I took some art classes at a local community college while I worked to support myself. As a kid, I could always draw and I began freelancing as an illustrator for a national publication to help supplement my income. When I was 21, I got a job at a print shop where I learned a lot about the print and pre-press processes, including how to spec type, how plates were made, how inks react to different types of paper, binding, photography, art boards — you name it. Read More>>

Michael “Squid” Buchanan

Squid is a college dropout, skateboarder, and serial entrepreneur with a background in visual art and design. In 2010, Squid was featured on stage at Carnegie Hall as one of less than 100 individuals out of 500,000 total applicants to be awarded two Silver Medals at the Scholastics Art & Writing awards. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2012 and founding a venture studio, Colab, in 2013, he has designed mobile and web applications with user bases in the millions and continues to do so daily. Squid has one successful exit under his belt and has worked directly with 30+ startups building brands and designing experiences. Squid also co-founded and operates a skateboard company, Less Than Local, which sells custom skateboard decks and apparel. Read More>>

Arturo Wibawa

I decided to enter the creative industry while I was in high school. My group of friends would get together to write silly comics and play video games. From there, I knew that I liked to create and make stuff for people to enjoy. I went to school for a graphic design degree but I really didn’t have any specific goals after I graduated. I was a bit lost in the sea of many possibilities. Read More>>

Nathan Lyttle

Growing up in the Baltimore area as a misfit skateboarder and musician I never thought much about the idea of going to college or having a “career”. I’ve always enjoyed art and loved to draw but it wasn’t until I spent the first two years after high school working in a warehouse that I realized I needed to do something else with my life. Read More>>

Marquis Love

I’m a graphic designer, and artist based in Los Angeles. I’m a professional multi-disciplined designer, animator, and illustrator. I work as a freelance graphic designer, but I am also a full-time designer at Enso in Santa Monica. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing brands including Lego, San Diego Zoo, and Ubisoft amongst many others. I am a vigorous seeker of knowledge and a faithful lover of art and design. I love exploring exciting and interesting concepts and have a deep passion for urban art and culture. Read More>>

Evan Kosowski

When I was young I played in a bunch of bands and thought music would be my calling, that was, until my first band needed some t-shirts and a website. Drawing logos and designing things was something I did a bunch as a kid so naturally, I was quick to raise my hand. A website and a t-shirt turned into a bunch of websites and T-shirt designs for my bands and other local bands. Once I realized this hobby could be a “job” there was never a point where I looked back… I knew what I’d be focusing my life on. After that, it’s just a little hard work, focus, and determination. Read More>>

Wendy Xu

After a typography class sparked my interest in letters, I went on to study type design where I learned how to draw letters digitally and create typefaces. During the course, students were asked to try calligraphy and writing with different tools as a way to understand letterforms. There was something about putting pen to paper and making letters stroke by stroke that really appealed to me. After the course, I moved from New York to Los Angeles and found freelance work doing graphic design, but I wasn’t happy with the work I was producing. Read More>>

Marlene Luciano

I started going to castings and working as a background actor in New York circa 2007. I learned about castings and classes through word of mouth and slowly worked my way to getting cast in short films and some print work. At the time I had been studying broadcasting at a trade school and I found that it wasn’t challenging enough and decided to give acting a try. In between acting, I was also shooting with photographers from around the way and would sometimes help with wardrobe styling other shoots/projects which later became more of art directing. Read More>>

Hannah Spencer

I grew up in a very creative family. Art was a major influence throughout our childhood, both observing and creating it. We competed in local fairs with mix media paintings and sculptures, so it was natural to be drawn to a creative career. I started dancing (ballet, modern, tap, etc) and was convinced that would be what I did for the rest of my life, but I took a graphics class and realized it just clicked with me. I found it challenging but satisfying in a way that surprised me. After that experience, I focused primarily on graphic design throughout school. I moved to LA from Michigan because LA has intriguing design jobs and opportunities, and I wanted to really do something new. Read More>>

Grace Duong

I always knew I wanted to work in the arts field. I went to a magnet middle & high school where the arts program was ultimately taken out due to lack of funding – but I always found ways to involve myself with art by taking Saturday classes, working as a mural artist, and joining stage crew so that I could paint sets. Read More>>

Kassandra Heller

7 years ago I moved here like most people… for work! Haha which actually the animation industry was pretty dried up at the time..but most places were better than Detroit. (for the record I love Detroit!) Read More>>

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