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Kate sZatmari

I’ve always had an interest in photography and gravitated towards it even when I was young. I remember taking the family point and shoot camera and photographing flowers, of course, they always ended up blurry as I was too close to them, the moon, which of course always ended up too small, as I was too far away, and pretty much anything else I saw. I asked my mom in grade eight to buy me a book on “How to See Creatively” and took off from there. I took photography classes all through high school, studied photography in college, got my business license and began photographing models in Toronto. Read More>>

Chloe Zak

I’m originally from England but I’ve always had this starry-eyed view of America and the film industry so knew I eventually wanted to end up in Los Angeles. After graduating college with a film degree, I decided to make the move! Only that move ended up being to Houston, TX because that’s where my dad lives and it was the only place in America I knew anyone! I worked for a small video production company which was a great experience but I knew I had to get myself over to LA. So I eventually did. I packed up my little car, convinced my sister to come with me, and drove to La la land. That was over 5 years ago now. Read More>>

Deverill Weekes

I was born in England to a working-class family in a place called Sidcup, which is eleven miles outside of London. I always feel such gratitude toward cameras. They got me out of poverty and ghetto living. I feel my life has been so much better than I could have ever imagined. I went to Westminster University where I received a BA honors in film and photography. Read More>>

Jacob Samuelson

I have had a strong interest in art for as long as I can remember. When I was young I would sit in my room and draw constantly. I would try my best to mimic artists that I enjoyed and was inspired by. In high school, I was introduced to Photoshop through a photography class, which became my first step into digital artwork creation. I first discovered and learned what vector artwork was my first year in community college. I enjoyed creating vector artwork because my lines retained their quality no matter how far in I was zoomed. Currently, I work full-time in Hollywood as a graphic artist with hopes to have my own creative studio in the future. Read More>>

Michael Wessel

I got my start about 5 years ago at a nightlife magazine in Milwaukee doing all sorts of photography. I had just returned from living in Japan for 6 years and came back in late 2010 to a crappy job market. But, I had a camera with years of experience doing photography as a hobby, and most importantly a friend who owned/ran the magazine that I ended up doing a lot of work with. I was actually focused on food photography for a couple years before I started getting into fashion and beauty. Read More>>

Christopher Swanger

After graduating as salutatorian from Westwood College of Design, and receiving my BA in visual communication I was chosen by Fox Sports before I even graduated and went to work as a photo editor. From there I bounced around a lot trying to get as much experience as I could in as many different areas as I could. My journey led me to work on amazing projects and help such clients as Rubio’s,, Billabong, Alpine Stars, Toki-Doki, Pacific Life, and more. Read More>>

Matteo Marjorm

My story starts on the elementary school playground. While other kids were picking up basketballs or jump-ropes, I was picking up markers. I would often spend my recess drawing board games set in fantasy worlds and then play them with my close friends. Around this time, in the mid-90s, I also had the unique opportunity to playtest upcoming attractions for a Disney virtual reality theme park, Disney Quest. Read More>>

Casey Moore

As a kid, I always had an interest in photography, movies, comics basically everything nerdy, but it wasn’t until I got out of the coast guard that a combination of extra cash and seeking a new hobby that finally made me take the leap into photography. After a couple of years of shooting skating and portraits my style started evolving more towards the composite/conceptual realm. Since I had the gi bill I decided might as well go to school for graphic design to round out my skillsets of digital art and photography. Read More>>

Heather Catherine Orr

I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing since I was a kid. I grew up wanting to be a scientist but somehow I always knew I’d end up a writer. After receiving my B.A. in English from UCLA, I started out on the graveyard shift at the LA Times, working as an advertising proofreader. I quickly learned that although I enjoyed proofreading, I wanted to write advertising instead. I stumbled upon a search engine marketing agency that taught me how to write website copy using SEO strategies. Not long after that, I moved from Los Angeles to Seattle for five years. Read More>>

Mandy Pacheco

I always had a passion for fashion and photography. I began studying at Columbia College Chicago and Continued my education at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. I am currently pursuing a career in Fashion Photography; shooting for clothing and jewelry lines, but I also shoot fine art and female nudes. Read More>>

Laura Morales

I started doing makeup for family and friends for Halloween and family gatherings. I enjoyed every time I create a new “look” for everyone and the smile on their faces. I decided that if I was going to do makeup I would like to be educated in various aspects of the makeup, skin, and industry. I have attended several schools from Beauty to Special FX. I have enjoyed learning about the art of makeup and the history of makeup. When I’m on set I make sure to make people feel comfortable and feel their best. Read More>>

Ulric Giezendanner

Us, humans love stories. They make us who we are. We share knowledge, experiences, and feelings in form of stories. A photograph is a very short story, often only a fraction of a second long. I as the photographer, the author, can tell it in great detail and illuminate and focus on the parts I want to convey or stoke the imagination of the observer by the parts that are hidden in the shadows and the blur. Read More>>

Jessica Klier

I grew up with a passion for art, specifically, figure drawing and painting. My interests followed me through college and I graduated from The University of Montana with a Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis in painting. During my last semester, I helped some film student friends with storyboards for their short films and discovered a love for storytelling and illustration. I few months after graduation I left for Los Angeles. Read More>>

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