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Kate Marley

Makeup has interested me since the day I plucked my eyebrows into matchsticks in seventh grade. I poked a lot of friends in the eyes with metallic blue pencils. I didn’t learn to use mascara until sometime in high school when I began acting. Red lipstick made my teeth look yellow and monolids made me feel less beautiful than girls with “typical” eyelids. Read More>>

Cindy Pineda

My love for fashion started when I was young. My mother was a seamstress, so I was always around clothes and fashion. I attended FIDM in Los Angeles to learn more about fashion and merchandising. After I graduated I started working as a fashion merchandiser. Read More>>

Johnny Otto

I began as a Photographer in 2009 when I moved to Los Angeles after attending film school in Canada. Over the years I’ve built up a dedicated base of Actors, Models, and Musicians who rely on me to bring out their very best. Read More>>

Franzy Staedter

Growing up in Germany with parents and grandparents is politics, I always understood the importance of wardrobe and appearance. Read More>>

Cee Sando

I came to styling “accidentally”. My background is marketing- corporate marketing to be specific. I never thought I would find myself with a career in fashion. Read More>>

Melanesia Hunter

Melanesia is a self-taught makeup artist with a natural gift for creating and detail. Her love for makeup landed her a job at the MAC counter her senior year of college. The day after Melanesia graduated with a BA in Psychology from Auburn University she moved to Atlanta to “become a makeup artist” and little did she know back then, that she would be DIVINELY guided through a successful makeup career that has led her to travel across the world working with some of the top photographers, glam teams, stylist, art directors,celebrities, artists, musicians, actors, and more. Read More>>

Stacey Dabney

I was introduced to the fashion industry as a career after following my gut instinct and moving to LA 6 years ago. I have always had a knack to be able to put together a great outfit. Read More>>

Kirill Varshavskiy

I started doing photography somewhat early, at the age of 15. Haven’t put down the camera since then, even went to SAIC (one of the top schools for photography) to study it. That’s when things started moving forward, had my first exhibition and first clients. Although my main profession is with IT, I still managed to get into Royal Ontario Museum for one night for a group exhibit, and for a week into Louvre for another group exhibit. Right now I still work commercially, but only on the weekends. Read More>>

Kristin Bjorge

After college, I had a couple of desk jobs in advertising and publishing but moonlighted as a commercial photographer’s assistant whenever possible. Read More>>

Jessica Fierro

I’ve been working as a professional makeup and hair stylist for almost 10 years. About 5 years out of the Hollywood area in Los Angeles. Read More>>


My grandmother was a seamstress, and I would sit with her by the sewing machine for hours when I was a little girl. We would sew patches on my jeans and in high school she helped me design and make my own clothes combining treasures I found at local thrift stores. Read More>>

Richard Franklin

I took photography up as a hobby about 20 years ago. Then began to specialize in glamor. No nudity, ethnically diverse fit models. Strong emphasis on vivid colors. Developed a unique style which led to many articles that emphasized my creation of a distinctive look. Read More>>

Samantha Nazario

I’ve always had a major interest in the Fashion Industry I even remember my high school senior project was to put together a collage of where I saw myself in 10 years career wise and it was all about being in the Fashion Industry. Read More>>

Jordan Southerland

There’s so much beauty here in Los Angeles. I feel truly blessed to wake up here every morning. I grew up in the south and, even as a kid, I was always dreaming big and wanting to put a smile on everyone’s face. I’d like to think I’ve brought a little southern charm to California with me. Read More>>

Nancy Dobbs Owen

I have been dancing professionally since I graduated from high school. Along the way, I got a college degree, danced with major ballet and modern companies and eventually joined the National tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. Midway through the run, I was in a nasty car accident and shattered my arm. I started making jewelry as physical therapy and people started to buy it. Read More>>

Chris Manitius

I fell into photography casually looking for a new hobby while pursuing acting. I took Intro to DSLR Photography at LA Valley College and I was hooked. I started to take headshots of my actor friends, and I started to get paid for it. Read More>>

Lana Spasojevic

I had a passion for styling since the very young age, I used to bring my friends over, dress them and take pictures. Read More>>

Khder James Hernando

I enjoyed viewing marvelous photos when I was growing up. I started to love travel photography and making travel photos when I was in the US Army during the time that I was stationed in Germany (circa 2006-2008). Read More>>

Tom Sorensen

Though I’ve been an artist since I was old enough to take a marker to the underside of my parent’s furniture, professional photography didn’t start for me until after years after I arrived in Los Angeles. Originally, I was brought here from Minnesota to be a graphic artist for The Daily Breeze Newspaper and, years later, the Hollywood trade Variety. Read More>>

Celeste Fields

It honestly started as a hobby and to this day it’s still a hobby to me. I used to work at American Apparel circa 2008-2010 and I got introduced to the world of visual merchandising. I randomly changed a mannequin one day and found it to be super fun. It came pretty easy to me. Read More>>

Gina Banic

I started working in the entertainment industry about 20 years ago. I started out as a writer for a magazine in Germany, which exposed me to a lot of celebrities and gave me a good insight into that world. I then decided to move to Los Angeles in 2001 in order to further pursue a career in Entertainment, not being sure in which capacity. Read More>>

Daniel Calderón

I started practicing photography in high school. I was encouraged to try out by my art instructor who also taught the class and I just fell in love with the process. Now, I’ve come a long way from then. Having a greater understanding of myself has allowed me to develop a style that represents me and where I come from. There is a lot of planning that goes into my photographs. From initial inspiration to finding the right team, lighting design and executing. Read More>>

Naomi Zinns

Started as an assistant to a fashion stylist in San Francisco and worked my way up from there. Read More>>

Jayme Burrows

I started with photography in high school, taking analogue darkroom classes and shooting for my school newspaper. Then I went to college to study law and I knew it wasn’t the right path for me so I enrolled at the Brooks Institute and finished my undergrad degree at UC-Santa Barbara, changing my major to art history and took classes at Brooks at the same time. After completing both of those degrees I worked as a photojournalist for a few years, and then went back and got my MFA in photography. After that, I started shooting more editorial work in the food and wine world. Read More>>

Nicolette Jackson-Pownall

I come from a publishing background and I’ve been surrounded by and in love with photography since college. For years I photographed people for the pure pleasure of discovering something beautiful or uniquely captivating about them. Read More>>




















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