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Sandra D

I became a hairstylist on accident. I signed up for a class where I later realized I misread the class description and couldn’t get a refund after opening up my kit. After the first semester, I knew I was changing careers. The art of cutting, coloring, and hairdressing came naturally to me. This is where I learned a solid foundation of classic hairdressing. Read More>>

Michelle Graves

I first became passionate about fashion and beauty at a real young age. When I was 8 I used to spend hours flipping through magazines while my mother cut and styled hair at a salon in Israel. One day I found a picture of a short layered bob I wanted. My mom refused to cut my long hair so I took it upon myself . Which became my first dry cut. Read More>>

Briana Dunning

Well, I went to hair school directly out of high school. Originally I thought I wanted to be an accountant, but my mother, knowing me, found that hilarious and bewildering. When she helped me figure out how boring that would be I abandoned that idea immediately! Read More>>

Lisa Bryant

I was introduced to the hairdressing world as a teenager when I became a hair model for Toni&Guy. After going through that experience I saw how creative this world could be and knew that it was what I wanted to do. Immediately after high school, I attended Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy in Santa Monica in 2007. After graduating, I worked at a few salons on the west side and in West Hollywood. Read More>>

Danah Cleaton

My love for Makeup began when I was only in the 8th grade. My older sister was a freshman and she received a makeup kit as a gift upon entering high school. I instantly feel in love with all the beautiful colors and assortments of blush, eye shadows, and lip colors. I found myself sneaking into my sister’s room and trying on all her products. Of course, I was caught, seeing as I left fingerprints in her eyeshadows. I was officially banned from my sister’s makeup. Read More>>

Jazzie Bella

I fell into fashion while interning at Rock and republic at 18, a friend Sasa Jalili asked if I wanted to assist her with a shoot for Stuff magazine with Stacy Kiebler… Then Elle Japan magazine asked if they could photograph me for fashion makers in Los Angeles. It all snowballed from there. Read More>>

Claire Gonella

I have always been involved in artistic activities such as painting, drawing… I love being creative and I would have loved love to be able to do that for a living. I began with an artistic diploma but then I’ve taken another way by doing some tourism management studies. Read More>>

Corey Deshon

I always wanted to take pictures of everything as a kid. Not even in pursuit of being a photographer, but just because I loved going out and making images. Much later in life, I relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a screenwriter and director, and professional photography just sort of simultaneously grew out of that need for visual storytelling that I had. Read More>>

Audrey Rae

As a youngster, I was constantly cutting my own hair, styling it in crazy knots and persuading my friends to let me do the same to them. The love for hair and art was innate. I went through beauty school while I was still in high school, where it really became apparent to me that hair was to be my career path. I enjoyed the freedom of it, the rewarding feeling of having a craft that could take me anywhere in the world and keep me busy. Later I discovered one of the true reasons hair is my passion is the human healing aspect of it. Read More>>

Serana Rose

Born and raised on a goat farm in Iowa, my mother taught me how to sew at a young age. I always had a love for fashion and especially things that are unexpected and elegant. I knew in order to express myself truthfully I would have to create my own fashion line. Read More>>

Wallace Lebrun

Being attracted to art a young age, painting provided an outlet which allowed me to spend time on interesting subjects. Garnering local attention from friends and family heightened and evoked emotional tangibility to continue autodidacticism or self-teaching. Read More>>

Bree Bailey

I started loving art when I was very young and had always had a natural knack for drawing. When I was about 9 years old I got my very first sewing machine and started learning how to sew and make my own clothes. The mix between clothing and art led me to start creating my own Halloween costumes and makeups. As I grew older I started to dabble in hairstyling as well. I always did the hair for all my friends’ school dances. Read More>>

Phillip Kim Marra

I got started in photography right after I got out of the Army. I took some photography courses at the local community college, right after that I decided to move to California to further my photography education. After I finished school I assisted a top L.A. photographer where I learned a lot about the business, dealing with clients, putting a creative team together and lighting setups. Read More>>

Jessica Kittredge

I have really thick curly hair, I was always fussing over it to keep it tame. I grew up dancing, modeling, acting, & I really hated looking the same every day so changing my hair to help give me a different persona. I always felt I was meant to be redhead so I started playing with color a lot in high school as well. Before I knew it, I was doing all my friends’ hair for, cheer, dance, prom, etc…I chose to go to cosmetology school so I could have an income while pursuing dance, modeling, singing & acting. Read More>>

Hovo Tufenk

I went to my first music festival in 2006 I saw a guy walking around taking pictures and I thought to myself wow this is a cool gig to walk around taking pics capturing ppl good times and creating memories for them to have forever. Next week I went and I bought myself a camera, I contacted Plurlife asking if they were looking for an event photographer to shoot at events that people would post on their website and that’s where my journey for photography began. Read More>>

Lisa Munns

I’ve always had a niche for artistry and makeup. When I was finishing my Bachelors of Science, it dawned on me and I thought to myself “maybe I chose the wrong major.”
I decided to take a makeup certification courses and was noted as a “natural beauty artist” by my instructor and peers. Read More>>

Michael Iloba

Like some things in life, my photography began as a hobby. It’s amazing when I look back to see how far I have come. Of course, I enjoyed taking pictures, something I know everyone can relate to when they get their first camera. As time went on, I developed a relentless passion for getting better, spending countless hours educating myself on the technical aspect and relentlessly kept shooting so you could say at the early years I was self-taught. Read More>>

Joshua Magallanes

I’m originally from South Georgia and moved to LA about 6 years ago. I started dabbling in drag about three and a half years ago. I wanted to expand my skills in makeup so I went to school for a year. from there I worked on my drag bookings and I try to challenge myself daily with my artistry. Read More>>

Charles Mitri

I got interested in photography about three years ago after watching a video on YouTube on New York headshot photographer, Peter Hurley. He has a very distinct style and although he inspired me to start shooting, I didn’t particularly want to mimic his look because it lacked a sense of depth and location that I really liked in images. Read More>>

Corey Deshon

I always wanted to take pictures of everything as a kid. Not even in pursuit of being a photographer, but just because I loved going out and making images. Much later in life, I relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a screenwriter and director, and professional photography just sort of simultaneously grew out of that need for visual storytelling that I had. Read More>>

Erin Calvillo

I am actually starting my career, I wanted to do a career where I could be as creative as I wanted- and dye my hair any color I wanted. During High School, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what I even liked. I then took an elective, which happened to be photography and my teacher made the subject fun and interesting. Read More>>

Aleksandr Vardanyan

I started my journey to the wonderful world of photography in the late 90’s in Yerevan, Armenia. My father worked for one of the main Television channels in Armenia and I guess both me and my sister got influenced by the concept of journalism and capturing what we see,Yerevan is a beautiful city architecture wise and the people around us influence us to be creative. We had an old soviet Zenit camera with a nice 48mm 1.4 lens so we started experimenting with film and ever since then I fell in love with the creative world of photography. Read More>>

Rudy Bonifaz

I grew up in San Diego, California. Most of my life I have focused on the music side of things of my career. I love to write and record songs. However, at the same time, I had a growing passion for photography at the age of 16. I only had one photography class in high school, and although it was not the most educational class, it allowed me to start experimenting and finding new ways to portray my artistic vision. Read More>>



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