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Rick Craft

Before I started shooting in 2009, I was doing a little photo editing for other photographers. I liked taking it a bit further than they usually requested, resulting in my own style that never really saw the light of day. I would send over the edited photos but felt like I wanted more from it. I bought my first DSLR in 2009, a Nikon D60. With this, I started setting up my own photoshoots just so I could edit the photos the way that I envisioned. Read More>>

Elisabeth O’Rourke

I started taking photographs when I was 15. I started on my mom’s old Pentax, in a traditional wet darkroom. After a while my grandpa gave me his old Nikon FG, having the freedom to explore and to explain the world any way I saw fit was such an amazing feeling, I knew I wanted it to be my future. Read More>>

Asato Iida

I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan and I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 when I was 22.

The reason I came to LA was to study recording engineer and become an engineer. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to work as the recording engineer. Read More>>

Shannon Lee

I first became smitten with imagery and photography when I was around 10 yrs. of age in the basement of my grandparents home in Poughkeepsie, NY. My grandfather had this amazing collection of National Geographic Magazines and Antique Cameras. I used to hide behind an old player piano in the basement and pretend that I was in some far off wild place shooting tigers and elephants with his camera collection. Naturally, once I was able to take a photography class, I did! That class turned into me moving to Florida to go to College where I earned a degree in Film and Photography way back before digital shooting was even an option. Read More>>

Michael Letterlough Jr

I’ve always been an artist. I used to draw/sketch and paint as a kid. I had my first piece of artwork in a gallery when I was 12 years old. In college, I majored in Magazine Journalism and took a photography course which revealed my talent for photography. I began photography using a 35mm camera, using only natural light and developing photos in a darkroom. Read More>>

Ron Villanueva

I originally went to school for Architecture, however, I quickly realized how expensive it got (art supplies, etc.). I knew I wanted to major in something where I could be artistic and have a fun career. So I became a graphic design major. As soon as I graduated many years ago, I was hired by a boutique advertising / design company. Read More>>

Max Aria

I grew up in rural Mississippi and started photography there — because in Mississippi, you need a hobby (it’s a little slow). I studied at Mississippi State University, then moved out to Los Angeles to branch out. At first, LA is an intimidating market, with some of the top creatives in any field here, but after time, you tend to find your niche. I was fortunate to connect with people who liked my style, and opportunities slowly came about. Read More>>

Ryan Roberts

My story actually starts in my theatrical roots as an actor first and foremost. I started pursuing makeup as a sort of side hobby interest during my senior year of college back in 2008. Now I had been doing stage makeup for theatre performances since I was 12, so that type of work wasn’t unfamiliar to me, but fashion was a whole other story haha. Read More>>

Ted Sun

Traveling led me to my passion and career in photography. In the span of 5 years, I traveled to over 70 countries across all 7 continents. From the excitement of backpacking in India to the joy of walking with penguins in Antarctica, I was inspired to capture the experiences and be able to share the stories. Read More>>

Maya Ismailova

I immigrated from Russia. Lived in Boston for nearly 14 years. Got my ALB in Studio Arts and Business Studies from Harvard University. Did some freelance photography in Boston and Florida. I endured many hardships moving to this new world, learning the language, going to school, adopting the culture, before I got where I am now. And now I am in Los Angeles after moving from San Francisco where I lived for almost two years. I’ve been in LA only for a few months. I love it here and I think there is an opportunity for me here as an artist and as a photographer. Read More>>

Tee Nguyen

I actually never knew that I wanted to be a makeup artist. I knew I loved art and drawing, painting, fashion, photography anything to do with art attracted me, but never once I thought let me make makeup a career. I remember I was working in property management for about 10 years and making really good money but hated my job. During that time I decided to enroll myself in cosmetology school for hair and while in school I remember these people came to my school and said they are offering a makeup class if anyone is interested and that we would get a discount if we decide to take the class. Read More>>

Gabriel Mendoza Weiss

I grew up in a military family. My father was a Colonel in US Air Force. We’d travel around the country to different military bases every two years. Never having a true hometown has been something that’s influenced my work in many ways. I studied filmmaking at a small private school called Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Upon graduation, I moved out to LA to pursue shooting and directing shorts and music videos. On weekends, I would shoot photos of my friends roaming the streets of LA. Read More>>

Dom Wise

I began shooting at the beginning of 2014. I started out in my hometown of Boston asking friends to shoot with me. Once I got better, I started asking local models through Instagram to shoot. With every shoot, I was getting better. I visited LA for a month to work on music and network. I got invited to shoot BTS at the Arsenic Magazine mansion & that’s where I met a bunch of cool people in the LA area. Read More>>

Violet Schrage

My father and mother were always taking photos of us growing up, so I was already very used to having a camera around. At the age of 12, I received a birthday gift of a camera and started taking photos of everything, small mini fashion shoots of my sister and friends, along with documenting my life of course. Read More>>

Elizabeth Zuluaga

I was a broadcast journalism major and in my second year of college. I needed an elective so I decided on a black and white dark room class. I had a feeling that I would love it since I had grown up with cameras my whole life (my mom was an avid picture taker since I was a little girl). From the first assignment, I was given I immediately fell in love, changed my major to photo communications and have been shooting ever since. Read More>>

Anna Demarco

I have always been an artist. I didn’t always have a lot of direction as an artist, though. My preferred medium used to be paint. I enjoyed mixed media, and I appreciated photography because I have a hard time creating without reference images. I began shooting as a way to have images that I would like to recreate. Read More>>

Cindil Ashley

The story with me starts at the age of 16. I graduated high school exactly 10 days before my 16th birthday (because high school sucks). At around this time, I took a self-portrait and submitted it to a local modeling agency. And BAM! suddenly I was a model traveling around the country for gigs. After three years of waywardness and constantly feeling insecure about my looks and abilities, I had to take a step back and think: “Is this healthy for me?” Read More>>

Hristo Shindov

First works were shooting my musician friends. Then I figured I had to get formal training based on lack of any knowledge and experience. Which led to me traveling from home country Bulgaria to California for a 3 long and heavy years in Brooks institute. Some internships with very famous photographers followed with some serious personal work was executed at the same time. Read More>>

Bryan Beasley

I started my photography company in the early 2000s and focused on digital headshots for actors. My slogan was “Leave with Headshot in hand”. We’d shoot, retouch, then print an 8×10 in one session. Today, that’s no big deal, but 15 years ago it cut 2 weeks off an actor getting their headshots. That’s how I built my company, and today I focus on high-end portfolios, music, and live events. I’ve been lucky to work with L’Oreal, Fandango, Capital Records, and The Grove LA. Read More>>

Diondre’ Jones

I’ve always had an affinity for the visual arts. So I knew at 14 years old when I picked up the Pentax K1000 camera, I had stumbled upon a new toy and found another form of self-expression. As a student of Black & White film, I would spend four out of five weekdays after school in the darkroom developing images I created. Read More>>

Kilo Alexander

I started about 11 years ago. got my first point and shoot camera and just started taking random pictures of everything and anything. sometimes i’d post stuff on my myspace which was the “it” social media at the time. people would then comment on my photos saying really inspiring things…which got me thinking. hey, maybe this could be something. so i went out and bought a 400 dollar DSLR with and actual lens. Read More>>

Ruthie Carl Taylor

I had always dabbled in mixed media and had taken a photography class back in high school before everything had converted over to digital. I remember my teacher being highly encouraging as she allowed me to do independent projects and often wrote me slips excusing me out of neighboring classes so I could finish developing photos. I spent my senior lunch periods in that dark room. Read More>>

Thea Stevenson

I started as a visual artist and street photographer back in London where I would photograph protests and marches around the streets of London, then went to art school and worked with various photographers working for majored braid sheets such as TIME and t VOGUE, building my own work as a commercial photographer for companies and brands (as well as my photographic fine artwork). Read More>>

Antonio Montes

My name is Antonio Montes. I started shooting film stills when I was 8 years old with my father’s camera and professionally shooting, developing and printing black & white film around 5 years ago. Read More>>


Started off as a commercial model then converted into becoming a fashion photographer by accident. A friend told me that I have keen eyes for fashion and photography so I pursued the career and became successful ever since. Read More>>

Eric Salberg

I grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I’ve always taken an interest in the arts, from music, film, photography, painting, etc. since I was a child. I started learning to develop 35mm film the old fashioned way (In a dark room with chemicals) when I was 16 years old. I ended up going on to study film and video at Columbia College Chicago for a few years, mostly to learn that school had been hitting my pocketbook far more than teaching me to be creative. Read More>>

Federico Zignani

I started my career in Italy in 1988, then moved to California to attend Brooks Institute and UCLA in the early 90’s . After publishing several books of Architecture Photography , I was hired by the Getty to document the Walt Disney Concert Hall project from 1999-2003 . At the same time, I opened my first photo studio in Hollywood in 1999, working in commercial photography, catalogs, fashion, Jewelry, and Architecture. I recently opened a second studio in Las Vegas where I collaborate with a software company. Read More>>

Haidar Giahi

I graduated from Hamburg photo school in 1973. Traveled twenty different countries to photograph people and landscape. July 20, 1977, arrive in New York City. spend my studio in Manhattan and work with many different ad agencies and magazines. Moved to LA in 1985 opened a studio on 1928 Sunset Blvd, CA. Read More>>

Ethan Sigmon

I started shooting when I was 16 but never really was that good. It took me until my early 20’s to really find my direction in photography. During that time I started photographing bands at punk and metal shows in North Carolina, really trying to hone my craft and vision. In college, I studied filmmaking, which came naturally from my experience with photography. Read More>>

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