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Hollywood 7.3.2017

Lucie Ayres

I was born in the Czech Republic​ and​ raised in New York City​. My​ passion for design started when ​I was about 6 ​years old. I rearranged furniture in my room constantly. My father was a carpenter​ and when I was a young teen,​ we collaborated on a custom wardrobe and I was hooked. Read More>>

Zach Negin

Right until we opened our doors, I was working downtown at Bestia as a server, which is where Daniel, now my business partner, was the GM. We knew we wanted to open a casual, neighborhood bar with exceptional service and unique selection of wine and beer. Opening any business has its challenges. I knew some of the ones we would face and others were new to me.  Read More>>

Ash Waters

I decided to shoot… I was at the time (in my eyes) a movie star. A lead in The Jerry Springer Movie- “Ringmaster” under the name Ashley Holbrook. I was repped by one of the top 5 agents in the world and had nothing to bring to the table. I was an alcoholic/addict actor who just had a disabled daughter.  Read More>>

Maury Rogow

I was born in Pittsburgh PA. I dreamed of being in films and movies one day…that was so far off a dream that I started my career in what was exciting and attainable, communications. I worked at AT&T corporate in the Washington DC area in sales, I left to pursue a new dream of being with a start-up company, and build something from scratch. I left AT&T for a tiny company named GeoTel that was competing with major companies. Read More>>

Charlie Dannelly II

Feelings and stress are part of our connection with gravity. The earth exists because of gravity. Everything we are is because of gravity. We have evolved into the beings we are by adapting to the universal, gravitational force as defined in the laws of physics. Read More>>

Spencer Evans

I started out in front of the camera as an actor. With each production, whether film or stage, I found myself becoming more interested in what the director was doing. I was fascinated with how directors would use different elements of film making, on and off camera, to cultivate their vision. This fueled my passion for storytelling and led me into directing and producing. Read More>>

Virginia Hankins

I started in live action entertainment industry through horses – horses were always my passion and inspiration for what I wanted to do with my life. I was fortunate to attend the University of Southern California and blessed to be a wrangler for Traveler, USC’s equine mascot, while I was there. I’d never seen anything quite like it and was enchanted by how a team of people could put on exhibitions in costume that would make thousands of people so happy all at once. Read More>>

Rennie Cowan

My story goes as far back as High School. I remember one day contemplating my life in the library at age 16. I knew I wanted to write, and possibly write screenplays. When I walked out of the library it hit me all at once. Read More>>

Anastasia Roussel

I am an actress/writer/producer, and the owner of White Swan Films. Award Winning Reels is a subsidiary of White Swan Films and was established in 2012 to exclusively handle short format video production and editing, this includes Trailers, Teasers, Sizzle Reels, Branded Content or Promotional Videos, PSA’s, Demo Reels for actors, hosts and other talent, and a uniquely customized Demo Reel Production service for actors. The parent company White Swan Films was founded in 2004 and handles film/TV development, production and post. Read More>>

David Murdico

When I graduated from The University of Southern California with a degree in English Literature, after having quit two other colleges across two states and travelled / partied cross country as the lead singer of a rock band, I roomed up with my favorite fraternity brother in Manhattan Beach, CA and decided I would enter the advertising industry. It looked fun. I sent out 100 resumes to all the top players. Read More>>

Christina Sorensen

I grew up in a huge Italian family, my father who is one of six children and my grandmother was one out of 11 siblings. We were always doing family reunions are holding huge events. I knew I had it in my blood, I found out at early age I love to plan and get creative. When I was little I told my mom I wish I could have a job where I can make everything pretty for people and get paid for it. Read More>>

Jessica Wright

Growing up in Southern Utah my appreciation for nature and botanicals inspired me to find a career where I could travel while surrounding myself with beauty. After high school, I went to San Francisco to pursue Aesthetics and train through the CIDESCO program. It is the most prestigious qualification that can be obtained in the beauty realm. Read More>>

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