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Hollywood 7.19.2017

Kamal Delchad

My love for photography was ignited at age 15, and after years of studying photography in school, I went to attend one of the top photography school in the country, Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. After graduating from Brooks, I moved to LA to get exposed to the advertising world. At Brooks, the education was very technical and challenging. I loved it. I majored in advertising photography, which exposed me to fashion photography. Read more>>

Michael Simon

My leap into the floral world came as a complete surprise to me. I had a little extra time on my hands and started messing around with succulents. I became a little obsessed with the species and their habits and started making arrangements and creating original designs very quickly. People started buying my pieces and my friends pushed me towards other elements like vertical garden walls and patios. I booked several large projects which lead to a crash course in The Flower Mart and how the whole floral system works. Read more>>

Wendy Darling

I have always love taking photos, it was always something that interested me but, I never got into it until I met a couple photographer friends who really pushed me into following my passion. I grew up in Southern California, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the people, everyone so different. I love the places. You can go up to the mountains and enjoy the snow and then go to the beach and enjoy the warm ocean breeze all in the same day! Read more>>

Moshe Levis

People say I’m gifted with a keen eye for photography, a talent exposed by capturing our planet Earth’s most amazing creations: majestic mountains, magical waterfalls, golden roads, natural lakes and rivers, animals, etc. My journey started only after I came to visit in the United States, having Wichita, Kansas as the first city of travel. The moment I experienced the large open spaces, the green fields and the changing landscapes I knew I had to start taking pictures. If not for myself, for the family and friends. Read more>>

Greg Armas

Originally studying art and operating galleries, I started Assembly over 10 years ago in New York and it has since expanded to LA and features its own eponymous men’s and women’s collection. There definitely has been growing pains. Thankfully, keeping up with client demand is one of our biggest hurdles. In addition to fine jewelry, bags, sunglasses, and shoes, Assembly focuses on international designers not otherwise easily found in the US, alongside a curated selection of vintage for men and women. Read more>>

Vik Tchalikian

Ever since I was a child, my passion for cars was evident. When I was 16, I would use my summer break as a chance to work at my uncle’s mechanic shop. As I got older I started working on my own cars with my most obvious being a BMW M3 that was a world record breaking car. At 26 years old, I teamed up with a well experience auto body partner and created RDB LA. My goal was to create a true enthusiasts full auto center focusing on high end automobiles. Read more>>

Kaleigh Lutz

I am proudly a female agricultural business owner. There are not many of us, so we are definitely an anomaly. My entire life, I grew up living a country girl life. Secretly, I had a hidden passion for fashion, industry, and working in the hustle and bustle of a busy corporate world. I was not a typical country girl. I was very fortunate because my mother and I both enjoyed traveling to Europe together and dreaming of faraway lifestyles. Read more>>

Boris Schaak

Boris Schaak is the Founder of Sober Fitness. This LA based philosophy offers the very best fitness coaching and training available tailored to the specific and holistic needs of recovering addicts. Boris has become a healthy catalyst for recovering addicts to find a healthy form of fitness in sobriety. Through his training program he guides clients to understand and unlock their greatest potential in the safest and healthiest manner possible. Read more>>

Lily Kaizer

I opened Happy Isles in September of 2016 as a destination for luxury vintage with a bridal edit in mind. Before starting the shop, I worked for years in the vintage world, and then went on to become an event producer in the fashion industry. The salon is a happy marriage of my passion for vintage and my love for hosting and creating spaces. Starting a business is an emotional roller coaster. There will always be bumps along the road, but when you’re doing something you love the struggle is always worth it! Read more>>

Steve Hanneman

I moved out here from New York after teaching acting at the SAG-AFTRA conservatory in New York for 5 years. Ultimately, it came down to a passion for creating and my dream was to make movies. I founded my own studio, 1817 Film Studios, where I teach classes, but more importantly, create and film original works. I have assembled a team of hardworking professionals who donate their time and energy to make our dreams a reality. The end goal is to create feature films with great scripts and actors that audiences can relate to on an emotional level. Read more>>

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