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Hollywood 6.12.2017

Joseph Daniels

I was Born in New Jersey in 1984, I started my career as AN ARTIST by attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for Digital Media Productions. I fell in love with acting and modeling. After a few years, I had an urge to have more creative control and transitioned to Producing. For the past 5 years, I have refocused my artistic eye on still photography. Read More>>

Chris Jon Peterson

Originally from Australia, I first picked up a camera 12 years ago. With so many actors for friends it became a natural progression into the world of headshots. After gaining success in the small market of Australia, I decided to move to NYC in 2012 and expand my knowledge and work on my craft. After a fantastic learning experience in NY, I moved over to LA in November 2014 and started to focus solely on what I love to do most. Read More>>

Kevin Kelley

Although my father and grandfather were legendary newspaper leaders with deep advertising backgrounds—straight from the era of the MadMen types—I took a radically different path and decided to be an architect when I was six years old. Although I had scant knowledge of what an architect actually does, I was fascinated with how creating the perfect setting could change the way people feel, behave and interact with each other. Read More>>

Dan Blackburn

I spent more than three decades as a network News Correspondent covering everything from the White House to presidential campaign to revolutions. At one point, I flew to Nicaragua with $50,000 in cash strapped to my wrist for the producer there to help smooth things along. Mostly, however, I was considered to be one of the top political specialists. Read More>>

Gene Rukavina

My earliest childhood memory is being in the company of a dog, and they have been my spirit guides ever since. When I was a veterinary technician student, I learned early on that dogs respond in a very positive way to my touch. I also started seeing ads for animal massage in various veterinary trade magazines. Read More>>

Page Nazarian

Fame Hardwood was founded on the belief the wood flooring trade needed a complete upgrade. From the way wood was harvested, milled, manufactured, stained, & finished to cutting down lead times, production costs, and eliminating the word “can’t” from our vocabulary. This idea has blossomed into the buzz-worthy company responsible for scraping the faded varnish off the industry’s status quo and applying a fresh coat of bold, innovative ideas. Read More>>

Spencer Harris, Matthew Roseman and Brad Roller

The three of us, Matthew, Brad and I, had been free-lancing in the Southern California area for the past few years or so–each of us with our own successes. Luckily, we all met at some point along the way. Immediately there was great mutual respect, camaraderie and friendship between us. Read More>>

Kambiz Silani

My family has been in the eye care industry for over 50 years. My father, in particular, has left a formidable legacy in Beverly Hills with one of the largest selections of elegant designer and vintage frames. His goal was to serve the community and dispense fashionable eyewear with high quality lenses. Growing up, I witness his attention to detail and the satisfaction he gained by enhancing his client’s most precious sense – sight. Read More>>

Amit Apel

As a gifted fifth-generation exterior and interior designer, Amit Apel arrived on the sunny shores of Southern California in 1999 after having been raised in Africa, Israel and throughout Europe. Upon his arrival, Amit purchased a modest Honda Magnum motorcycle to travel across the USA for three months. After his adventurous, cross-country tour and with little means, he opened a humble, 100 sq. ft. art studio within a locksmith shop on the beaches of Malibu, California and instantly became a local, buzz-worthy artist. Read More>>

Troy Farmer and Katie Frichtel

MooShoes was first started in 2001 in NYC by sisters Erica + Sara Kubersky and was the first all-vegan shoe store in New York. Not too many years after, in 2003, our creative agency—raven + crow studio—took over MooShoes’ creative, advertising, and design work. Over the years, we all bonded in the professional and personal realms and grew a deep trust between us. Read More>>

Dougal Murray and Jonathan Waud

We started out flipping homes back in 2012, in the Sherman Oaks and Toluka Lake area. Our design brief to ourselves was to make something that reflected our tastes and to come at the design process a little bit differently. Over the years our projects have gotten bigger, we have also moved in to Hillside homes as it provides better views, and also a certain degree of prestige and privacy that homes on the flats sometimes can’t. Read More>>

Bory Tan

I and my business partner aka business wife Robert Cardenaz have been styling as a duo for the past 7 five years. We met on a Style Network show called “How Do I Look”. We share the same passion for fashion, and were raised with similar morals and hard work ethics. Priding ourselves on not just having a great eye and love for fashion, but also an extensive knowledge of and background in fashion history, colors, textures, and design. Read More>>

Phillip Dane

In 1991, I started the Melrose Flea Market at the Fairfax High School. Now it is the Melrose Trading Post (different owners) and from there I created a number of “Support Local” far before anyone knew what that meant. From Peddler on the Roof at the Sunset Gower Studios Rooftop Parking Lot to Dodger Stadium Flea with 500 vendors and 20,000 attendees to Truckit Fest and now Odd Markets. Read More>>

Arzu Huseynova

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan and raised in Kamchatka, Russia, I’ve been able to experience life and culture as I’ve traveled the world living in different countries before settling in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, I spent a considerable amount of time in an Atelier where my mother worked and I picked up sewing at the age of 10. I later studied Social Services and Psychology at Kamchatka State University followed an extensive fashion education at institutions across the world. Read More>>

Sherri and Brent Harris

Brent is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and he’s the son of a serial entrepreneur and a tireless ER nurse who worked at the University Hospital. At the age of sixteen, he moved to California and while living with his brother, a contractor, began working part-time as a laborer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He worked under the wing of several contractors, developers, and real estate professionals while attending college. Read More>>

Carey Frank

I am a fulltime freelance musician. I am a multi-instrumentalist but mainly a Hammond organist, pianist, and keyboardist as well as a ukulele player and bassist. I also compose, arrange, produce, and teach music. In addition to all that, I do freelance copy work for arrangers (taking handwritten, or out of date sheet music and typing it and making it neater). Read More>>

Erika Mark

Black Cake Clothing always delivers the yummy! Established in Hollywood, CA and Made in the USA, you can have your cake and wear it too! My journey as a designer began in Youngstown Ohio where I grew up. Read More>>

Richard Ribuffo

Today, I am professional corporate magician. I work for myself and I couldn’t be happier! I started in magic when I was 17. There was a magic shop in a flea market near a friend’s house in West Palm Beach, Florida. Read More>>

Nicolas Quijano

Nicolas Q has been a professional graphic designer since the early 2000s; he has worked in all aspects of the designing and printing field – everything from the sign industry to large print firms. Nicolas founded in 2013 as a “one-stop shop” for customers. began by specializing in providing both small and large businesses with premium color printing, and continues to include free graphic design at an affordable price. Read More>>

David Jara

We are a family operated restaurant equipment company that started in 1995 by my father. We have been serving the Los Angeles Area and other cities for over 27 years. By providing them quality restaurant equipment and supplies. Read More>>

Adam Blackman and David Cruz

Blackman Cruz opened its doors in 1993. We set out to be a resource for the adventurous, like-minded designer and decorator as well as collectors looking for the unusual. At any given time, the showroom is full of vintage, antique or one-of-a-kind pieces as well as contemporary items that either come from our line, the Blackman Cruz Workshop or from the minds of the product designers we represent. Read More>>

Yaya Aksarapak Bondu and Pearl Ruktawan

Started in 2008 at the Fairfax and Melrose Trading Market, The Phukaw’s first appearance was displayed. Every Sunday we waited in line to set up our booth and sell our products. Many buyers show interest and appreciation towards the Thai culture with their kind words and attitudes. Read More>>

Roger Burnley

I began in the entertainment industry first as a singer, model, and actor. After many years of performing I discovered I was beginning to experience various vocal problems. I would lose my voice after a show and got quite frightened that I would also begin to lose my career. Read More>>

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