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Hollywood 4.17.2017

Dave Danhi

I was a chef in LA for about 30 years, mainly in fine dining (restaurants like the Roxbury, Georgia, Ocean Ave. Seafood, Water Grill and Corporate Chef for King’s Seafood Company). After some major back surgery, I settled into a friend’s chef recruiting company. Read More>>

Samantha Colicchio

As a little girl, I loved rearranging the furniture in my room. Every time my parents would come in to say goodnight, or to check on me, my desk would be in a different place, or a chair would be moved, or all my paintings would be on different walls! I was a funny little kid. Read More>>

Galia Lahav

I have always been an art enthusiast and I even taught arts and crafts for 15 years in school. Only In my 30’s, with great support from my husband, I started designing couture custom outfits, from my home studio, to private clients. Read More>>

JC Mac

Well originally, I’m from East London and grew up on a council estate which was pretty rough and ready, (you can tell from my accent ha ha). I always had an interest in sports from a young age (after a run in with some bullies as a kid my grandfather who brought me up decided I was gonna learn to box and that was that but that’s another story) and was a boxer for a number of years both amateur and professional. Read More>>

Emily Gaikowski

I’ve always loved party planning and watching people fall in love, so planning weddings happened organically for me. There were so many elements of the traditional wedding industrial complex that I found unappealing and not interested in, and knew there were probably more people who felt like I did. Read More>>

Gianluca Zago

My story begins in Italy when I decided a long time ago to start classical studies (as we call in Italy). In high school, I studied Latin and ancient Greek and this has allowed me to discover and appreciate art, literature and the great world of communication. Read More>>

Evan Disney

What a road… In high school I was a spastic, ADHD, only child, who went to a small private catholic high school. My father was a cop and an EMT/Fire Fighter and my mother was a housewife. Read More>>

Eric Florentino Flores

I started 10 years ago working in a restaurant of dishwasher and busboy, after a year I was a line cook in fast food restaurants but the work environment and the pressure of work I did not like much so I decided to change restaurant called TGI Friday’s is located in the city of Temecula. Read More>>

Mick Brown

My Momma had barely dropped me at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, before I was at my Grandfather’s knee learning about BBQ. From age 6, we used to wake up early every Grilling Holiday (Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc…) and I’d help him shop and serve people barbecue from dusk to dawn. Read More>>

Christopher Martin

My story is like a very windy road. I grew up in Orange Country, and dropped out of high school in order to work in music promotion, culminating in a historic concert in Southern California, which had an attendance of about 10,000 trend setting surfer/skater/rockers, which closed with an unforgettable ending. Read More>>

Gianluca Foà

Gianluca Foà’s management experience comes from various executive positions he has covered throughout his carrier in multinational companies dealing with advertising, data base management, industrial knitting machineries, luxury hotels and fashion. Read More>>

Jin Pak

Before I started my Rolfing business, I owned a neighborhood bar in Glendale for nine years. I imagine many guys have a romantic, idealized notion of owning a bar, but the reality of it was that it was like any other business after all with all its inherent responsibilities and particular pressures. Read More>>

Shannon Fry

The moment I finished my art history degree at UCLA I went to school to become an acupuncturist. This was what I wanted to do since I graduated high school and so I decided, why not? Read More>>

Stefano Ashbridge

Ever since I can remember, my passion has always been to play the drums. I got a late start at age 16 but once I started taking lessons, I practiced like a madman every day, as much as I could. Read More>>

Guy Baruch

From my very first memories, I felt deep passion for vocal melody. It was a bit later that I fell madly in love with POP/R&B and the greatest vocalists and songwriters and artists of our time. Read More>>

Manny J. Moreno

I got in the Radio business when I was 17 years old in my hometown of Beeville, TX. I was lucky and fortunate enough to grow in that career and work with all types of artist and music industry professionals. Read More>>

Danny Roman

I love showing people my city. I worked in Entertainment for many years but always new my true passion was in dealing with people during the most important moments of their life – VACATION… Read More>>

Kelly Pearl

We have been in the business of manufacturing and distributing of electric bikes for the past decade.
During the past year we have expanded our e-bikes business to the American market, in focus of California. Read More>>

Athena Garcia

Pen and Paper Graphics was founded in 2013. After graduating from the University of Washington, I desired to create an affordable design firm catered to start-up businesses. Read More>>

Kaleb Oh

Gravity x Catalyst is actually a combination of two separate brands, Gravity LA and Catalyst Jewelry. My wife, Abby Lozares and I, Sejin Oh, started Gravity LA 4 years ago and was looking to open a brick and mortar. Read More>>

Dave Stroud

I am a voice coach who has worked with numerous big singers from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber to Mike Posner and many others. I created a company that is an Eco-System to support singers through all the aspects of the business and development. Read More>>


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