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Hollywood 4.10.2017

Marc Rose and Med Abrous

MARC: Growing up in New York City, nightlife was magical and a big part of our everyday lives. Even when we were underage, we were always finding ways to sneak into clubs. Soon enough, we were working in those clubs and helping to open new ones. Read More>>

LeAna McKnight

The beginning is always funny because you never start where you plan. For me it started in High School, I attended a Career Academy Magnet School in New Orleans, LA. I chose to take Cosmetology as a Vocational since all my friends were taking Nursing, guiltily thinking that it would be extremely easy. Read More>>

Ady Sanchez-Macarty

I was always doing my best friends hair and makeup as a kid. I would tweeze everyone’s eyebrows at lunch in high school and do my friends hair and makeup for winter formal. Read More>>

Kelly Elaine

It all started with a black and white film photography class back in high school, 17 years ago. At the time, I had no idea I would eventually make my career out of the field. Read More>>

Kelsey Deuel

Hey Guys! I have been working in the hair industry for around 6 years now. I came to Los Angeles about 4 years ago from North Carolina. Read More>>

Christian Pitre

I started cosmetology school in 2010 after I was I given the run around trying to switch universities. After much frustration, my uncle suggested that I go into hair. I thought “I don’t think hair is my thing.” Read More>>

Ryan Braun

I’ve always been surrounded by music. My beautiful mother, an opera singer, inspired my career. I began as an instrumentalist at a young age, first with the violin and the piano, then the cello. Read More>>

Andrea Kaye

The Silk Trading Co. opened in 1993, and is still run by founder, Andrea Kaye. From savvy shoppers to celebrities we offer design, value and customer service. Our Design House is one of the last places you can go for custom work on projects ranging from historical drapery and archival silk to doggie beds. Read More>>

Diana Sproveri

Baking and desserts had always been a passion of mine at the holidays. Growing up in Buffalo, my grandmother baked every week and my mom was an amazing artist with chocolate – always making chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day and our Easter baskets. Read More>>

Riley Rea

Croft House started with two hands and a can of paint in a garage on Croft Ave. in West Hollywood. Armed with a sander and visions of furniture, we were only there for a short while before we moved into a modest workspace in DTLA. Read More>>

Doris Raymond

Since the opening of her Los Angeles vintage boutique The Way We Wore over a decade ago, Doris Raymond has become THE arbiter of fashion not only locally but for an international clientele as well. For the last three decades Doris has made herself and her vast collection of vintage, antique and designer clothing available to a coterie of designers, celebrities and fashion insiders. Read More>>

Andrew Wood

I did theater enthusiastically as a kid, in high school, and then in college at Duke University. I spent a couple of years after college in Berlin, Germany, where I interned with a theater company and produced and directed a play in English. Read More>>

 Heather Freedman

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii but raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, I relocated to Los Angeles in 2003 after getting my B.A. at East Carolina University and landed a job at the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel, a place I still hold very dear to my heart. Read More>>

Marlon Martinez

I started officiating weddings with the guidance of someone I met in church. Edward Brown is in part the responsible for my inspiration of becoming a wedding officiant. Read More>>

Robert Schaeffer

My story is somewhat simple. I raced motorcycles since I was a kid and was exposed to a lot of different types of racing and one of them was the vintage flat track class. Read More>>

Lionel Cohen

I couldn’t ask for a better gig than making music all day long, but I didn’t know I’d be a film composer. I thought I was going to be a heavy metal guitar player! Read More>>

Brian Riordan

At age five, Brian Riordan began playing piano, then guitar at age ten. After playing in several rock/pop bands in grade school and high school, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied Jazz Composition, Songwriting and Arranging. Read More>>

Ehud Neuman

My name is Ehud Neuman and ever since I was a child I loved to write music and create lyrics for songs. As a child I knew that I wanted to become an entrepreneur and have my own business. Read More>>

 6 Points

It started for me honestly back when I was in the 6th grade. I tried out for the percussion in my 6th grade band and was denied at first. Read More>>

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