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Hollywood 3.27.2017


Pomegranate is a sister brand of Shojin, Japanese vegan restaurant in Downtown LA and Culver City. Desserts and baked products at the restaurants have been very unique and popular, so we opened a vegan and gluten-free dessert shop “Pomegranate.” Read More>>

Robert Cron

Terry Chiu and I were both frustrated working in different aspects of the entertainment industry, and we were looking for some sort of change. We had been playing board and card games with friends for years, and had heard of this phenomena of “board game cafes” that had sprung up overseas and in Canada. Read More>>

Caroline Lehan CHt

What brought me to where I am today was overcoming the same deep challenges that most everyone faces throughout their lifetime. Like most people, I worked extremely hard in my past and did just about everything I was told that would bring happiness and fulfillment. Read More>>

Mary Stancavage

We were founded by teacher and author Noah Levine in 2008, and opened our first center in East Hollywood. Our intention has been to make the teachings of the Buddha available to any who are interested. Read More>>

Jaime Saginor

I went through a period of time in my mid-twenties where my health took a dive for no obvious reason. I was an athlete a vegetarian, always felt pretty good, and suddenly I had zero energy and major digestive issues overnight. Read More>>

Kelsang Rigpa

Buddha originally gave teachings in India, over 2600 years ago. Those teachings subsequently spread to Tibet and other eastern countries, only moving to the rest of the world quite recently. The history of the New Kadampa Tradition in America, and now Hollywood, can be traced to 1977. Read More>>

Matt Weinglass

The Sherwood Players originated in Santa Barbara as a theater company performing original, racy (!) and relevant material to a community of young people looking for something cool to do on a Friday night. Namesake: The Sherwood Forest in the Robin Hood saga. Read More>>

Kati (Angelini) Olexiewicz Ashley Guerrero

We became best friend’s freshman year of Westlake High School. All we did in those days was watch movies, go to Disneyland, or go hang out in Hollywood diners. We were obsessed with movies, and we knew we always wanted to start a business together but we didn’t really discover that we were good at baking until years later in 2013, and within a few months KNEADY was born. Read More>>

Mark Norashkarian

My story has truly been a journey of unexpected circumstance. I have always had a love, passion, and curiosity in music. Everything about it. The power that music yields in each and every person. It can affect us in so many incredible ways. Read More>>

Carine Fabius

My business partner and husband Pascal Giacomini and I have owned a Haitian and contemporary ethnic art gallery for the last 25 years. Back in 1997, a New York artist, Loretta Roome, proposed a photographic exhibition on henna body painting. Read More>>

Kathleen Lenihan

I retired from twenty-six years of teaching kindergarten just as my son prepared to leave for college. Suddenly, I found myself an empty nester looking for a new sense of purpose. Read More>>

Grant Pominville

I started in 1999, shortly after I graduated college in Minneapolis at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I started drawing at the Mall of America and Valleyfair, both located close to Minneapolis. Read More>>

Yohei Uchida

When I came to LA 5 years ago, there were so many Japanese ramen restaurants, serving typical Japanese ramen. Therefore, I thought it would be better to come up with my own modern style menu, focusing on chicken and vegan broth in addition to the traditional pork broth. Read More>>

Jason Myers

I began teaching guitar when I was 16 in Summit NJ, and in 2001 began teaching ukulele as well. I was fortunate to have some excellent instructors as a young teen as well as a family that includes several musicians. After attending CalArts (BA ’94) I taught at several schools, stores, teaching associations and guilds, in addition to performing on guitar, ukulele, banjo & lap steel guitar. Read More>>

Angelo Martin

My name is Angelo, and I never stopped drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil. I am originally from Southern California but I first started drawing caricatures for a source of income back in 2012 while studying animation in art school at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Read More>>

Jesse Owens

I started working at the Ritz Carlton / JW Marriott in Downtown LA as a bartender all over the hotel including WP24, the pool bar, the lobby bar, but mostly working events mostly in their 100,000 square feet of event space for 3 years. On the side, I worked for about 10 different catering and event staff companies similar to Platinum Bartenders. Read More>>

Dj Q Nice

I started in Cleveland Ohio with an idea and the dream once I realize it was time for me to leave Cleveland Ohio to expand my business I knew that Los Angeles California was the place for me Read More>>

Boone and Ali Platt and Rothschild

Intrepid Tapes was founded in 2014 as a comprehensive solution for Taped Auditions and Reel Editing. Being actors ourselves, we wanted to provide a quality product at the most affordable price possible! Read More>>

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