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Hollywood 2.6.2017

Dani Faraj

On a cool summer day, I passed by this beautiful salon and was taken in by business woman owner Nureet Cohen. Immediately, we began our journey to building one of the most powerful business artistic hair salons on the west coast. We worked hard day and night, her side being very well business minded and sharp & me creative artistic with ability to scout talent Brighton Salon was born. Read More>>

Eddie Ebell

I used to come to The Edendale as a patron when I was working as a waiter at Blair’s restaurant across the Street and I became friends with one of the bartenders named Wes. Read More>>

Yoshi Hagiwara

Yoshi was trained in Tokyo, Japan at the young age of 16. In 1987, Yoshi brought his talents to the U.S. and now, he has established himself as a force in the beauty industry and has built a reputation as one of the most sought after hair stylist in Beverly Hills, CA. Read More>>

Andy Stolarek

Classically trained in bassoon performance and visual art from University of Southern California and California Institute of the Arts, photographer/artist Andy Stolarek began to work with animals in 2000. First working with taxidermy and the study of anthropomorphism, Stolarek examined organized groups and document the specific elements that bring the collectives together through narrative gallery installations. Read More>>

Aiva Genys

I knew for a long time that art and design were my passions. After graduating from art school and business school, I decided to work in the finance field for some time, seeking stability and putting my passion on the back-burner for a while. Yet, after some time, I realized that it was not fulfilling at all to be sitting in a desk job, day in and day out. Read More>>


A Charismatic Paradox. That’s the best description when talking about the life and times of Joi Fowler. A true Southern Belle from the heart of Atlanta, Georgia I have always been the life of the party. From a thriving city with growing popularity, partying is what we did growing up. Read More>>

Dawn Bowery

Prior to my career as a professional photographer, I was a visual effects artist for films and TV in both London and LA. Those skills and experience directly influence my photography – especially my post production which in my opinion is equally important to the shoot. Read More>>

Rachel Lane

I personally started working with the company in September 2011 as an Assistant Adventure Guide. The man who was running the LA division at the time was a friend of a friend and he needed some help on a few of the bigger events. I think I showed a fair amount of enthusiasm, because I still could hardly believe running scavenger hunts was truly a job one could get paid for. Read More>>

Edna Ephraim

Always been into putting event together…I’m always helping my friends,family, neighbors,companies and others coordinate their weddings, office parties, get together, dinner party,birthday parties and other type of events for years. So I figure why not take the leap of faith and start my own company something that I love and I have a strong passion with helping others . Read More>>

Sergey Stupkin

It seems like it’s been a long journey for me and I still have a long way to go. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience to be a photographer. As long as I remember myself I was always creative and artistic. Read More>>

Zoey Taylor

I started tattooing 16 years ago, in my living room. I’ve been tattooing in the Hollywood area ever since. I started working at Prix on Sunset in 2004 0r 2005, left to start my own private studio, and came back in 2016 to buy the studio where I had spent so many years, and turned it into The Warren. Read More>>

Jenette Serrins

When I was 19 years old I opened one of the first day spas in CA with my mother, The Body Consultant; before day spas were the “in” thing;). Here I learned how to run a spa as well as provide an array of body and skin treatments. Read More>>

Marco Cerretelli

I was born and raised in Florence, Italy. My first encounter with tattooing came while I was in the Italian Army. I built my first tattoo gun out of an old Walkman, a toothbrush, and a pen. From 1998 to 2002, I worked for Maurizio Fiorini, the Italian Tattoo Master or Il Maestro as he is known; Maurizio is the oldest living Italian Tattoo Artist. Read More>>

Dr. Roger Tsai

Growing up from humble beginnings, my parents studied to achieve a successful career as a pharmacist and a computer engineer. Their hard work, dedication to their craft, and motivation were instilled into me to become the best I can which allowed me to be where I am today. Read More>>

Timmy & Dan Yanchun

Timmy has been a barber since he was 13 starting his own shop in his basement, Dan went to school for business. When the two of us moved in together in Beverly Hills, Timmy started making his own shave products for his clients at his barbershop in the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. Dan took his business knowledge and got Timmy’s special formula packaged and marketed. Read More>>

Kedra Hart

In the late 80’s I started formulating my own scents after participating in some Aromatic workshops up in San Francisco.As soon as I was introduced to the natural pure aromatic essences a whole new technicolor world opened up for me. Read More>>

Nikki Zhang

I did not know what I wanted to do. I started working in the financial industry and the fashion industry after graduating with a bachlor’s in Business Administration and Fashion Design. I have always been interested in learning beauty care. While attending beauty school, I developed a passion in eyelash extensions and skin care. After working at different spas, and perfecting my skills, I opened my own business, Essential Organic Beauty Studio. Read More>>

Paige Peterson

I had been a professional dancer/actress for many years and also had taught dance everywhere from Abby Lee’s to Millennium. I knew it was time to create my own dance studio but I felt scared to really do it. My husband Richard was really supportive and had told me we should just go for it. Read More>>

Derrick Wright

I became interested in Chinese Martial Arts after seeing my first Shaw Brothers classic feature film titled, “Soul Brothers of Kung Fu” which debut in 1977. I was in a foster home and my older foster brother wanted to go to the movies. The only way his mother, my foster mother would let him go was if he took me along. After seeing this film I was infatuated with all things associated with Chinese Martial Arts, and the Chinese culture. Read More>>

Segev Perets

Camp Super Duper started as a passion project more than a business plan. I have always been passionate about the arts, self-expression, joy, play and kids! 10 years ago, when my son was in 1st grade, I decided to run a spring camp at his school because there were no options for kids or parents over Spring Break, and things like art, music, dance, theater, and sports had been slowly cut out of the school curriculum due to budget cuts. Read More>>

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