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Hollywood 2.20.17

Leah Raquel

Moved to LA when I was 22 with a year and a half-year-old daughter and no car. I got my license as an esthetician and got a job with one of the top waxing salons. in 2015 I started my own business by the grove and have never been happier! Read More>>

Simone Closson

As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in art. Growing up, I did everything from paint watercolor landscapes to make clay bowls and figures. But since I was all artist and zero business person, I could never figure out how to make a practical living doing what I love. Read More>>

Stacy Lauren-Kon

Originally from New Jersey, I grew up in New York City and graduated from Rutgers University with a dual B.A. in English and Journalism. Upon moving to Los Angeles I studied graphic design at UCLA, and opened up an entertainment advertising agency. But something was missing and I felt a deeper calling. Read More>>

Marcela Avalos

I always dreamt of opening my own business one day. I just didn’t know what kind of business. I got my first brazilian wax when I was about 25. A friend of mine became an esthetician and needed someone to practice on, so naturally I volunteered myself. Read More>>

Katrina Brown

I started my beauty business when I decided to leave my corporate job in the banking industry and take a year off about 10 years ago. I really had no idea what business I could start of my own until, one day when I was having a spray tan I decided that I would just start tanning. Read More>>

Benjamin Geller

My wife and I started Geller Dentistry in 2014. We took over the practice from another dentist who is a very good friend of mine. He retired and had been at our location for over 20 years. Our transition was very smooth and our practice began to grow very quickly. We feel truly blessed to be in such a great location and have worked very hard to make all of our patients feel like part of our family. Read More>>

Kim Nguyen

My sisters(3 of them!) and I started our business in late 2015. We wanted to start our own salon after working many years for others. My sisters are very talented technician; our customers love their work! They love our work so much that they posted over 100 Yelp reviews within the first 12 months of our business starting. Read More>>

Shimmy Lautman

I have always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and that I am an artist at heart.
Something about my day to day jobs didn’t feel quite right. At the time before I started photography my two jobs paid very well, there were safe and I had a steady income. Read More>>

Apollo Randall

Hello, my name is Apollo and I am a courtesan photographer. That’s right, I arguably have the best job a man could ever ask for. I photograph beautiful woman for a living. That is a heck of an ice breaker when said in a crowded room. Read More>>

Anton Polygalov

Founder of YourRoyalWedding Anton has started wedding photography and videography back in 2009 when he was working for a video production company. Anton is staying current on new trends and incorporate them into a constantly progressing style. He is always looking to make his next video better than the last. Read More>>

David Carlson

My first jobs as a photographer were in the early 1990’s for a theatre company in Massachusetts and a fitness magazine in San Francisco. I really liked using the camera to tell stories and capture interesting moments, but what I enjoyed most was meeting and connecting with new people. Read More>>

Ashley Cummings

I was always very active, as a child I did Ballet, Gymnastics, Swimming. In middle and high schools I was very involved with Basketball, Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, I minored in Dance at The University of Miami. I coached gymnastics during my summers at UM, it was one of my favorite positions of employeement to date. Read More>>

Rob Rubano

We set out to create a fun and more approachable yoga concept that was centered around the music, featuring carefully curated and often beat pumping playlists. We felt there was a void in the market for a more mainstream yoga concept that had a very broad based appeal. Read More>>

Jarred Fixler

My personal story is very simple. I grew up always tinkering with performance cars and motorcycles. I was infatuated with anything engine powered, from scooters, to my parents lawn mowers I could always be found wrenching in my parents garage. Read More>>

Julio Benez

Artisan LA is a boutique jewelry shop featuring the work of Julio Benez along with a unique collection of local and national artisan jewelry. We offer contemporary, vintage, and handcrafted jewelry with a heartfelt focus on “Made in the USA.” Read More>>

Meg Wallace

Years ago, I was new to Los Angeles and spent my days temping, having recently moved from New York City where I went to college. My friend, who started the company while he was in law school had just passed the bar and encouraged me to take over. Read More>>

Tatiana Brunetti

Los Angeles is an incredible city and every restaurant owner across the USA dreams of opening a restaurant in it. California has incredible ingredients, seafood, and wine. I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant in Los Angeles and I made it happen. Read More>>

Travis Nagle

I didn’t come from a background in furniture and was only 23 at the time which made it challenging, but also allowed me to bring a fresh perspective to a more traditional industry. Read More>>

Andrew De Lucia

I’ve loved music ever since my mom played Beach Boys records when I was a little kid. My dad taught me the easiest of songs on guitar, a few tricks on piano, and off I went. I grew up idolizing Kurt Cobain, but at the same time I was listening to The Beastie Boyrs, Dr. Dre and Wu-Tang Clan. Read More>>

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