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Hollywood 12.18.2017


The Press Brothers story began on the rural plains outside Abilene, Kansas where my mother, Linda, instilled a deep respect for the effort it takes to cultivate and harvest organic fruits and vegetables by hand. Our sense of adventure eventually led us to strike out West, but my brother and I never lost sight of home, and quickly began seeking out the freshest produce that LA’s renowned farmers markets have to offer. Read more>>

Angela Hutchinson

My journey to Breaking into Hollywood started in Blockbuster video store. Yes, I’m dating myself a little but still under 40! 🙂 My mother and I were browsing for a Friday night movie to rent. After looking for about an hour, I shared with my mother the type of movie I wanted to see. Read more>>

Carol LeFlufy

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. My father was an architect whose hobby was photography, so it was no surprise when I started taking pictures in my early teens. The hobby became a profession and I earned a living in Canada as a photographer for seven years before moving to New York City in the early 1980’s. Read more>>

Jamie Iovine

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I have worked for Beats by Dre as well as a backstage producer for the WWE. I have been coming to Meltdown Comics since the day I could drive. Read more>>

Erik Himel

I’ve been a musician all of my life and when I moved to LA from Pittsburgh I got into the touring scene. I have spent a good amount of years touring with international artists, working with local songwriters as well and doing records with them. Read more>>

Joe Byron

In 1999, I considered retiring to pursue a new career in education. It was at this time, a group of Hollywood insiders and investors were planning to launch The Los Angeles Film School, a new type of conservatory that would concentrate on creativity, technology, and professionalism in the Hollywood film industry. Read more>>

Adam Cushman

In 2011 a friend with a novel asked if I’d like to direct his book trailer. I’d never heard of book trailers at the time. After looking at some of the standard cookie cutter book trailers online I was up for the challenge. It seemed like a really cool idea for a new art form, one that hadn’t been explored or taken seriously yet. Read more>>

Greg Palast

My big break came when I heard that kids at Beverly Hills High could take UCLA classes in the afternoon – and I demanded in. Took some tests, but flunked the “Subject A” exam–I couldn’t write basic grammatical English. But they let me in. Read more>>

Danielle Redfern

I have been working on starting my practice for the past 4 years. My interest in Acupuncture began when I was 16 years old. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and I was wearing a back brace for 22 hours a day. I could not engage in any sports or activities due to my lack of mobility. Read more>>

Charisse Woodall, Brie Eley

We met while we were both transitioning from New York to Los Angeles. After we settled in Los Angeles, we would meet up for hikes, chat, and brainstorm projects ideas. When we came up with an idea for a 30-minute single camera comedy, we pulled from our resources and began to more formally work together. Read more>>

Carl Angel

I had started out coming to art school in the Bay Area to pursue a career in illustration and children’s books, I was working in restaurants to avoid the “starving artist” route as much as I could while going to school full time. Upon graduation, most of my classmates had gotten illustration jobs through their school connections, but I continued to work in cooking. Read more>>

Kirstin Leigh

I’m originally from a small town in Kentucky. Growing up, nothing about my environment said, “You can do whatever you set your mind to, just be yourself!” It was quite the opposite. I never fit in and was reminded of it daily. Read more>>

Ami Komai

When I had my daughter I was terrified. Not only because of the fact that I was a new parent without a clue to what I was doing, but because I just gave birth to another girl. A girl that will eventually grow up into another woman in this world. Read more>>

Lani Shipman and Kimberly Harrigan

When Kim and I met, we were two young twenty-something year-olds hired to team direct for a city summer theatre camp. We instantly could tell that we both were passionate about theatre and teaching kids. We quickly discovered we worked extremely well together and that we both always went the extra mile for both the final product for the families as well as for the children’s experience. Read more>>

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