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Hollywood 05.29.2018

Amrita Dhaliwal

The Indian Wedding show began with the a simple shared impulse: to find use for the many elaborate, barely worn, formal outfits collecting dust from all the family weddings over the years. Really, that’s it. Read more>>

Lisha Yakub Sevanian

I started out in the entertainment business as a child actor, at the age of 5! I did mostly commercial and print modeling work up until college. As a student at USC, I was able to study dramatic arts and economics. I also started to produce content (shout out to Trojan Vision!) and intern for production companies. Read more>>

Yancy Trinidad

I was born and raised in the southern-most part of the Philippines, Koronadal, in a female-dominated household specifically with my grandmother, mother, and two younger sisters. My earliest memories growing up involve performing in front of an audience be it dancing, singing, and even theatre acting. Read more>>

Holly Davis, Shelby Rogowski

Over the course of Holly’s 25+ year career as an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Senior Executive at some of the biggest brand companies in the world, she found herself frustrated by a recurring problem in the business world: a lack of communication and synergy between the business side of things and marketing teams. Read more>>

Eleni Asimos

Technically I started making jewelry as a kid with beaded friendship bracelets that I would sell outside my neighborhood market… Fast forward twenty years and I found myself continuously altering and remaking store-bought jewelry. Read more>>

Amy Mordaga

Food has always been a big part of my life. As long as I can remember I have always had a love for food, not only eating it but cooking as well; I rememeber getting made fun of for always wanting to watch the Food Network. Read more>>

Timothy Cubbison

When I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t know a soul. I had packed everything I owned in the back of my car and set out on the same westward trail of dust and dreams that so many others had traveled before. I started off as an actor, but opportunities led me down a path that allowed me to become a director, producer and casting director. Read more>>

Cindy Alexander

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and majored in Theater at U.S.C. I realized after I graduated that there was enough drama in real life, and I was best at playing myself. So all of that training was put to an alternative use ~ I basically turned my life story and observations into songs, and began performing in clubs around town. Read more>>

Lauren Criswell

It all started about three years ago, when I was in one of my hot yoga classes- I looked around, and realized that everyone had basically the same yoga mat and non-slip towel, including myself, and how lackluster and boring they were. Read more>>

Tara Bre

While studying at the University of Central Florida, I began modeling professionally and that is where I unlocked my talent for make-up. Shortly after I began working at MAC Cosmetics, which is where I learned true techniques behind cosmetic application, ingredients within products and experience working on different skin types. Read more>>


Being one of six kids raised in a small Texas town I learned how to get attention in alternative ways. My mother, being the most creative person in the world, encouraged us to not take life too seriously and emphasized the importance of making others smile. Read more>>

Devyn Rush

I grew up in a musical family, in a town outside of Philadelphia. Mom was in a wedding band for almost 30 years and is now a vocal coach. Dad was in bands throughout my childhood and is that guy who can pick up any instrument and just play it. Read more>>

Jason Lockyer

Growing up in Philadelphia, my dad was an artist and biologist, who loved to share his passion and knowledge of nature with me. We spent many weekends hiking and exploring arboretums. From an early age I found myself drawn to the elements of the natural world that surround us everyday, but are often overlooked. Read more>>

John McQuilkin

As a child for fun I used to design floor plans of houses and design entire neighborhoods, Laying out the streets and parks. As a ten year old boy I couldn’t wait to get the Sunday times so I could circle all the Open Houses I wanted my parents to take me to. Read more>>

David Krieger

After college, I was a radio DJ in Philadelphia and an MTV VJ in New York. After hearing me on the radio, the owner of an event-DJ company recruited me. “We’ve got a lot of great DJs, but we can’t send some of them to do weddings, because they’re terrible on the mic. You’re GREAT on the mic! Read more>>

Dete Meserve

I’m a film and TV producer, partner of Wind Dancer Films, as well as an author and screenwriter, but I didn’t start out doing any of that! While a senior in college, I was the manager of the NPR public radio station in Southern Indiana, WNIN-FM. Read more>>

Valorie Hubbard

When I graduated from acting school at the Goodman School of Drama thirty years ago, now the Theatre School of DePaul, I went straight to New York with an agent. As it turns out, the agent was more interested in bedding my then actor husband than helping me with my career. Read more>>

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